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Ffarquhar Studios: I think the model looks nice!
michael barron: I'm 6"3 , 220lbs and 17 years old and I have dreams of playing in the d league in a few years.what do i have to do I have no idea where to start I never plate before but that didn't stop Jeremy Lin or birdman Chris Anderson 
David Burton: At 12:35, you say you're going to fix it yourself, and make another video... but you uploaded this one >1 year ago, and I still don't see another video about your Honda. Did you ever make it? Did you fix your car? Did you give up?
Kyle Eisenbach: Good video, good songs, good cars, good stuff. Thanks Chris!
ragingsilver: I see it as too much of a gimmick.
Mark Martin: Just to inform people about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are criteria which all nominees must pass. One of them is that the Nominee's legal estate must approve the submission. It's possible that Kubrick's estate hasn't approved. Another thing to consider is that there's a fee of $30,000 to cover the cost of making and emplacing the Star. It's possible that no one with a spare $30k has nominated Kubrick. 
Patrick Scheibel: Dragon Age: Origins war so ein geiles Spiel. Dragon Age 2 hingegen ist einfach nur schlecht. Das Game ist völlig imba! Die Karten werden dauerhaft recycelt! Und es sind nur die Schauplätze Kirkwall und Umgebung. Ich hoffe echt, dass Dragon Age 3 wieder besser wird. Freu mich schon darauf. Gucke das LP nur, um storytechnisch für den 3. Teil auf dem Laufenden zu sein.

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