Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review

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Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Xfinity X1 TV Service Review 2016
Xfinity X1 TV Service Review 2016
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review
2016 Comcast XFINITY Review - TV Service
2016 Comcast XFINITY Review - TV Service
X1 Platform Review
X1 Platform Review

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Chris Backstrand: Xfinity F***K*NG SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TBrian Bryan: The absolute worst service imaginable...X1 sucks

John Almodovar: xfinity is stupid I just got xfinity x1 it sucks remote does not work the remote always dies when I put new batteries in the remote its just a waste of money i put new batteries in yesterday it already died

Chris Backstrand: Is anybody else sick as f*** of all the stupid commercials? How about that there's around 50 channels in Spanish vs 8 or 9 that are in English that aren't shopping networks? Remember in the 90's when the bill was huge if it was $40? Right now I pay $159.04 a month for this. Less quality and now costs 4 times as much. Such a crock of sh**!

Derek Slonaker: Is there anyway to limit recordings to separate boxes instead of the recordings being shared with all boxes in the residence? If not, I should have then kept my old boxes. Thanks for any help you can provide.

tay ray: pretty informative I have a different remote though.

Dolores Farkas: I was a Comcast customer for 40 years. The equipment was installed and remained at the same address in Hollywood, Florida . The billing address is in Brooklyn, New York and that has remained the same. My family and I are “snowbirds” Recently I had to extend my “seasonal hold” to include the full 9 months allowed because of surgery. Apparently, it was not extended. But I had no way of know this because Comcast began sending bills to Hollywood, Fla. I could have questioned the incorrect charges had I received an invoice. Because of the Comcast mistake, eventually all services were disconnected, even those provided and paid for through my association. Comcast sent my account out to collection and included penalties for not returning the equipment on an account I never knew was cancelled. I was notified by a collection agency while in New York but Comcast had two different account numbers for me so I was unable to access the information. This was in November. When I arrived in December I was told the only way to restore the internet immediately was to put through a full payment. Within 5 days I would get credit for the false charges less the seasonal fee which I owed. I was told my association account for cable and Comcast account for internet had to be separated out by a specialist which would only be approved if I made full payment. These were the words of the billing office who assured me by providing a ticket number of the incident. I wasn’t told the situation had to go before (the incompetent) Resolution Specialists in South Florida or I would never had made a payment. I was confident that a corporation such as yours was giving me valid information. Five days later, no credit and another ticket issued. I’m still fighting this. South Florida specialists accused me of lying about the seasonal, lying about the error made in my mailing address (they didn’t even check the records) said no one could give me a credit card refund and argued that seasonal was never allowed for 9 months. Supervisors I spoke with all had different versions of Comcast rules; many didn’t have a clue and when asked to return the call I reached recordings and full mailboxes. This happened 9 times. I called Corporate Pa who referred it back to Florida who repeated the same thing. They are not even aware that I returned all equipment 2 months ago. I am a handicapped 70 year old and more importantly a customer for 40 years. I was disrespected and disbelieved because I have no proof that I extended seasonal so I must be lying. My 20 year history shows I am in Hollywood maybe 1 month out of 18. Had I been in Florida as I originally planned I would have been without tv and internet until December. This makes no sense. Even when I call before arriving, as instructed,my seasonal is still on and my internet service isn’t put back for 24=48 hours. This time I had a medical emergency and I needed access. That is the only reason I gave my credit card number. The representative also said if a refund couldn’t be given on my American Express, would I accept a check. I agreed and asked that the mailing address be returned to the original in New York or I would never get the check. That was done and when the supervisor looked at my account he said I was not being truthful as my billing address was still New York. I am not trying to usurp your company, but I am asking for respect and a full investigation into my claim. Although I most certainly would value a refund more than a corporation with you earnings I wouldn’t have exhausted all this time, energy and resources if it wasn’t important that the truth be told. I feel so unfairly victimized .So I ask you, after you reach that corporate bottom line is there
any room left for corporate responsibility?

John Cena: I spy Nikki Bella.

marty one: Thank you!
will it work if I conect it out of state

Fernando Bernatte: I love Comcast. It's Comcastic!😍

Joseph karippayil chacko: Dear comcast==pathetic is your performance--internt=so pathetic

TheSmackerlacker: Get. To. The. Point. Already.

Walter Elias: Dude phineas and ferb is the best! great video. thanks for the upload.

Hamid: Not the most objective review, you sound really biased in favor of Comcast. Undercover Comcast Salesman!

Ces: the worst way to watch movies to many commercials

drakeanton2000: I'm really debating switching because CenturyLink is ass. I don't have a problem with DirecTV but I'm willing to give up DirecTV for faster internet. I'm getting about 1300 ping .3up and .5 down.

bajuarek: Is the remote ir or rf? Thx

Oliver nexus: Mine is sooooooooooooooo slow and lags by 3 minutes. I call Comcast but they tell me to reboot it. I find myself rebooting it every night because it is having trouble connecting to the X1 platform. I hate you Comcast !!!!!

Colleen Kilzer: Extremely informative! It really helped me understand the X1 box.
Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review 5 out of 5

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Comcast Xfinity X1 Box Review