Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review

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Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
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Brief review of Comcast Xfinity X1 HD DVR
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John Pavey: BWOne does on demand come with xfinity or do u have to pay separate?

Hapa: WOW and if it's so fast, WHY does the traffic app take so damn long to load?!?

chadsem: Very thorough review and thanks. Sucks they dont have NFL Sunday ticket though! 

Rob Fettner: Review was really great and in depth! Very much appreciated. Just wish we were able to see the remote as you were operating/navigating it so that I knew what button did what. I noticed the new remote is way different then my other one. Also, how do you create a favorite channel list?? I created a favorite channel list that I would go though to select shows since those were the main channels i watched. I hardly ever truly scrolled threw the main menu to look for shows if that makes sense.

Hapa: "fast forward up to 4 x"... you know that means four times? :/ I'd rather see a review from someone who knows their crap Quick question, why the freak would anyone get this? O.o Is this Comcast's way to moving people away from free online streaming? feed the dying net neutrality -_-

DJRosco82: I see you're in the Boston area! 851 NESN HD!! Best channel EVER! Looking forward to having this installed tomorrow-but I'm nervous about the XG5 internet gateway and my apple time capsule... 

BWOne: Our review of the Xfinity X1 Box and the Xfinity X1 Platform.

Dave Cole: One of the best reviews I have ever seen... THANK YOU sir!

jcalex211: Cm punk!

raboub: Zzzzzzz boring

Ruben Torres: You have the old X1 model/version The X1 had a recent update in march. It runs alot smoother and the whole layout of the guide/ On Demand is much better!!! Anyways the New X1 is awesome! 

Ryan Harris: Would you recommend changing providers just for this box? I truly love ATT Uverse box and layout. The comcast box setup before this one was awful.

JustinInAtlanta: Thanks for much for posting this. Very helpful review.

Cole Issleb: Im getting X1 tomorrow and this really makes me more confident on switching from my older platform thank you for the really in depth review!! 

reiluna010: I HATE COMCAST!!!! Terrible everything's, a completely Un-American corporation

Eddie Parsons: FANTASTIC REVIEW!! Very indepth and just what I was looking for. Thanks!!!

pugs arehumans: Comcast Xfinity Signature support is a complete freaking joke. I worked as a tech listening to dumbass customers call in about their wireless issues. ITS NOT COMPLICATED. All us techs work from home, and are underpaid.

elemeno0pee: Great review. You say "sort of" a lottttt, lol.

Dale Williams: X1 is, simply put, the single worst entertainment decision I have ever made. Installation occurred on 10/11/13 and the audio has not worked from the first day. I have called Comcast countless times and worked my way up to "Regional Manager" and I have been told a different BS Story from every one of them. I will be dumping Comcast tomorrow if they do not resolve my problem. I caution everyone who is thinking about making the move to Comcast XFinity X1.DO NOT DO IT!!!!

mozart14: Can the box display the current channel instead of the current time?

Aaron E: Thank you for such an in-depth, informative review. We got this installed this morning, and I feel like your review enriched our experience as well as enhanced the value we're going to get from X1. Kudos!

Lee Smith: Thank you for the detail review. You help me make my decision to get comcast. Thanks. 

thayden87: How do you change Imputs? 

raubinas501: Ordered mine and got itinstalled. It works great!! 

Jason Durai: Was considering ordering it. Currently have double play with standard box. Triple play is $99 a month and then $120 a month. Way too costly.

Tull Man: Comcast customer support is horrible. And way to costly

Rooftop923: Hey bwone nice video review but some thinks don't work for Chicago and please check your remote about change input because my remote it's same as yours and no botton for change input so I have to use tv remote and I don't have small tv at the corner for live tv Thanks

breech99: x1 boxes overheat, software menus lock up and crashes a lot. Make sure you have new coax connections and possible use of amplifier. System uses a master/slave box setup for viewing, can't turn off. Controls are complicated, menus/submenus are difficult to navigate. Don't upgrade to the x1 platform. Stick with Motorola boxes from 2013-14. Much easier. Kiss principle.

dutchieboy22: Thanks, very thorough and easy to understand!!!!

joesphx19: Unless the box can allow you to alter the interface radically, there has been a major update. Actually after watching your video, the interface you have is far superior to the one I have received today. What I have is far less user friendly and is confusing..

Michael Ludgood: Thanks for the review. I am getting mine installed this month. Canceling TiVo

phallicinstrumentful: also, does this cable box differs from prev cable box when the EAS is activated? does it still switch channels to QVC and display the EAS info over a black screen, or have they completely retooled it for this new Xfinity box?

rjtherocker: Man the xbox one and this thing I hope play nice with each other

Kamal Amin: Awesome review, definitely helped me make a decision! Thanks!

Paul Cerezo: you can record 4 shows and watch live tv as well. There are 5 tuners on the X1

Manuel Prieto: Phone do I reset my X1 because the xfinity man installed it used and there was still old data on it also the boxes is not controllable by the X1 remote app it doesn't even show on

karmer isbak: if you have Triple Play its 2$ more a Box

Ramesh Shankerlal: Great Video......! Thanks for sharing!

Kevin Dagostino: I want Boomerang channel also with this new box

BWOne: Great to hear!

phallicinstrumentful: does the front side LED clock display the EAS code during an Emergency Alert System

GoMetricToday: We are finally getting X1 here in Erwin, TN. It will be installed Monday.

QuartersDimesify: Thanks for a great review and description.

dongwenal: x1 is little slow I have 4 boxes one does not work technician will be replacing box. My main concerns is resolution is not great compared to old HD Dvr . picture and color looks faded not sharp.

BWOne: You will enjoy the service

andrendenum1: I live in southern CT and they just got the x1 system in about a month ago. I'm not a new customer so I didn't apply in terms of their new policy members get the box for 6 months free.. However, I was told by the rep to call the 1-800-COMCAST number and they got me setup with a date to put it in. Should be here in a week. For anyone who thinks it might be in their area, or if you're just wondering when it's coming, I'd suggest calling them and finding out. Hope this helps.

BWOne: Content varies on free, rent or subscription based. Some you may need a premium channel subscription to access it.

kturbert51: Thanks for the in-depth review. Having one installed on 7/30/13 in West Haven,Ct can't what to start using it.

MartialBob: Am I able to DVR more than 2 programs at a time if I have only 1 X1 box?

jackdan869: How are you able to change inputs on your tv with the xr2 remote?
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review 4.8 out of 5

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Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review