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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ryan cooper: that blue is sweet . and the car is king . corvette ftw11
littleferrhis: Theres a point of taking it too far and I feel this is the line...
jtylermusic: As an electrician, soldering the copper (metal) pipe to the (metal) reflector, then soldering the biquad to the copper (metal) pipe...then soldering both the center (positive) coaxial lead and the (negative) outer, braided wire to the same copper tube is the same thing as shorting the two wires together. Can't posibly work! I'll try epoxying a pvc sleeve to the top of the copper pipe and soldering the center (positive) lead to the biquad (now separated from the copper pipe and asociated metal .
Lisasz09: @PrissyandPink I do not own benefit skinny jeans- sorry
Oskar Thor: I was going to buy the new line of BC skiis from HEAD, when I saw this motorhead theme I lost interest and bought a Rossi S7 instead, why the hell is their entire line with this MH looks, I have no interest in that band
kitkatNEF: Omg They should bring all of these sets back!!
Tiago Mac: just watched the movie guys. it was awesome and very well acted, they did portray the story in a very strict purpose and it got across. the end was totally unexpected in a very good way. exiting!

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