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klr traveler: hello vietnam from america

JimmyPannawong: Vietnamese suck

Phil Chang: I am Chinese and I have a lot of respect for the Vietnamese. I think they are the only country that doesn't have a foreign military base installed in its homeland for protection from CHINA. Look at Philippines.... 

SupaFlyBoyZz699: EH STUPID CHINA if you dont know how the world map look alike GOOGLE IT moron, stop sitting around & draw ur own freaking map. You all nothing but horny disgrace people to the world . Why you back off on the sea the other day? is it because you are wrong? , China is like a robber and scream out i got rob as the same time. We are not backing down from the America, ur ignorance China, France in the passed and certainly not now. Nowadays war is no longer horses, bows and arrows your billion of people are totally useless. U people making fake foods/moon cakes replace it with some plastics inside and sell them all over the place killed,toxin so much people in China and else where and what not, murders and steal organs or buy it that lead to murders every where in Asia. U think ur government give a crap about you i dont think so remember Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 they just execute u all right in the street . Im just talking about International Territories facts & rules that granted that sea area belong to Vietnam since 1982, and all of a sudden 32 years later China come out and said its mine What a freaking joke. Who do you think you are ? the next Warlord Dominant Hitler, Japan, American, Russian ? i dont think so you all just a bunch of virus discriminate racism like Kim Jong Un that the world hate another word YOU ARE A BAD PERSON maybe you still dreaming and live in the Tang Dynasty moment perhaps?. China low value mind of invasion of South East Ocean in the passed got TERMINATE immediately by the UN, & then started problem on Japan island, they taught you a lesson what is the meaning of NO TRESPASSING didnt they? running and get the outta there quick?. China is a bully but didnt have the courage to commit conflict with Japan because you know well enough they will destroy you. Where was the China in world war 2 ? still cutting grass or your majesty the last emperor?. That when Japan rules the world. You're lift ur dirty asses up we know what you trying to do, but we trying real hard and patience to keep peace DUE TO INTERNATIONAL LAW, if China stubborn, we will battles we ain't scare of no freaking Chinese, you bombs? your high tech battleships / planes?. Guess what bitch surprise surprise we have it from the Russian too OH and trust me anything that made in China HAHA didnt last long, we had been war conflict with you for 1000 years we dont mind another 100 years or 2, lastime i check Vietnam never lose a war and definitely not to the dumb Chinese, here are the last few Vietnam war Victory 7/5/1954 Dien Bien Phu vs France, Vietnam vs China Border war 1979, Vietnam Cambodia War 1979-1988, and lastly Vietnam vs America 30/4/1975 vs America. And dont say we didnt give you any tip vs us NEVER go to war in the jungle with us because that how we beat your ancestor and America. . Remember we fight on our own right and we are not alone .If you bombs us people we will make sure to return a favour and bring your billion+ people with us WE NEVER AFRAID TO DIE TO PROTECT OUR PEOPLE AND OUR LAND .Talk about STRENGTH and POWER its NOT YOUR TURN YET CHINA

Snafu Yuri: In a hypothetical war between Vietnam and China, I think China would win. I think this because, China has a military larger than the total population of Vietnam, times like 50. The Chinese also have better technology. The Chinese no longer use cold war Soviet technology. Well, other than their T-72's. But even those are being snuffed out by modern tanks. 

Mark dela rosa: Vietnam rise up to china ,the US will help yu 

cnvy clan: vieatnam suks they got beat china is ok u guys loss any way usa usa

hhputube: Vietnamese all over the world, we are strong and proud. Put aside our differences because within us still runs deep the blood of Vietnam no matter where we are or what we believe in. We might not be the strongest but no one including the mightiest, the strongest countries have ever conquer us. We still have a land/place call Viet Nam, don't fight for greed, don't fight for politics, fight for the men, women, children and the land we call Viet Nam today. Let's grow, learn with open an mind and let our younger generations lead our Viet Nam become a strong, kind and independent country.

aj b: the indian guy: roostersuckerchange1 ... you are failing at being a troll, and vmese army is small, their tanks range from T-34 to the T-72 their navy is small and their airforce is more elite than any other Asian country. I don't think it matters tbh because a country that has had it's share of fighting should only have an army/navy/ airforce big enough to defend itself, it also has the support of America and to some degree Russia. thank god vnam isn't like china... at least vnam is a free country

nhm86: Respect from Denmark !!

Quang Vu: If Vietnamese government wants to win china, they need to rip off communist mind. Open relationship with other countries, but NOT with China.

Hypoluxa: What a joke. If ARVN had balls it would have beat the north. The US could kick their ass AGAIN!

Frank Tian: Wow,They still using AK-47? 

PUNISHER GHOSTS TEAM: Vietnam military future weapons: -Assault Rifles: (Galil Ace 32) confirmed replacing Vietnam era AK-47 in Army and Navy. -MBT: (T-90MS Tagil) interested due to rival nations military tank like Thai T-84 Oplot-M, Malaysian PT-91, and Singaporean Leopard 2SG) -Attack Helicopter: (Mi-28NE) Prediction. Well since China have Z-10, Singaporean AH-64D, and Indonesia is going to get AH-64E. -Transport Helicopter: (Mi-17V5) Prediction. I assume Vietnam is going to buy Mi-17V5. -Cargo Plane: (IL-476) Prediction. Vietnam people air force need to modernize their air force cargo plane. -Multirole Fighters: (Su-50 PAK FA) Vietnam suppose to get 12-24 units in the years 2030-2035. -Ground Attack Plane: (Su-25SM) Vietnam need close air support their troops on the ground. -Maritime Patrol Aircraft: (P-8 Poseidon) Prediction. Vietnam and US ties are getting warmer. -SAM: (S-400) Prediction. Vietnam to counter China 5th Gen. Stealth MTRFA J-20 and J-31.

Frank Lee: Vietnamese army must be replace AK47 ! It's 2 old 4 modern warfare

Winny Han: They still wear those funny helmets.

Khoa Pham: we are a freedom country we arent powerfulling but we are still brave because im a vietnamese boy 

duong pham: who the freak are you china we VietNam never given up when the country freedom 

Phan Dong: Vietnam Military Power? Really? What a freaking joke! Bao giờ VN tự chế tạo được vủ khí để tự bảo vệ mình thì mới mở cái mồm thối ra mà bố láo nhé. Đỉnh cao trí tuệ, nghe muốn ói.

Dude: No offence but Vietnam needs to update everything... except their SU's and tavor.

cong phuong: history: vietnam vs china (defense) vietnam vs mongolia (defense) vietnam vs cambodia(defense) vietnam vs french(defense) vietnam vs usa(defense) future: vietnam vs alien (save the world) LOL

Mike L: Regardless of what has been said... freak all you Vietcong dogs. 

Tuan Pham: I love Vietnam

Jayden Jiang: Weak army 

gasp sinner: respect for winning usa

Không Quân Việt Nam: Vietnam number one!

Trung Nguyen: Don't speak when u don't know about our history, even we have the same blood but in our eyes you not Vietnamese. 

Thang Pham: Nobody beat the USA period, America would rape China army.

훼음훼훼훼: There's a big history that Vietname kicked China out before.

hang dao: Please join us to put peace in South China Sea. In behalf for all Vietnamese, I'm thankful for your support and courage to stand up to injustice. 

Wassup Waddup: Wow lol wow ... nothing compared to a modern country such as ours or Germany or France or England but wow lol

MrLaftis: I think Vietnamese like to fight. I don't know if it is still the same or not, but I remember we fought with each other every day at during our 1hr break time from 4th grade to 6th grade. Class 4a fight with class 4b (fourth grade) in school during lunch break. We fight each other not cause we hate each other, It is just that we have nothing to do with our 1hr break time. We either play jumping rope with the girls or forming groups to chase each other and fight till the end of 1hr break. Just not to be caught by the teachers. When school end, we still want to fight. We even form groups of different side of blocks/towns and fight at nite. We craft our own matches gun, sling shot, to shoot/throw at each other in the dark alleys, and they land on people roofs like rain.

goatanything: It is May 19,2014 and history is repeating itself, China and Vietnam are ready to go to war again over territory and natural resources. Am I in a time loop?

Ryan Origin: This is f'kin Special Ops training, how dare u described it as regular soldier? I don't understand? Most of Vietnamese soldier are lack of military training, and forced to join the army. Most of the military fire power is outdated, they still using tanks and most of the weapons from Vietnam War 1975. Yet army jet is modernizing but with slow speed and lack of quantity(and quality too). If u have to fight against huge military power, i guarantee that u have no match against them. In the modern war, biology advantaged is no longer exist especially when facing enemy bombers and new type of missiles. 

Darren Ly: @insalichang1 or what ever your user is. YOUR THE BITCH THAT GOES EVERY WHERE LOOKIN FOR MOMS TO freak

cong phuong: việt nam số một thế giới ...ở biển đông việt nam có phản 500 ngàn tàu cá gắn tên lửa KH 35 urane 1 quả có thể diệt 1 tàu sân bay cũa trung quốc đầu đạng việt nam cải tiến có thể tiêu diệt hết 1 thành phố như bắc kinh .lục quân việt nam rất mạnh phản 6 ngàn xe bò gắn tên lữa mang đầu đạng hạt nhân cơ đông trên mội địa hình thời tiết như đồng ruộn không quân thì khỏi chê tắc cả như con chim trên của việt nạm điều làm chim điều khiển không người lái có thể mạng bôm thông minh hoặc bôm diệt tàu chiến và bôm hạt nhân bay liên tục không cần tiếp dầu ..........

Trung Nguyen: No American Dog and Vn Cong Hoa allow in vietnam.. !serious

Jamal El-Zein: I know only one.!!!!! Vietnam freak USA...!!!!! And for that I LOVE VIETNAM.!!!!!!!! This was a defeat for the imperialists rather United States.! My brothers from Vietnam won the war with bravery, courage, heart and with conviction to defeat the imperialists.! Vietnam War is the best example of the superiority of my brothers from Vietnam ...! We the arabs and turks are also good fighter, because we are not afraid of death only God ..! Greetings to you from Turkey-Lebanon-Germany

arka satya: hey hey!!!, china and vietnam is not enemy but the real best friend!, your enemy is imperialism and capitalism

gia ba: Our military is not modern. but many countries have modern equipment and strong attack us when things fail badly! countries like the U.S., France, Japan, China, but we beat you with primitive weapons! We've been attacked by the powers 1000 years ! we are win ! the famous general of the U.S. Army lost we are ! because we have the power to unite

D.P. R.K: vietnam sure does know how to fight a war

RainiDew: Why don't you guys stop fighting, I myself am full vietnamese, and I don't have a problem with Chinese people or their country, in the end we are all just humans living on the same planet so why can't we get along.

Martin Ramirez: It's pretty interesting how they went from a northern Vietnamese communist guerrilla forces, to more modern nationalistic force 

Darek Bak: I guess the only country in Indochina peninsula, having a well-equipped and trained army. Respect from Poland.

LOONG sang: thanks for vietnam navy to search malaysia disparated plane ~~~~

Randy Son: If it doesnt desirve your time then there is no point in crying over it. Your stupidity and sob arrogant attitude doesnt deserve anyone time. You should be ashamed to be in any correlation with anything involved with India. For you are a lack of a human being. Therefore you are a sack of crap. If you hate this vid or your just making decision that causes hate. Just LEAVE THE VID ALONE AND GO ALONG WITH YOUR DAY! This vid was a appreciation towards Vietnam and the people within her military. -To the guy that commented his affiliatation with India and to all the people commenting the hate towards this vid.

wishen4fishen2: For those Vietnamese in Vietnam as well as my own fellow countrymen in the United States of America,our governments do what they do with out we the people ever having a vote in the damned wars they get us into,the Viet/US war was never meant to be won,it was so the international arms dealers could make billions while both our peoples died to fill the bank accounts of these greedy scourge on humanity.I am caucasian and I sincerely love traditional Vietnamese people.We should have never have attacked Vietnam in my humble opinion.Believe me when I say "War is a racket" Peace to the good people of Vietnam from America.


GuardianDemonX: vietnam need to build armoured fighting vehicle and tank 

Hebrew Abbot: This video was in 2012 but now is 2013 maybe these weapons better
Vietnamese Military Before & Today | Vietnam Military Power | Vietnam Defence | VPA | QĐND 4.5 out of 5

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