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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Arthur Kirkland: Ale ja ide do kogoś xD No ale no ale lepiej jakby to ona była ;w;
curemymind: @Toonamik b/c the chipset kills its self... it's a very strange thing... It has to do with it a vmware problem... If you test a full Hdd install without vmware hdd install it doesn't have this problem... Or on the Live cd/dvd... I or other linux people don't know why it happens... but it does... the new alpha with the new chipset doesnt have this problem with vmware...
dankerthanclanker: I tell you what, I've always wanted some of the classic Star Wars machines in Lego. Got myself an AT-ST but I'd love to get more of it. It's just so cool!
Keko77 ☻: Im subscribed, Like and share your channel in my videos. a greeting
matt wilson: what is that addon your using to see all your teammates health, because healbot is band in rbg's
DdotK: Motorala Defy + me = underwater bikini photographer...
Allyson Rodriguez: Thanks, this video helped me!

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