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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Pablo Martinez: Guau! Yo soy un Español sin rumbo fijo que ahora mismo cae en México....
xrayracer1: This track is awesome.
elmetgwennhudkoad: "fancy women" yeah women are objects indeed
MaskedMan66: It always baffled me that Freddie seemed unfamiliar with the word "camouflage," since both he and the word are French.
Najib Issa: My favorite xbox 360 game is plants vs zombies garden warfare 
David Van Bramer: awful network. the dude is the only tolerable part of this program. Granted, its HSN, the price is outrageous, and most of the hosts have no idea about the products besides what is written on the cue card in front of them.
Alexandria: This is so weird. I can SEE the front camera on my phone, but I can't use it! How odd. What else could the hole on the upper right be for? It's not the alert light... that's next to the one I'm talking about.

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