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Ron Channels: Funny how everyone has a hot chick doing the install... next time make sure the bitch is naked!
MsUniquelyDesigned: I enjoyed this recap
Cactusblah: The comments on this video are great to see now.
Ramon Martin: I live in Japan and in Akihabara there are 5 Retro game stores that I know of. Super Potato of course is best known.
Then you have Trader`s which is on he main road (make sure it`s Traders, not Trader`s 2 or 3), they have a good collection of games upstairs.
Next up is the Mandarake, when you get out of Super Potato, turn right and you see a black building in a side street. They have a good selection but one thing I hate here is the tight space between the shelves, terrible lighting conditions and prices on the boxes are so tiny, I can`t read them.
Then, again on the main road, you have Retro Game Camp, small store but good selection, especially hardware.
Lastly, Friends, a small shop hard to find and not worth it in my opinion, expensive and crapty selection.

Krzysztof Wegner: Dostosuj wiadomość
Jessica Esparza: OMG I LOVE YOU!!! 
Dizzy Grizzly: hey u kno wen choppers get shot down and like the spin or blow up into pieces well mine jus blow up in like dust plz help

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