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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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dave mckee: So you adjusted the max pressure? Also, what's your extension cord length and gauge? I have 16 gauge, 50 feet. Think I might need to go with 12 gauge 50 feet to get the most out of my power. Drop me a line if you dont mind. Just got my splitter last saturday. davemckee64@gmail.com Thanks man.
EricTehRedneck: @MrSuperm737 It's had a pulley swap
Zohra Lakri: Does this bring your hair back to your natural color, or does it just lighten it?
Sandro Raff: Hammer sound :) War das die Sport oder Race version von Eisenmann?
davva360: I love my SR9C. Owned it for about 3 years and it shoots great. My only criticisms are the mag disconnect safety, which is very easy to remove, and the manual safety. It is still a great gun, I just will not carry a gun with a manual safety even though you can leave it off.
hamish valeri: Why does donnie have duck lips Honestly I have never asked that ?
youtubasoarus: Great video but it could do without the Lenny Kravitz blaring in the background.

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