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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Vadim Dudnikov: там были 2 алмаза а ты сделал железный меч!
Alejandro Yépez: Ese es el original sorlak15....chingon video la neta Huevos putos para ti! felicidades ya eres tio..ya eres viejo jejeje xD
Seaniieeeeeeee: Kitanas Frosts Nitaras were best ;)
Blastercombo: Haha, Almost !! The 2 are talking about wanting to get laid, the (red?) ranger says he has someone in mind for him. she does have a pickle though. np says the other, i'll do her. then she comes in and brags about it. they all go together xD
Deathbyillusion: +jake81399 I honestly dont know. This was part of the video Six Flags provided me.
TheBigfranco1: Look more wonder bread wops!
deadserenity95: Some people may come back to this video since NL mentioned the Mega Man X NLSS today, so hi guys! Plus all those pre roll ads arnt his fault, its a crap youtube issue

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