Colloidal Silver Generator Review

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SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator - Honest Review & Demo - Part 1
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Part 2 - SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator - Honest Review & Demo
Colloidal silver generator review
Colloidal silver generator review
CollGen2  --- Colloidal Silver Generator --- Review by a Medical Professional
CollGen2 --- Colloidal Silver Generator --- Review by a Medical Professional
Part 3 - SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator - Honest Review & Demo
Part 3 - SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator - Honest Review & Demo

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Watch Ryder: Can you use mineral water instead of distilled water?

Make Colloidal Silver: @personIamnot @personIamnot If your trying to acheive 100% purity then 99.9% is about as close as your gonna get, usually... 99.99% pure is actually 10x more pure than 99.9%. Since I get my silver from the same place the guy you suggested you get 99.999% pure from it appears you have been indeed been fooled, but by him not me. The silver is custom melted per order, every melt has "different trace elements" the silver is 99.99% or better. An assay report of a melt from 6 years ago fooleed you.

mixcatcom: Its the video response to this one. -Pete

mixcatcom: ITs .9999 Silver its not sterling. Thanks, -Pete

catchtwenty2ube: you should not use sterling silver as far as i am aware

Inachu Ikimasho: it turns yellow from the amount of light in the room.

Inachu Ikimasho: Got a youtube video on that one?

mixcatcom: I wouldnt add salt. But do some research on that.. -Pete

mixcatcom: Its different to make the gold water.. I will work on that very soon. I dont take anymore then .25 OZ per day of 20ppm but I would do research on this.. Im not a doctor. All the best, -Pete

mixcatcom: It shouldn't be brownish... Your looking for nice cloudy silvery water.. Check out my video response on the new unit. -Pete

mixcatcom: check out the video response. Its my latest and even more powerful. -Pete

mixcatcom: If you like this one you should check out the video response.. The new one I created is super powerful. -Pete

Inachu Ikimasho: you should zoom into the box. details details! lol

Steve Thompson: That Is Impressive over 20 parts per million & still the Water Is a Silver color Instead of amber. I have been looking for the Schematics for a good Constant Current Colloidal Silver generator but have Not been able to find anything.

mfgunit: is it safe to add a drop of saline solution to the water when making CS?

mixcatcom: Thanks for the post.. Great info. -Pete

jellofast: depends on how many ppm u make per batch... like a pair of 14 awg wires with 0.9999 purity can make like 50 gallons of 10 ppm or so. you should check out silver generators from elixia

mukwah1111: Hi Pete Do you know yet how long the silver wire lasts for making the Colloidal silver?

mixcatcom: It just tests the batch to tell you the PPM Strength test. -Pete

jossandman: what is the ppm meter make thanks
Colloidal silver generator review 5 out of 5

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Colloidal silver generator review