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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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vincenzo di pumpo: @iosonopietro9 a me personalemnte da fastidio QUALUNQUE FORMA DI VENERAZIONE e adorazione verso gli uomoni. siano Gramsci, Cavour o chiunque altro. credo nel valore del silenzio, nel lavoro, nel rispetto e aborro ogni forma di vile spettacolizzazione di questi uomini meritevoli, piegati da due incapaci alle logiche del business, osannati poi da un pubblico mediocre
Justin Ross: every time i turn on the fan my game crashes. HELP>
Lee Mullen: I see that the rivet gun you are using is a Marson. Are they a better quality gun than Arrow in your opinion? I have been thinking of getting a new rivet gun and the reviews of those Marsons are really positive. Very informative video on how rivets work. Never saw anybody riveting two nuts together before but cant think of a better way to demonstrate how snugly rivets grip two items together. You should be a teacher. 
tashkenty: if this is my man, i want him to be shirtless all the time ;-)
seeleGamer: me da um pc ixtroiter, me adota
Murakami: 19% agreed to talk to the Crooked Man first? wow
Mr. Horseshoe: WTF happened to this guy? He was awesome! We need him more than ever since board games are getting super popular now!

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