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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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James Taggert: ginslinger wad very good. this one is....?
picopiku: They are communicating in cantonese... So given this clue, i conclude she's most probably from Hong Kong. she's most prolly a mixed, but nationality wise a HK Chinese. This vid is described in traditional chinese characters... im guessing it was taken as an intro for the new camera.
Patrick McCarthy: I have a nonjamma game(zaxxon) can you tell me how if it is possible to convert it to jamma. They have converters to put my board into a jamma so I was wondering if I could switch the cab to jamma so I can just change boards to what I wanna play without having a room full of arcade machines. thanks
Runar Bjørnå: Why is your hair so white all of a sudden? As you probably can tell I have a keen eyesight
oC4llumix: what sizes does it come in?
Pogobubba: Hey Sal, you should record a stopwatch round explanation video and just link it in the descriptions of your videos.
Ryu Saranyawut: why dose people bitching about resident evil or silent hill when this video is about the evil within?

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