SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)

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SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)
SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)
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KeckremLP: Rogueware!

jfree1998: Don't let asshole lawyers intimidate you, reviewing the function of a program is legit, if it weren't consumer reports would have gone bankrupt the moment it started publishing...just saying...

Henry McFly: i try spyhunter...but it makes my system crash? it find 30000 items and in repair.. its stuck...and takes my pc..do i cant do anything then press the ON button on my pc..:S.. dont rlly like this program

T1r3d0fh8ck3r5: someone told me their virus came with spyhunter 4 :/

f18hornet: uuuah Suck it Spy Hunter!

StoneX2: Spy Hunter is a fake antivirus !!! don't download it !!

Woll Smoth: lol, spyhunter is a dangerous rogue

BlazinNSoul .: Spyware hunter is ligimate however it might give you false positives. I recently found after doing a scan it discovered over 400 exploits. Something of which Malwarebytes didn't which is a vastly superior program. My recommendation is using a program like R-kill to terminate the running processes you can't disable. Then run your virus software & malwarebites & you should be good.

Magnus Liavåg: This is a rogue program. A friend of mine installed it because he tried to remove a browser hijacker. I maed him un-install SpyHunter as soon as I saw how it looked like. And guess what? After opening the control panel and uninstalling it the right way it showed up in the system tray some time later. Don't let him fool you!

Juan Jimenez: thank you very much

Mary Marra: Said it would be $29.99... charged me $69.98!!! Very rude on the phone... took seconds to take my money, lets see how long it takes to get it back! The billing company blames the makers of SpyHunter, but SafeCart (all from Canada) created the damn bill! Filed a complaint with the BBB!!! Stay away from them!!!

ThunderStruckCoach: Hey SpyHunter Devs, now your crappy product and moreover, YOUR crappy business practices are being discussed on one of the webs biggest security forums.........You and your scumbag lawyer better get busy sending out all of your threat letters. I hope you guys end in the inevitable bankruptcy sooner, rather than later.

Forrest Churchill: glad I reviewed spyhunter first... after watching this I would not purchase and the whole situation described is pretty fishy... The virus scan took FOREVER to finish.. and says I have 400 threats... I'll save my money

TheGriffGames Asthon & Alec: just to tell you all together malwarebytes detected 20 malware

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Redbeard Y: Looks like junk to me, Hell the ie smartscreen told yah right off the bat the web site was no good!!!

Barfin Bob: Yeah, I can't wait to pay for a product that threatens legal action to hide what a FAIL their freaking software is. Look for my review, soon. Posting this at Wilders , MalwareTips so everyone there can do a review, as well/

captainspike33324275: Can you just buy the cd or do I have to buy the software online

Barfin Bob: Hitman Pro has removed SpyHunter4 from it's malware list---lol

ionescu mihai: Probably they thought as a weak antivirus is much better than a rogue antivirus. But we are free to choose any other security products.

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Barfin Bob: This thing looks like it blocks all downloads, safe or malicious. Gee, how useless is that? Lots of false positives with that setup.

Earl Brackett: thx very much for blowing the whistle on this crapware...

Eduardo Fortuna: This freaking program FAILED badly Again! What a disgusting piece of crap...Many people know that for a long time. Sad to know that there are still bad informed folks who pays big money for this crap.

SkyArmyNinja: How did Hitman Pro detect SpyHunter as ransomware?

TheDjigibao: Link of letter don't work?

MyITtech - Technology Services & Education: All of the links have been fixed. Thank you for the comment


Eragon86micky: LOL Hitman Pro detect SpyHunter as ransomware!

TLCTutorials: Nice. I really like the way you dealt with the lawyer from SpyHunter. Don't let them harras / censor you and your opinion! Go on that way, and by the way, nice video.

esbe1361: How do you record your screen?

hyperx72: Where's your review? I looked up wilders.com, could you post a link?

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whocare9999: failed product, asshole company, retarded lawyer. Almost as bad as the people from iobit, im blacklisting these guy

seanrocksyouknow: They shouldn't have insulted u... it didn't do good... still...


xxdjcharlierockxx: nice review dude thanks 

Catopus: Where do you get all these virus links?!?!

Catopus: lol u owned dat lawyer

SpyHunter 4 Review (redo) 3.7 out of 5

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KeckremLP: Rogueware!
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SpyHunter 4 Review (redo)