SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)

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SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)
SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)
Is SpyHunter 4 A Virus?
Is SpyHunter 4 A Virus?
SpyHunter Version 4 Test and Review - Revisited
SpyHunter Version 4 Test and Review - Revisited
spyhunter 4 review
spyhunter 4 review
SpyHunter 4 Review
SpyHunter 4 Review

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JamesCrowonline: Spyhunter sucks, deleted, (end of story).

digiryde: So, basically, this is a product to avoid. Thank you for the information.

White Kitta: well,...it makes me very suspicious that they would try to shut you down with a lawyer....... Now I don't think I will get Spyhunter for that reason alone...

Megadeth: The thing said I had 700 viruses... Lmao

supadupa64: So.... what you're saying is SpyHunter 4 is poopy?

William Wu: Can't even go on internet anymore I hate this thing.

Karim Moop: 2/10? more like 2/5000000000000000(0.0000000000000004)

SouthernSniper74: This crap is a freaking virus. Do not freaking bother.

Tyrone Carino: Crap!!! Alot of people are saying this is a virus!

Mad Canadian Top 5 & Reviews: Gotta love it! Thanks for posting it... I started to do videos too, but never know if I can measure up to the better stuff out there lol!

Bedrock Block: SpyHunter4 is a virus.. it make a virus in your registry

Henrik B: I have a problem...I cant uninstall SpyHunter4! Windows just says there is no program with that name! WTF!?! PLEASE HELP
!!!UPDATED!!!: Just restart the pc and Spyhunter4 uninstall will be completed.

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In Your Backwards: Lol bro u owned the lawyer btw nice review as always u do ;))

Mattyklok: If this was legitimate, why not let the program stand on its merit? the fact that they threatened legal action (and threatened to sue your parents) tells me they know what your saying is valid.

StoneX2: Spy Hunter is a fake antivirus !!! don't download it !!

xxdjcharlierockxx: nice review dude thanks 

Keckrem: Rogueware!

Catopus: Where do you get all these virus links?!?!

Catopus: lol u owned dat lawyer
SpyHunter 4 Review (redo) 5 out of 5

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SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)