DIY Solar Hot Air Heater For Greenhouse

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powersavingdevice1: Solar air heater for green house can make your  plants grow without worrying about the cold weather...

RoninIchiban2008: The "mandatory commercial" that played when I accessed the video was for Monsanto's Roundup. That is SO WRONG! I've never posted a video, but there should be a way to opt out for certain ads and allow others. Good video. Subbed!

Joseh Parish: What a dumb ass. He doesn't know crap. Give the video to the lady speaking as she knows more.

arbonac: Thermostat

Green Power Farm: @bobinmissouri the cheapest way to do it is to build one. use a motor like a bicycle light generator ....and blades from PVC.....I will be building more and tons more videos on of my passions in life.

bobinmissouri: are you going to be doing any new videos on solar or wind power? am trying to learn how to make it real cheep i am on disablety

Teddybear500: Nice!

Green Power Farm: @MvTCracker That would be great.!

Green Power Farm: @MvTCracker They really work! Great way to go!

Green Power Farm: @KingRyltar It works great but, I have them covered right now because it too hot.

Ron Kolesa: i am very curious to find out how well it worked for you. Is it keeping the green house warm enough on its own, to grow vegetables?

bobinmissouri: it Feb 21st and we have about 10 inches of snow here in St Joseph Missouri lol

Green Power Farm: Cool...I will check it out.!! Thanks for the comment!

iwantosavemoney: How to wire a snap disc by richallenmusic has some info on how to wire up a snap disc themometer what is does is it close when the temputer get so high it closes the cerit and the fan comes on and when it cools down the fan turns off or opens the ceruit i hope this little bit of infomation helps the cheap guy

Green Power Farm: Good ideas. Thanks iam trying to figure out hook it up . Hhaha thanks.

Green Power Farm: Hahha thats right! Good comment..haha

Jeff Benefield: Solar "hot" air heater as opposed to a solar "cold" air heater... If it was hot air, you wouldn't need to heat it... Just like a "hot water heater'.lol

GoatHollow: Pretty sure that "Electrical thingy" is a snap disc thermometer. Was used to tell the fan when to turn on.... when the temp. in the panels gets hot enough. Most of them are set at 110 degrees farenheit. You should use it!! No use blowing cold air into the green house.

Green Power Farm: Thank you for watching! & your comment!

Green Power Farm: HeY Vic !! always glad to hear from you my fried!........My dynohub is still going strong man!! 8 months of survival with no problems!! Anyway I think you are right about the thermal switch ..hope fully i get it working!! hhahaha LOL...peace...rick.
DIY Solar Hot Air Heater for Greenhouse 5 out of 5

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DIY Solar Hot Air Heater for Greenhouse