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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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xXhunter47Xx: Why don't you try speaking English? Most people will understand what you are trying to get across, and you can share your ideas to a broader audience.
Josh Sutherland: Love my HHS harness. Might have paid more. But my life is worth every dime. Next on the list is the life line. Thanks HHS for great products. 
Karson Cheung: Hi there, I know you guys are still updating the channel, so I would like to ask for help in string and cables replacement. Should I follow the manufacture tuning manual with ATA length and brace height, or really copy the old right smooth settings that I had? Hoping for a new video to explains a little bit more. =)
Sandra Soto: El llavero es compatible con un Ipod?
CapitalCuponk: @CuponkDudes3 Yeah, this was one of our earlier videos so we didn't really do that challenging of shots. Check out cuponk shots 3 and 4 though, they're much better!
devon2576: Awesome, thank you a lot. now all i need is a Mac. lol
William PL: The bat-bike thingy looks laggy. Good video though

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