Ping I25 Irons

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Ping i25 Irons
Ping i25 Irons
Comparison of Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Irons vs Ping i25 Irons
Comparison of Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Irons vs Ping i25 Irons
Ping I25 Irons
Ping I25 Irons

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VWRabbit2008: I will probably never sell my full ping set. G25 driver, i25 irons and g25 woods. Love them all

Helene Norris: Thanks Mark,  glad you like the irons I just bought.  They are really beauties and my fitting was also great.  Also got one Gorge 60 degree Ping wedge.  Haven't played a round with any of them yet, but with the Anser Driver 10.5 and 23 degree hybrid plus Karsten 59 putter I'm ready to Ping them in April.  thanks from ray

Topshot: Hiya best clubs yet by far a joy to play golf with

Mediocre Golfer: 4.39

Robert Smith: Hi Mark
 how much of a step up are these from the i15's? I loved my i15's, wish I'd never sold them.....but a fool and his money and all that!

Dessia Schier: 2:41        lovely

Gary Clark: What do you think about I95 Steelfiber shafts  in Ping I25 irons

George Slade: What gets me on the argument between cast and forge is that people who argue forged over cast. They seem to forget that the bar of steel that is used in the forging process is made through the CASTING process. It doesn't come down to whether it is forged or cast, it comes down to personal preference.

Gary J: Mark are you using a stiff shaft on the i25 irons?
Enjoy your insight on clubs.

brian fullam: Well done Mark another great review went and got custom fitted for irons after playing with different sets over the years and reaching a 7 handicap decided to improve my irons to see how low i could go, After going to official custom fitting centre was handed the i25 on average 8-9 yards longer than the rest and that's where it stops for me with the i25 irons nice from 7-pw but with the stainless steel heads got little or no feedback from hits and the longer irons were disappointing i say this after unfortunately buying set rushed into it thinking i was doing right back playing mizuno irons and the feeling and shot-making is amazing...have to say Mizuno rule the market when it comes to irons!!
Thanks keep up the reviews

Golfman15: Can u put u a in the bag

Toombs Norman: My i25 irons came in today and I love them. A big upgrade for me as I have used ping eye 2's for 10+ years. Always been a ping guy but this video really helped!

MrJdk720: could you do a review of the new taylormade tour preferred line up

Ian Blackburn: I was looking at EZ forged to move up from my mp-52's (looking for more forgiveness) I went to American golf to just 'try' EZ's and If I'm honest I didn't feel much difference (maybe I would on off centre shots). Anyway the pro stuck an i25 in my hand 'just to try'...I hit this straighter and with an extra 10yds. It (7i) felt extremely easy to hit so based on that I'm now thinking of going to do a full custom fit of which I hope they go through the full set so I have the distance gaps spread based on the way I hit the ball. I don't know if custom fits do this or just base on 7i/6i out work out wards. I'm hopeful the time is spent on all clubs not just a 7i. Anyone know the craic regarding custom fits?

bkelley21: Great tips and always enjoy your insight, thanks

Peter Jarosz: Mark i love your channel. Keep up the great work! :)

Tom Rouff: You should do the tour preferred CB vs. the I25 becuase they are basically the same so it would be interesting what you think 

Todd Wilson: Just got fitted and ended up ordering 5 iron through Utility wedge with zz65 shafts. Thanks for video.

Tom Rouff: Loving the vids Mark. Keep them up! Could you do a review on the i25 irons vs the titleist 712 and 714 ap2 irons? They are in the same market (forgiving player irons). Great vids. 

lee massey: iv got the ping i20's and already well out of date. so glad there the same as these. your right mark it is a great club!
Ping i25 Irons 5 out of 5

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VWRabbit2008: I will probably never sell my full ping set. G25 driver, i25 irons and g25 woods. Love them all
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Ping i25 Irons