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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jimmy Stinky: Yes, Michael Keaton IS my favorite out of ALL of them.....
Giovanni Versetti: Supports compass, battery removable by unscrewing but there are no replacements yet, also the gps is apparently good !
chiarettaa11: Inizio? INIZIO. Allooooora.. QUANTO DANNATAMENTE BELLE SONO QUELLE CALZE?? ♥♥ entrambi i tipi! Dioo quella borsetta che ci ha fatto impazzire fuori e dentro dai negozi..... SEI UNA LADRA AHHAHHA madooonna ._. (non pensate male, non ha rubato nulla eh hahaha) Bella seiii :3 Nei prossimi giorni carico la seconda parte del nostro vlog ;)
znuric: светит супер. дорогу видно, как на втором видео из "похожих" (справа). просто камера Г. но даже тут видно с дальним знаки и разметку метров на 300-400 впереди. в жизни видно и асфальт со всеми кочками. ближний немного дальше светит и гораздо более насыщенный, чем у штатных ламп.
aTimeAsThis: This was fun to watch! That you wouldn't go under the knife, but would have fillers or Botox speaks volumes, Tammy. I think Angie referred to you as the Queen Bee and I agree. 💜~Patti
BuBu Bear: So-called artists today don't put any effort..
Monkeybomb: At first I thought the game was being retarded...But I needed the book it seems. Thanks! :D

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