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ShadowRealmFox: I wouldn't be a fan of Gohan taking the lead role, i think they were gonna attempt it but changed because they released replacing goku with gohan would be a bad idea for the fans.
RaedwulfGamer: True to life carcinogenic experience! Enjoy the greatness of stresses in smoking simulator. Leave a like, ENJOY!
John Metaxas: Hey mate where did you get thtat black device where you put your new hdd from?? Please answer
Oliver Kurowski: Drifting in Europe + KW @ King of Europe Proseries 2013
deltawolf1124: Probably my all time favorite anime, and as kind of disappointing as the ending was, the redial OVA really brought it together and should ALWAYS be grouped together when watching. Ive never had a show ive wanted to erase from my memory so bad, just to be able to experience the trip for the first time again
Davidsbeenhere: Come and visit Jamaica guys. My next destination is Jamaica. I want to see the lovely place. Check out my channel and watch my traveling videos. Thank you guys :-)
disclaimer05: I don't see too many people using the Famas anymore and no one uses the aug. So, this patch wont do a whole lot. I see most people using the Galil, AK47, and 74u.

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