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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Robbie JK: This marketing strategy gun sales people use of 4+1 is dangerous and needs to stop. Most rifle accidental discharges are caused by imbeciles coming back to camp with one still in the chamber and the safety off. The .223 a varmint rifle? I think not. 
Nokapz: @HLM190586 yes i know that, duh. sorry for my ignorant english.
Lisa Deese: BULKHEAD!
rob naylor: Hi , how easy/hard was it to put up ! Also did you do it alone or take more than yourself ? 
rzeric: not yet on the dragstrip, it runs really well. seems the fuel pump has quit .gonna get that fixed and dyno tuned in late jan. want to change the muffler too
StealthVVS: @Ewil2011 Не стОит хрен с пальцем сравнивать. 350кубов 2Т и 230кубов 4Т. ИЖ тяговитый мот, и если переднюю звёздочку поставить на 21 зуб, то конечно он сделает зонга.
Lindsay Makowski: maybe it's the lighting, but it looks kinda patchy to me? like i can see the BB cream in spots and then your skin coming through.

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