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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ernani goldenberg: ridicula ledo isso
zomb bro: Watching this the second time with a friend who hasn't seen it yet is about the best thing you can do with this movie. It's tons of fun, trust me.
Brian Cullen: Nice video. When I EQ I like to boost a narrow q region and drag it left to right until I find something woofing out, I then leave it at that frequency and then drop the gain level using the knob button until I have attacked that problem area in the least possible way. Then a do bass hpf and shift the general mid treble response with a very wide q.
CanonKielHD: @raquiza08 Yeah I was watching it the entire time the sun was up to make sure it didn't get on me. I didn't make it this year, did our own show at a friends.
Hafiz Aziz: 0:23 is that 9m-mro or 9m-mrq
Wes pokoke: Webinar Fusion PRO
Veerle Bracke: Lol

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