Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock Installation

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Subgunman: I would have worked on the trigger itself or replaced it with a Timney trigger group. Redesigning injection moulds is a very costly undertaking.

Handcannon72vet: It would take Retooling their Molds. But, At $150+ It would (Should) Be worth it to make it more of a "Drop in" Changeover.
Retooling their Equipment would be expensive, But the "Customer is always Right" They would easily recoup the Expense in no time. Too, No one wants to have to take a grinder to their new Stock, Which cost more than the rifle`s original cost.

AJ Usog: 5:18 Negative, Ghostrider. You need to learn how to make a seer extension using aluminum from a coke can. Dremel = FAIL.

Gillan Laureth of Seles: I think I'd like an Archangel stock more if it had less of a pistol grip and more of a traditional rifle grip. It's just not my style. I do love the idea of detachable magazines on a Mosin. Rapid-fire anti-matter excellence!

wood2hoz4: Install Timney trigger.....Problem solved !!

Jacob Rutledge (TheScottishKnigh75): archangel wants you to use the timney trigger, not the original trigger

disturbed11111111: The archangel stock is really made for the timny trigger

SpliffSized: I bet it feels like plastic

bob513993: So, instead of suggesting we trim down the trigger guard a bit, why not just fix the specifications in-factory...?

Moto Mann007: Hey man great video very informative, plus your Mosin looks fierce! I have a question. I have a 1943 M9130 just like yours. I really want the archangel stock but I would like the process to be simpler. Is there any way to acquire this stock but with the trigger guard enlarged for my Mosin?

James Weiss: The only thing I learned from this video is that Archangel messed up the triggerguard.

RUMBLEEBEECUDA: If you used a Timney Trigger would that help with the sear and clearance issue?

Chris Rimele: Love the stock and thanks for the video. 

Richard Tyll:  I'm hoping you are willing to answer a question, I'm finding it hard to find the answer to. I recently purchased a Timney Trigger Mosin Nagant 1.5 to 4 lb Adjustable Trigger.
I also purchased the Archangel Stock, which the trigger fit cleanly & easily into without destroying the original wood stock. My question, the Timney Trigger for the Mosin Nagant is said to be Adjustable between 1.5 to 4 lb. I have been unable to locate ANY information on how to make this adjustment, if I desire to do so. Nothing in the instructions, nothing on the Timney website. I've searched the Internet but, nowhere can I find the answer. I thought I would post this comment in the hope you will provide guidance in this matter.

dustysquito: Looking at the annotations, it's awesome that ProMag actually followed up with you and sent you a replacement. It makes a big impression in attracting future customers to see how they've done right by their old ones. 

Matt M: I wonder if the Timney Trigger alleviates the issue with the trigger guard. Thank you for the post

joe bennett: This is not an install video. It shows absolutely nothing about installing a stock. Marroon!

Mike Kass: look guys don't freaking cut the barrel bands.  They come right over the front sight, how the freak you think they installed then at the factory?  I mean come on

Cole Snyder: How many rounds does it hold?

Cole Snyder: How many rounds does it hold?
Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock Installation 5 out of 5

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Gaurav Singh: Does it has bluetooth support?
Langusto Schreiner: not that i'm a fan of these puzzles in any way (i was originally here for video games :D) but i think you should make a video that shows your entire collection.
Connie H: This is a very detailed and informative video but I feel it would have been more effective using a demo of how to apply it, rather than using the same repetitive images. I have nothing against the chap in the video, but I think a bit of variety throughout this clip would have held my attention a bit longer. I also think that people like to see a demo and an end result these days, in order to have some idea as to what's achievable. It's all well and good saying something has certain properties but the reason people watch YouTube rather than just reading a review is partly because they want to see how something performs before committing to a purchase. I would have liked to have seen the product or products applied to challenging walls and to have been able to see the end result in close up. Whilst the info given was informative, I feel I've wasted time with this clip. This feels like a very dated approach to've definitely missed a trick here, sorry. And I'm still none the wiser as to whether or not this product actually works. Anyhow, hope the feedback helps.
Ryan Nagy: WOW
Katrina Collier: Thank you Mervyn & Jobsite :)
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Archangel Mosin Nagant Stock Installation