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gambler302: sois tranquille, je pense pas que tu regretteras ton achat :)
Smoobawaba: Bisa video call tanpa download skype/dsb ga? Kayanya samsung gitu..
Maxwell Adams: They need to legalize marijuana
Anna Blue: allen was from the Happy family line with midge ryan jenny 
schlooonginator: Carbon really is great stuff but I can't help but wonder if its really popular with bike companies due to profit. Litespeed make carbon frames now. Honestly, its why I chose titanium. I believe that the mark up for carbon is huge. What's more is it seems that its a technology still improving. A carbon frame thats 5 years old would seem like a questionable purchase both because of old technology and questionable durability. A 5 year old titanium frame would still be considered an excellent frame. Maybe if I really understood just what exactly was done such as which carbon (strong and stiff or flexible) and how it was layed up by how much where and why...then perhaps I would spend the money but I haven't a clue.
I wonder what it costs to make a frame that retails for $3000.

USMC H&S 2/9: only thing missing is a Vietnam era Butt Pack that attaches to belt and harness and gives you a lot of extra storage.
kmayberry5263: Can you do it with 40c in a glock 27 now

como instalar impressora epson na rede wifi