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liquiddark: I find this mask extremely leaky for my usage (20 high pressure), and I end up having to tighten it so much that I get bruises and welts from wearing. Saving money on this mask is not a business case; I've paid $110 for just the cushion, which they suggest you replace every 6 months - this is a huge added cost. Most of the leaks are actually close to my mouth, so I've been trying out an F&P Simplus, which I can actually put the cushion down around my chin. It's been better but requires very tight straps as well. Still haven't found a really quiet, comfortable, non-leaky mask; at this point I'm wondering if I should be looking at a gel pad to "fix" the sealing problems I'm having.
Adoramapix: Thanks for the unboxing video ! It looks great. - Libby
Chiinnature: http://youtu.be/0n5eTJzqxos - testing it with pellets and crap!
Katy Stryker: I'd add the gold and the black and name it after my cat Spooky. Perfect for Halloween! 
Ross Dempsey: If you notice fans of MMA all agree that this fight was too close to give the belt to Gus. The last rounds Gus was running trying to stay standing. Jones was on the attack. You can't give the belt to Gus on that approach on the championship rounds. Gus is the #1 contender and I do believe he has what it takes to beat Jones. After that being said Jones won this fight and the haters need to shut the freak up. You aren't an athlete, you aren't a judge, you are a kitty sitting behind a computer hating on peoples success. 
Snooty Wimbledon: @69Boobo I had to bible for 4 years and it only really taught me the basics. There is alot of information to find in there, don't get me wrong. But your abillity to grow doesn't come from reading a book, it comes from hands on experience. Are you advertising?
AI4QT: Yes, you can use a tuner to tune the vertical bypassing the coils, but I have found that positioning the inductor clip near resonance for the band you're on is more efficient in transmitting. Thanks for your comment. 73 from ALABAMA.

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