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William Ribeiro: Nossa.. Eu já era apaixonado pelo pequeno (não tão pequeno assim) agora ta demais... Colocaram o velocímetro no seu devido lugar... Isso sim é um compacto premium. 
LeftHockeyPro: I have a V9E and it's the best stick I've ever used. I'm gonna get a V9 now and see how it is.
Boribelle Boribella: I think it is a nice version of painting your nails.
Ramon De Jesus: Excellent video. Thanks
World of ATVs: Very innovative multi-use trailer - we like it!
Tarik Sahinovic: Khajiit is so awesome. Multiplayer I was playing with my friends they said Khajiit Is stupid.When i sneak and kill them they changed the races to Khajiit
tbh tamara: I know you won't see this comment but I'm really drunk and this video and the entire let's play makes me happy.

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