Card Flourish (Cardistry) Tutorials - Virtuoso : Strobe Tutorial (Extended Trailer)

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Gromst3rr: Virts do the best flourishes. After seeing how easy it was to learn Squeeze, i've come to realize they are best at teaching cardistry.

richard swain: U guys are so good at flourishes

Stanislav Kan: Do u also gonna offer the squeeze cut again ?

thevirts: Hi Ananjev! The Strobe tutorial was an exclusive download as part of the Virtuoso Launch Edition Deck release, so unfortunately it isn't available right now as the cards are sold out. We will be releasing Strobe again as part of a future launch, so stay tuned to our mailing list and website for updates! -Kevin

Ananjev Anton: When I may buy this tutorial. My English is bad. I am sorry

Arc Angel: cant watch ..

callum hill: Singapore

callum hill: Awsome

Carlos: I love the virtuoso deck

Haseeb Yazdan: Ah, i See. Thanks for the update I'm lookin forward to it! :)

thevirts: We're currently working on our new website with updated videos and tutorials, which should be out sometime later this month. When it's up we'll definitely post a video announcing its launch! :)

Haseeb Yazdan: He virts! I love your videos and your new deck looks wicked awesome But when will i actually be able to view the tutorials on your page coz everytime i visit your website it asks me to sign up for your new deck

CLWMagic: 1 dollar D: where's my coupons :(

Noah Rooney: You need some new tuts dude! I'd love to have some of your crazy shuffles and cuts in my arsenal for cards.

thevirts: Good things come to those who wait. We're filming a new video this week :) -Kevin

LongSkill: could be possible to buy only the keyopint and timing of the cut?

Sergio Soerjanto: crap motherofgod the virts deck look so sexy

Gavin Lim: i buy for singapore will be how much?

Urek Mazino: i live in VN, and the shipping cost is like 14$ more, what the hell????

Colby Dennis: how long does shipping take?
Card Flourish (Cardistry) Tutorials - Virtuoso : Strobe Tutorial (Extended Trailer) 5 out of 5

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Ranson Curbersmith: This game HAS a lot of engrish - in the MVS service menu. I crap you not.

Card Flourish (Cardistry) Tutorials - Virtuoso : Strobe Tutorial (Extended Trailer)