Ping I25 Irons

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Ping i25 Irons
Ping i25 Irons
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Ping i25 Ping s55 Irons
PING i25 Irons
PING i25 Irons
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Ping i25 Driver
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Ping i25 3 Fairway
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PING i25 Driver
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Ping i25 Hybrid
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i am ian: How do these compare to the s55s?´╗┐

Eugene Robson: I'm mad for it Mark, I love to hear what you pro's have to say about all the new kit out there. It's a pleasure watching your reviews and hearing your thoughts. Keep them coming. Big ­čĹŹ from me.´╗┐

Denis Slatomatic: How should one choose if they are undecided to buy the i20 or the i25 (both seem very good)...Please Help!!!´╗┐

Barry Oakland: Good review´╗┐

Adam Huckeby: thanks as always for the review Mark i really appreciate the numbers you provide along with the subjective feedback ´╗┐

HeidisBrother: I'm having a hard time seeing why people call Ping irons good-looking...I think they are borderline UGLY. Nothing against the brand, the woods and hybrids are beautiful but their irons are just weird to me. Anyway..who gives a fvck what I think #coolstorybro´╗┐

Ray M: Great review as always. Can't wait to try them out myself. Keep up the great videos. You the man Mark!´╗┐

Eugene Robson: Top review Mark ­čĹŹ´╗┐

MacClellandMan: Nice, but I'm waiting for your reviews on Taylormade Tour Preferred CB, MC, and MB. Fantastic looks, and I expect TMTP performance to be compelling. Will they pass the Crossfield TM Gauntlet? We shall see, but I predict that they will.´╗┐

James Ross: I use i20s. Really, really good clubs. As Mark says that are for all handicappers. I've gone from 22 to 10 using mine. These i25s look similar. Everyone should consider these when looking at new clubs. ´╗┐

zdenekdvc: I will wait for .....Chris Voshall tweet ... ÔÇĆ@Vosh68 3 Jan @SteinthorSig Happy new year to you too! We have some GREAT stuff coming including probably the coolest iron set I've ever seen! #JPX Chris Voshall ÔÇĆ@Vosh68 6 Jan @SteinthorSig It's going to be a little while before you hear anything, but when you see them, you'll know! They are BEAUTIFUL! I cant wait!!!!´╗┐

Luzman Azrin: Mark, Im still waiting for the review for Nike Covert 2.0 tour ! ´╗┐

SuperMozzman: Nice clubs, as a Ping user I'm not keen on plastic hozels though.´╗┐

Chris Walsh: Do the new tour preferred irons´╗┐

Todd Wilson: Just got fitted and ended up ordering 5 iron through Utility wedge with zz65 shafts. Thanks for video.´╗┐

Intens Snail: Mark. you said "dodo" again.. haha´╗┐

MrJdk720: could you do a review of the new taylormade tour preferred line up´╗┐

Gary J: Mark are you using a stiff shaft on the i25 irons? Enjoy your insight on clubs.´╗┐

Ian Blackburn: I was looking at EZ forged to move up from my mp-52's (looking for more forgiveness) I went to American golf to just 'try' EZ's and If I'm honest I didn't feel much difference (maybe I would on off centre shots). Anyway the pro stuck an i25 in my hand 'just to try'...I hit this straighter and with an extra 10yds. It (7i) felt extremely easy to hit so based on that I'm now thinking of going to do a full custom fit of which I hope they go through the full set so I have the distance gaps spread based on the way I hit the ball. I don't know if custom fits do this or just base on 7i/6i out work out wards. I'm hopeful the time is spent on all clubs not just a 7i. Anyone know the craic regarding custom fits?´╗┐

SandyFlamingo: Just got i20s -1/2 inch cfs reg. I think they look better than these i25s. What do you guys think. I feel like these irons arent worth it because of how close the i20s are to them. What do you guys think im just wondering.´╗┐

Kim Hansen: Visually they are a step up from i20 as well and up there with some of the best looking irons. And come to think of it, I will never buy an iron set I find ugly looking no matter how well I hit the ball with them. :-) i25's are going in my bag this year!´╗┐

Robert Singh: Awesome review! I would really like to see a comparison where the ease (or difficulty!?) of launching the ball is compared with the other Ping irons (S55, G25, Anser etc.)´╗┐

Tom Rouff: Loving the vids Mark. Keep them up! Could you do a review on the i25 irons vs the titleist 712 and 714 ap2 irons? They are in the same market (forgiving player irons). Great vids. ´╗┐

Ben Robertson: Mark , see when you tell us what range of handicap the clubs are aimed at could you please give a number for example between 10 and 15´╗┐

ken mackerel: hi peak height 34 yds. i saw some data somewhere that showed that tour players have consistent apex / peak height for all clubs. the numbers i saw showed average across tour was 30 yds. Do you hit all clubs same height? are you a slightly high hitter?´╗┐

Russ Burgess: Wise words indeed about handicap range. I play off 8 and play with guys off 20 who hit much better irons than I do. Driving, fairways, hybrids and short game are my strengths. I like real big game improvement irons 5-PW, Vokey GW and SW. I have to get up and down a lot to maintain my handicap and cannot hit smaller headed clubs.´╗┐

Bill Wainer: Another great review...Looking forward to getting fitted for these irons.´╗┐

Andrew D: Thanks Mark. Once again another superb review. As someone who is a Ping fan but does not currently own ping clubs these look as good a reason as ever to make the switch to Ping...although I do feel Ping charge forged prices for cast heads. Better phone the bank manager.´╗┐

brian fullam: Well done Mark another great review went and got custom fitted for irons after playing with different sets over the years and reaching a 7 handicap decided to improve my irons to see how low i could go, After going to official custom fitting centre was handed the i25 on average 8-9 yards longer than the rest and that's where it stops for me with the i25 irons nice from 7-pw but with the stainless steel heads got little or no feedback from hits and the longer irons were disappointing i say this after unfortunately buying set rushed into it thinking i was doing right back playing mizuno irons and the feeling and shot-making is amazing...have to say Mizuno rule the market when it comes to irons!! Thanks keep up the reviews Brian ´╗┐

Paul Gauger: Are you planning on comparing the i20's vs. i25's? Thanks - Great stuff!´╗┐

Patrick Carter: Looks like another sunny day in the UK. I do not miss the UK weather´╗┐

Eddie kear: Hi Mark , Thanks for all the videos ! Being a junior you have helped me with all my club selections and inspired me to play more golf ! Your course vlogs have helped me LOADS on how to get around the course ! huge thanks ! Eddie´╗┐

Anthony Ashmead: Great review Mark, only confirmed for me though that I will be keeping my i20s :)´╗┐

Tom Rouff: You should do the tour preferred CB vs. the I25 becuase they are basically the same so it would be interesting what you think ´╗┐

Dimitris Karittevlis: Ping i25 vs Titleist AP2 please.´╗┐

Jon Low: Hey Mark nice video as always. I'm a big Ping fan and currently game the i15s and am thinking of upgrading. I've been reading a lot that Ping did a lot of optimization on the wedges, PW, UW, SW, LW that they are offering for the i25s compared to the i20s. Can you comment on this?´╗┐

Golfman15: Can u put u a in the bag ´╗┐

Toombs Norman: My i25 irons came in today and I love them. A big upgrade for me as I have used ping eye 2's for 10+ years. Always been a ping guy but this video really helped!´╗┐

Sto Ne: great job (like always) ­čĹŹ­čĹŹ and if you have some free time it would be great to compare these with the G25 .. would love to hear some thoughts of you and see some numbers on GC2 .. thx for all your videos!!!!´╗┐

Andrew Tutt: Great review as always.... Looking to buy some new irons but am spoilt for choice at the moment! Looking forward to a review of the new Taylormade TP CB's´╗┐

Peter Jarosz: Mark i love your channel. Keep up the great work! :)´╗┐

Nathan Sheers: Love your work mark, been waiting for your review on the i25 irons tried the i20 and loved the feel and look of them, but i think these little bad boys will be my next set of clubs soon, haven't changed my irons in over 8 years but that just might change !! Keep the great work up Mark love your channel all the way down here in OZ.´╗┐

golfbuddy1969: Mark you do a fantastic job - thanks. I think you effort to be fair, regardless of what your reviewing. I hit the i20 last year, and was so impressed. I almost purchased the i20 irons last fall, but wanted to wait for the i25. Worth the wait??? Or do you think it would be ok to buy the i20 and save $200,´╗┐

flexx1987: I love that you're adding numbers to the end of the review. Cant wait to see what you think of the fairway and hybrid´╗┐

Jesper Rodin Augustsson: looks so freakin good!´╗┐

bkelley21: Great tips and always enjoy your insight, thanks´╗┐

Ola Scholander: excellent review mark! ping i25 vs ap2 will be a hard decision to make. how about callaway apex? will you review that? thats the last on my list. i am stuck between going distance iron or traditional irons. i have a 7i swing speed of 78-80 mph´╗┐

chrisjellis1: Great video as always Mark, any chance we can see the new AP2 vs the I25 as both the type of clubs I believe cover all bases and would love to see some numbers with real balls Thanks´╗┐

zinc23man: More great info Mark, cheers´╗┐
Ping i25 Irons 4.9 out of 5

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Ping i25 Irons