Colloidal Silver Generator Review

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Colloidal silver generator review
Colloidal silver generator review
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Colloidal Silver Generator ( We Ship To The UK ) Silverlungs
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Colloidal Silver Replies on the Blue Man

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mixcatcom: It shouldn't be brownish... Your looking for nice cloudy silvery water.. Check out my video response on the new unit. -Pete

MissPickletoes: I found a website that says the higher ppm...the better. Their claim was 2000ppm! It was about 148.00 for a gallon. Is this a good deal? I am not sure. They say the higher the ppm...the less chance it has to collect in the liver..and the better absorbed by the body.

mixcatcom: Its the video response to this one. -Pete

mixcatcom: Its different to make the gold water.. I will work on that very soon. I dont take anymore then .25 OZ per day of 20ppm but I would do research on this.. Im not a doctor. All the best, -Pete

Steve Thompson: That Is Impressive over 20 parts per million & still the Water Is a Silver color Instead of amber. I have been looking for the Schematics for a good Constant Current Colloidal Silver generator but have Not been able to find anything.

hellavadeal: Would a 9 v battery with silver wire do this ?

mixcatcom: Thanks man! Hope you have a great weekend. -Pete

ChaiVat: Thanks for that input. I appreciate that clarity. My batches have been clear-ish, white-ish, somewhat, cloudy-ish, silvery-ish, forshizzle-ish. Dont quote me on that last description though. I finally did some in depth research that confirmed your description & my results. Thanks man. By the way, I also run my batch thru a "Brita" water filter to remove any heavier silver particles, then I resume for an hour and run it again thru the Brita. My PPM is about 15-24. Very nice results w/ this

govinda1pk: Awesome Review sir :)

mixcatcom: This is something to toss in a bug out bag. Take it with you and it has 9 volts already in the box. They last a very long time. -Pete

mixcatcom: Sure, Im still waiting to hear back from the builder. As soon as I hear I will let you know Have a great weekend, -Pete

mixcatcom: Thanks.. Your right my next box I created I put them a little closer and it worked well.. Honestly not a whole lot more production.. The PPM is perfect. Great tips. Take care my friend. -Pete

HHO4ALL: Hi Pete, I was watching the video and noticed that the Pos & Neg terminals are very far apart. If you made one of these boxes using a spring loaded speaker connector, it would bring the wires much closer together. By having the wires closer together, the current would travel between the wires more easily and should increase the amount of output. That should also reduce the amount of time required to make a good mixture of colloidal silver.

grooveclubhouse: excellent review buddy.

Colloidal Silverguy: @personIamnot @personIamnot If your trying to acheive 100% purity then 99.9% is about as close as your gonna get, usually... 99.99% pure is actually 10x more pure than 99.9%. Since I get my silver from the same place the guy you suggested you get 99.999% pure from it appears you have been indeed been fooled, but by him not me. The silver is custom melted per order, every melt has "different trace elements" the silver is 99.99% or better. An assay report of a melt from 6 years ago fooleed you.

mixcatcom: ITs .9999 Silver its not sterling. Thanks, -Pete

ChaiVat: I think its pronounced: Co-loidal, not Co-lodial

mixcatcom: Great post! Thanks. hope you had a great weekend, -Pete

mixcatcom: If you like this one you should check out the video response.. The new one I created is super powerful. -Pete

mixcatcom: They work really well. I will shoot you an email. -Pete

jellofast: depends on how many ppm u make per batch... like a pair of 14 awg wires with 0.9999 purity can make like 50 gallons of 10 ppm or so. you should check out silver generators from elixia

StevenM818: Good call. I'd hate to see someone who was too lazy to research Colloidal Silver wind up killing themselves making a toxic batch, or turn blue like that one papa smurf fellow. Wait a minute, maybe I... never mind, good call LOL

ChaiVat: I love your reply...God, I love ya bro. Your excused! :) My family is from N.Y. :P

mixcatcom: Hope your felling better Lisa, Well I cant say enough good things about it.. It works this makes it easy. Take care, -Pete

govinda1pk: will surely considering get one =)

mixcatcom: It just tests the batch to tell you the PPM Strength test. -Pete

mukwah1111: Hi Pete Do you know yet how long the silver wire lasts for making the Colloidal silver?

govinda1pk: awesome review sir :) absolutely amazing :-)

StevenM818: @ 0:27 you said "Sterling Silver"???? That is NOT what you should be using to make Colloidal Silver. Sterling is only .9275. You want .999 fine Silver. The Sterling is mixed with other metals (copper and nickel). I hope you didn't put any of that batch in your body. Unless you misspoke.

mixcatcom: Im from NY I say everything wrong. ;o)~ Thanks, -Pete

Inachu Ikimasho: it turns yellow from the amount of light in the room.

kev1000001: Great video! Now, I have a good that we know how to make it... whats a safe digestion of colloidial silver per day? Could you drink that whole glass or would it be too much? Thanks.

Watch Ryder: Can you use mineral water instead of distilled water?

mixcatcom: Yes and No. The Higher PPM the more silver thats in the water. You want from 15-40 PPM I wouldnt go much over that. That much PPM the water would almost be solid silver.. LOL Well if you want a Gallon of clean silver water this would be the best way to do it.. You can leave it running longer to make it stronger. Hope you have a great weekend, -Pete

ChaiVat: I have done a lot of reading all over the net about CS. "True colloidal Silver" VS. "not true", etc. I always get mixed opinions about the "color". Some say it should NOT be clear like water, some say it SHOULD have color-sorta amber in color. I have made several batches myself. I have made a batch in somewhat direct sunlight (like this video) & it turned amber. I have made a batch in darkness and it was clear. What is the consensus on this matter?

jossandman: what is the ppm meter make thanks

mixcatcom: Thanks! Have a great weekend, -Pete

vention4wh: Good review. Thanks. I use it in a nasal sprayer and take a hit both before and after work. If I'm doing something really dirty at work I apply it afterward. Many times I've felt like I was starting to get the first symptoms of a head cold, only to have it disappear over night after I apply the CS. If you get the flu that's killing people recently, I'd put it in a vaporizer and park your head right over it so you breath the vapor. It should help keep the virus from spreading around in your lungs

mixcatcom: check out the video response. Its my latest and even more powerful. -Pete

mixcatcom: I added that annotation. Thanks for the idea. All the best, -Pete

mixcatcom: Its a silvery clear / white almost. But shouldn't be amber if it is then its old or impure. hope that helps, -Pete

catchtwenty2ube: you should not use sterling silver as far as i am aware

mixcatcom: I mis-spoke. ITs .9999 silver. IF you read the comments I addressed this already. Thanks, -Pete

mixcatcom: I agree.. With all the outbreaks this is a must have! Have a great weekend, -Pete

mixcatcom: Nice! Thanks for the comments..! Thats a super testimony.. Thanks for the update. Its a great box and just plain works. Take care my friend, -Pete

Colloidal Silverguy: There is actually a company that sells solar powered portable generators for around $100 bucks. Just a little more than mine. Not a bad idea to have more than 1 way to make it.

Inachu Ikimasho: you should zoom into the box. details details! lol

dwfierce: Hey Pete, After doing quite a bit of research on CS, I bought a little bottle at a health food store when I had a cold that would not go away. The cold disappeared immediately! So I started looking into how to make it and Joe's Little Black Box that you reviewed here looked good. I went to Joe's website and gave him a call. Long story short... the first time I used it, I think it worked even better that this review! I love it! Also, I dropped it hard and it didn't effect it. Product is great!

mixcatcom: I wouldnt add salt. But do some research on that.. -Pete

mixcatcom: lol.. Thanks.. -Pete
Colloidal silver generator review 4.5 out of 5

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Colloidal silver generator review