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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rabbit ScoRe (RabbitScore): Yo merci mon gars pour ton aide j'avais oublié comment faire x'), bonne vidéo une voix propre. Juste peut-être l'intro que j'aime pas trop :)
DocTacDad: Will it run netflix or hulu plus?
debzred: thank you it was great ,what was you using to remove the glue please xxx
Andrew Gay: around 44:30 he mentions procedural generating etc.... Do they ever add this capability?
美風七海: はじめまして、うぽつです(≧∇≦)
yo,its brock: Alex Jones is such a tool. I wonder if he really believes this crap? Any idiot know the supposed photo that flashes on screen of the "Bin Laden death photo"(4:21) is a fake, which the government has never made claim that was the real photo.  Everybody knows that Bin Laden actually died in 2003 from a bad hit of ecstasy at a rave in Hoboken, NJ. So check your facts Alex. lol
Celticgal01604: That roast needs to be "rested" 15 to 30min before slicing it. It will get more tender and not dry out that way. Slice that type of roast thin and it will be perfect!

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