How To Remove A Rusted Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly The Easy Way.

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Favorite Country songs: Awesome: This method worked like a charm on my 04 canyon 2WD. I had the frozen wheel bearing assembly off in 3 minutes by myself, with no damage!

Tobias Martell: great video, learned a new way to do something, just AWESOME, thank you

Bob Holsopple: that's fancy! seriously though, awesome procedure man! I wish I knew that earlier. I get to try it next weekend on 03 cavalier ls sport. my 02 cavalier bearing was rusted so bad into the knuckle I had to use map gas on the bolts cuz I was breaking impact grade t55 torx bits on them. also broke 2 bolts inside the knuckle before the map gas. fuc@!* sucked. I hope this helps. with my luck I will break the steering rack or put the bar through the frame, lol

Don Brotherton: Awesome tip, thanks.

Tablet Priest: This guys voice is fancy. haha


stanthology: This worked for me. Cheapo vinegar works wonders on big globs of rust. I was surprised by the good effect.

Tbizzh: My 2000 Silverado hub was rusted on there solid. I PB Blasted and hammered on it for a while then found this video. This worked like a champ. I was a little nervous because I had to turn it pretty hard for it to start sliding out. No bad effects at all.
Thank you for making this!

Carolyn Nowling: Dude! you are brilliant!! Love the voice too!

wtsig76: excellent tip! I was in a bludgeoning rage until I searched. Thank you!

Clayton Cook: After an hour of hitting it with a hammer, tried this and it was off in 5 minutes. Amazing.

My Damn Channel: Think this would work on a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4?

Danny Scarborough: you don't mention anything about getting the hub off the spindle when it is stuck

Tim T: Does anyone use real anti seize in any automotive company? Wtf so many rusted on components on my dodge ram. I anti seize the hell out of everything I remove at work or home.

Zachary Watson: having trouble with the front hub on a 2wd Nissan frontier.  the wheel bearings are shot and I cannot get the hub off to save my life. tried this technique with a 2x4 instead of an extension because I couldn't find one long enough.  Unfortunately I came to a hard spot in the steering and worried if I was going to destroy the power steering somehow.

Zachary Hargreaves: Thank you so much! Worked like a charm!

Matthew Grigg: awesome idea ! but instead of PB blaster( which is great ! ) clean the hell out of the seized area and coat it with a 100 % percent nickel or copper anti-seize compound and next time it will slide right out like butter

EMS Com: I am going home and trying this right away. Thank You so much and yes I subscribed \m/

dirtmcgirt01: even if a puller actually worked, and I've done hubs where I know I'd be doing a cv axle if I used one, the vehicle hydraulics is just faster and easier. A puller is only fancy if you are a complete retard, maybe a slide hammer is fancy too, but only if it's a 100 pound slide attached to your diesel.

dirtmcgirt01: I watched this video a long time ago and used it on my neighbors 3/4 ton Chevy, that trick is the cats ass. You took the high road on the use a puller comment, what's a puller going to do on a ifs truck, jam the piss out of the axle and get you no where, that's where.
How to remove a rusted wheel hub bearing assembly the easy way. 5 out of 5

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How to remove a rusted wheel hub bearing assembly the easy way.