Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review

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Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
XFINITY X1 review!
XFINITY X1 review!
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Brief review of Comcast Xfinity X1 HD DVR
Brief review of Comcast Xfinity X1 HD DVR
X1 Platform Review
X1 Platform Review

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MaynardxEST89: Just upgraded to X1 from just performance internet. Will update 😄

Marcus M.: Did you enjoy dirty teachers?

ronscopes: So what, there's a USB connector on the front. What does the USB connector on the front do ? Nothing. A lot of nice connectors on the back. What do all the nice connectors on the back do ? Same as my 5+ year old Comcast box, Nothing.

truepariah negativecreep: I work for Comcast and well if you ever get a call from Comcast promotions department... I recommend letting them know what you normally do on internet TV and phone Cuz usually we can hook you up. its all depending on what the customer needs. if you stream and game a lot.. chances are we can help. there's people I've given an increase of 125 Mbps for just 4 cents more than what they were already paying. we don't focus on money though we focus on giving you what you need and want. most of the time we can help unless you ask for ridiculous demands.. you can't pay 10 dollars and expect all the channels phone and internet.. gotta be reasonable.

Noah The Anime Guy: Can someone please tell me the model of this because it does not look like the Xfinity X1 platform I have I want this one because of the guide looks better

nikitawolf2: Great review! Thanks for the video.

Computer Technician: Call Toll Free Number 1 888 275 2174 for Comcast Xfinity problems.

Noah The Anime Guy: This doesn't look like the X1 platform I have so what's the name of this is mine just called the same name or something different

Tenisha Scott: Anyone see xfinity ads on vine ??

Aaron: I use this all the time now after today and the new update is so GOOD!

Aaron: I Just GOT The X1!?! It was Made in 2012?

Breanna: I see Nikki Bella and Naomi

Dirtman Rock: is it free or do u have to pay monthly?

SnappingTurtle801: I've never heard of this until I paid my bill online and offered it for free.  But is it really free?

SLC2BC380: Hey man great review!! I got an email from Comcast for a free upgrade to the X1 operating system from my normal HD boxes and to tell you the truth I wasn't really that interested in it. I have had the email for 3 weeks now and today I was going to call and order it but wanted to learn some more about it but after I watched this video I AM SOLD!!! so thank you for your time in making this video you did a great job. this video is better then the one on the COMCAST website. lol so thanks again.......

Stay Anon: ok ok ok

Pernell Butler: This program is not available to watch at the moment. Please try again in a few minutes.

Thanks Comcast your x1 box is misleading loyal customers like me who been with you for over 10 years. p.s The old motorola dvr box was better

Mario Paez: great presentation.

Richard Nunez: Comcast needs to pay YOU for your review. I really appreciate this video to show me what I'm getting into. I'm now looking into Xfinity X1 pricing and thinking of getting it.

The Wakz: I have the old comcast dvr box, I have modified my remote to skip both directions 30seconds and 5 minutes. Is this an option with X1?
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review 5 out of 5

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Zaphod Beeblebrox: Sad that they actually make you pay so much for a little plugin that should come with the software for free. 
Elena Picia: Mi ispira questo prodotto! Spero arrivi presto anche in Italia!!!
allen2905: Really enjoy watching your videos.  i'm only a novice and enjoy seeing your POV of troubleshooting instead of just testing tubes and replacing caps without knowing what caused the problem.  will tackle my Zenith 9S262 this summer now that i'm retired.  it has a hum but everything else seems to work.  want to get extra equipment that I see on your videos to help in future diagnosis of other projects...thx for your tedious explanations.  am learning a lot by being patient
Craig Crisostomo: #WhoIsAmber
Juan F. Entrena Garrido: Desde el primer gameplay que hicimos en AKB ha mejorado bastante el juego, tendremos que darle una nueva oportunidad.
Markatta73: On last one I had Rook sac on 3b after K3I think it work too. 1. S*1c K3a 2. R*3b K4a (or 2.-Kx3b 3. S*4 K3a 4.S*4b) 3. S*5b Kx3b 4. S*4c K3a N2c
Иван Щербина: блин они тупые, вес таки там 10 дюймов или 10.1?

Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review