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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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dutchurbanminer: Learned a new name today , Jack Roush , looked him up on YT and saw his huge car collection , like Jay Lenno ; I think this guy makes a lot of money .
Andrew Liu: whats the music at 1:25
listothis: SOUNDCLOUD Sporto Kantès Whistle REMIX
Polarbeer101: Elder Scrolls Online?
nerazzurri1985: n 2 months.. i`ll be havin in my garage too!!!
CHIBA280CRV: Came back and took another look at your video, last time was 11 months ago, and I have a pair of mint condition MMG's and a pair of JC1's and wonder if they are going to be to strong for them? And I see the speakers are 4 ohms.will let you know what they sound like or make a response video. Still need a preamp ,just sold my Krell showcase. Oh yes I forgot have a Chinese made tube amp here some place . Got to go and see what I can do. Peace.
xCaLLxOFxDuKKZx: @ps3anialator Pc world - £800

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