LG 840G - Watching YouTube Videos

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Zaq Demonn (Thisguy248): my lg840g says playback error.

C0LL1N: When I try to watch youtube videos on my LG 840G It has the loading bar at the top and it just says 1% and never moves, and rarely the phone just crashes and restarts.

FunVarieties101: hola

Stupid Epic Video!: My lg800g can't do this without eating up minutes

Holly kisslinger: i cant get the videos on youtube to work on mine

jbasketballgirl16: I'm not sure. I use it on tracfone with the family value plan

billy corgan: Will this phone work with 25 dollar plan

Rachel Alazar: To watch YouTube videos you must have registered SIM, you must have minutes in order to authenticate that you activated the phone and you need to have wifi

tornmask: i will, thank u. waiting for mine to arrive via fedex nxt wk & first time i'm gonna own one only cuz its a refurbished model.

jbasketballgirl16: thank you! please check out my new tutorials channel: JaninaTutorials :) if you have any questions, I'll try to answer them

tornmask: thanks so much for this short presentation it was worth viewing. cheers!

Alba Pie: My phone alway's say's NETWORK UNAVALIBLE what should I do?!

Jonah Warner: My phone always says NETWORK UNAVAILABLE anytime i try to use youtube even when i have full wifi and cell signals help please

Gta game freak: How to make video bigger

TheLightHouseLady: Good Info! I know very little about this type of phone. Is the Wifi free on this phone for youtube videos?

isayas fields: 123 bang

Cat McNichol: I have a problem attaching my own videos to a cell phone message. It says the "file is too big" -- does that mean I should change my micro sd card to more gb's? Please help someone/ -- thanks.

Craig White: Did you ever get youtube to work?

Craig White: How did you get Youtube to work?
LG 840G - Watching YouTube Videos 5 out of 5

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LG 840G - Watching YouTube Videos