HP Color LaserJet 2840 AIO Scanner ERROR 5

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Ron Toews: I had this very same problem on my color laserjet 2820 a few years ago.  It turned out to be a calibration sticker on the underside of the glass that had gotten hot and actually moved very slightly but just enough to throw off the calibration.  So the carriage that is moving to the right is looking for that sticker which shows it where "home" is supposed to be.  When it doesn't find it then it goes back and forth making that awful noise.  I tried taking it apart and re-gluing the sticker but that did not work, so I replaced the scanner unit with a used one and got about 3 or 4 more years out of it.  Now its gone bad again. Not sure if I want to bother with it but I just spent big buck on all brand new toner cartridges and drum to solve other printer problems.

Michael: theres a black tab on top of the scanner carriage, when it gets hot in there, this tab moves up and gets caught on the underside of the grey plastic area near the underside of the glass and then it gets caught and gives the error. Just break off this tab and it will work. the tab is on the side nearest you near the buttons.

IMAX Branson: Thank you for all your comments here...I think I will go straight to the trash and avoid the frustration that I read in your comments. Shame on HP!!!

Steven Mucklow: Contact Laser Xperts. They sell the copy scanner and the motor seperate so you dont need to replace the whole scan top (this error references both problem). The problem here looks like the stepping motor is seized up.

Prem Bisht: HP Colourjet 2820: Same, exactly same problem. Replaced the top part fully with Rs. 17000 ($350). Within 6 months, same problem appears again. Recommendation: we may not waste money in this model. I have now disconnected the motor and lamp after opening the top screws to get rid of the annoying noise.

Hoove123: Funktioniert immer dann nicht wenn ich ihn mal vom Strom nehme. Fehler 5 hat/kann was mit der Stromzufuhr zu tun.... sieht aus als ob der "Stepping Motor M35sp-9t" (=googeln) hakt..

Hoove123: Ein drecksdrucker von HP. Geplante Obsoleszens. Ich habe den gleichen Fehler, hab ihn aufgeschraubt gereinigt u.s.w. Hat erst wieder funktioniert ein Tag später der gleiche scheiss Fehler Nr. 5.

drsoubhi: I did the entire mentiomed procedure. Unfortunatly, i still have the same error. I replaced thr bulp itself and i ckeaned the calibration line which is fixed on the internal sidecof the upper cover bust near the edge of the glass. But the error 5 persists. i put the all in one into the garbage...! :(

Gerardo Cardona: sears this on youtube and you will find your problem: how to fix the scanner bulb warming up error hp 3330 or repair 3380 scanner bulb warm up problem

Ziloard: I have the same problem. I have replaced the ADF scanner with genuine HP part, only to get no result at all. I think I will go and fix this problem with a large hammer once and for all.

Michael: I had simular problem with the HP d135, turned out there was a clip on top of the black scanner carriage that was getting caught on the underside of the plastic frame that surrounds the glass. The clip was on your side, not near the hinge.

drsoubhi: I need to disable the scanner block. Anyone know how? No need to replace. Since it'll cost too much and it could appear again in a few years! I replaced the Bulb and I cleaned the entire mirrors without changing the calibration but the problem stills the same. Bull crap!
HP Color LaserJet 2840 AIO Scanner ERROR 5 5 out of 5

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HP Color LaserJet 2840 AIO Scanner ERROR 5