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george alexander: I totally agree, its a great scent to throw on when iam just out and about. I do get a sweet smell from it, kinda like a fruit flavored candy, maybe its just me. Definetly a scent for when u just out of the shower and u throwing on a clean white t shirt n jeans, its very casual and fresh.
Hakuru15: this game is still awesome
maxmisil: The propeller!!!!

heghineh: Please take a moment and visit my website  for detailed recipe,feel free to leave comments if you have any.Thank  you!

Crazeyfor67: I'm betting the one "thumbs down" never had his car washed and waxed at Mr. Kelly's.
Singularity: IT'S NOT A CONDENSER! Dynamic!
ZombieTech: Should be noted in the case of Xbox One... that just because they shipped, doesn't mean they all sold.  Pretty sure there's still pictures circulating of the stacks of Xbox Ones, collecting dust, available in stores.  (Kind of reminds me of when I headed up an electronics department many moons ago, and we had massive stacks of the original Xbox caked in dust, that even with the offer of three free games, couldn't sell that well.)  xD

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