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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Miley onDisney: I fully charged my battery yesterday. When I went to use my monitor today, the battery was dead. The battery was in the cradle, but it wasn't plugged into anything. But I noticed that the switch I installed, per this video, was in the 'ON' position. This cradle definitely leeches power.
Bryce Carr: Useless without some dis-assembly tips..
Luis Miranda: I've got one but the speed control, 5 positions, it does not work it is fixed in number 1 position, does someone knows why that happens?
Tyler DeSimone: AWESOME
Mayerling52: just catching this movie now!
Grietje Huggan: Thank You very much for showing this. :) Love from UK
Bunny Evans: necomimi x Miu Sakamoto

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