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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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serbtennnis3: men in red shorts will get tennis elbow injury if he continious with forehands like this!
DamonDay814: Did you partition the hard drive?
Lachlan Baird-MacKenzie: This caused Bootcamp Assistant to refuse to open on my early 2009 (4.1) Mac Pro running Yosemite. I had to reverse the changes before it would open again. Still, all's well that ends well.
cheapchippy: Have lit mine up for the first time and its just reaching 250 degrees C after 27 minutes - 34 degrees ambient temperature outside.
fattymoko: You would solve your problem if you would kindly ask if you could video, not turn away when you are discovered. And if they say no, respect it.
The Tech Temple: @xwolfmanx My bad man, I was slackin' on twitter for a bit.
zainab habib: Can u do a vid on how to apply nail polish

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