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The247th: This is Peter Griffin in an alternate Universe. 
Steven Ferguson: Funny how he got the sport line to compare to the other 2. The BMW is dated even compare to the older models of the other cars. By the time you add options on that 3 series, you'll be looking at 50k for a 3 series, while the other 2 cars are in the 40k with more safety and luxury options.
Zackplayer123 .: i am pumped for aura kingdom!
Guy Techie: Google Keep on iOS
Philippe Alexandre: Got exactly the same problem. Where is this F171 located ? Great to meet so skilled people, really awesome !
Jouko Räisänen: The negative display...can't see the numbers...crapT !
Yoda on DMT: They should have kept this airport open by all accounts just so pilots and passengers could have this unique experience. It must be the equivalent of racing at the classic F1 circuits which are "not up to standard" but so much more fun than the crop of boring, sanitised circuits they mostly go to now.

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