LG Optimus Q From Straight Talk

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Unboxing
Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Unboxing
Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Review
Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Review
LG Optimus Q. new Android phone announced by Straight Talk
LG Optimus Q. new Android phone announced by Straight Talk
LG Optimus Q by Straight Talk Review
LG Optimus Q by Straight Talk Review

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Pamela D: how do you know which phone runs off which service, as in Verizon vs Sprint? I will be going through straight talk. Thanks!

San Man: How do i unlock it from too many pattern atempt

Mitch Radford: The LG Optimus Logic is what i had same specs but it has a gig of ram. That phone broke but under warranty. So I got this phone instead and a 45 dolla plan with the refund. So i got a nice phone and a month for the egift card I got.

Carfe Mae: Hi iHeartTknight1, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. I noticed your post in this video, and I want to assist you. Yes, you can download Instagram for this phone at the Android Market. You can send us an email to TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com if you have further questions.

TraceBradshawLife: Can you get instagram on this and the android market?

christinacannon2011: I wish your phone was up Graed rwith the flash

Prettyboy Izzy: @joecartoon1000 Straight Talk will shut you off If you use too much data, sometimes at two or three months If you've gone over 3 or 4 Gbs

joecartoon1000: @brooklyn0978: this phone only works with $45 unlimited plan. So @ Viperohs: you can stream how ever much YouTube etc. as you want

Prettyboy Izzy: Yes you can stream YouTube over 3g but you better watch your data usage that way

Chris Turner: Can the phone stream video like "youtube" without having to be on wifi can it stream thru 3g?

Prettyboy Izzy: Ohh ok. Thank you. I tried. This a great phone for a first time Android buyer.

Prettyboy Izzy: Sprint service In certain areas can sometimes be weak.

Prettyboy Izzy: The phone takes forever to charge, can never hold a charge.

channelle07c: how did you get the time to show really big

Prence: You can get flash player apk so you can watch youtube videos on the youtube website.

Prettyboy Izzy: @wjopli01 yes you can watch Youtube & small videos downloaded or on a mobile website

wjopli01: can you wacth videos on it ?

ThaDarKFigUre315: no smartphone has long battery life really the best ive seen so far was the iphone 4
LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk 5 out of 5

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LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk