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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Marco Nadal: That shape recurs again and again in Japanese mecha design... the world needs a name for that, like sphere, cone, spiral. Maybe "robo-lagomorph"? I immediately thought of "SHMUP stage boss". One of these "bullet curtain" shooters.
Esteban Garcia: /i heard that 99 snakes disliked this video
bpantherxxx: Hey man i got the same car same year but the ses, and i have a 15 inch kicker solo baric with a 1000 watt alpine amp. Hits SO HARD, and my trunk rattles too!
Jennifer Cortez: Wtf 
S A Aziz S Mohd: Nice canopy you got there!
Frank Rizzo: Awesome video, thanks so much for making this!!!! This just confirmed it for me, I'm ordering this model this week!
lego stalker: ULC-Pack -> Unlockable Content

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