Synchronising The Starter Valves On 6th-generation VFR800

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Frank Catania: Very clear explanations of how this job is done. Thanks.

Handmade Planters: Thank you, just thank you... I watched your video many times before I decided to take the plunge and I sync'd my starter valves yesterday. What a difference it has made! I used a Morgan Carbtune but the principle is the same but getting the hoses on & off that 4 way vacuum hose thingy was a ball ache! Would have never attempted it without this, so again, THANK YOU!

Steve White: Great vid mate. Thank you for making it, explaining it clearly and precisely and finally sharing it with us!

omfgwtfbbq90: I haven't pulled off that airbox from my 5th gen VFR800 yet, it has about 21k km on it.

Does a 5th gen have this same stuff? Should I be looking towards same adjustment? It idles at around 1200.

Dean Col: The idle screw is difficult to move, is that precisely because the bike needs to warm up so that the idle wax unit loosens enough to allow idle adjustment from the idle screw?

michael agnew: v good well done!
1 unrelated question...... it seems to me that the snorkels in this design may seriously resist air flow coming into the engine,
do you think it would be beneficial to remove big filter and fit 4x circular K&Ns directly over throttle body for a much more direct and faster intake?

Jeff Swanson: Where did you buy the vacuum tool used to sync the start valves? I found a similar kit but it doesn't include the ability to smooth out the needle. Can you provide the manufacturer and model of the tool you used?

ItchesIt: Where can I get the brass fittings that go into the vacuum lines?  I have to sync my starter valves and I would love something permanent like that.

Jimo368: Good video. It's almost identical to the ST1300. I noticed the inside of your air box seemed dirty, perhaps it's not sealed up?

Andrew Goodman: Great tutorial, and the best part is you survived, and didn't gas yourself by running your bike inside a closed garage.

Antonio T Posadas: one question  on  a 1998 honda vfr 800cc  is fuel injection,yes or no and yes way it has a trottle cable advise please thanks

KaldekBoch: Mileage changes won't be caused by starter valves being out of sync. At most they affect driveability from a closed throttle. Since your bike is a 2002, I'd check your Fuel Pressure Regulator for leaks, as it's happened to quite a few bikes from that era.

Brett: Great video. I've recently had an issue with my 2002 where there is a popping noise from one exhaust while at idle, and my MPG dropped to 28. Could this be caused by the starter valves being out of sync?

niceboyandy: You really know your s**t man, great vid. Subbed.

Paul Bull: Thank's mate, good video. I'm to friggin old to do that sort of stuff, but good to know when I take it to the shop (No, not a Honda Stealership). A lot of forums talk about getting this done, now I know.

ViperViper6: Good for all to know this difference between model years... thx for confirming!

KaldekBoch: The 2002 onwards bikes do not use the uneven vacuum readings. All intakes need to be within 20mm Hg of cylinder #4 on these model bikes.

ViperViper6: The 98-01 Service Manual states to set #3 20 mmhg lower than #1 and set the #4 10 mmhg lower than #1, then confirm idle speed still 1200 rpm +/- 100rpm. Did you not do this for some reason? Did it really change to all at same vacuum from my generation to yours? Better check!

Thomas Hansen: Hey Kal. Nice that there is someone like you to help out rookies like me. I just bought the Carbtune device, and is about to do my first injection sync on my VFR 800 VTEC. Is the starter valve sync the ONLY thing I need two do in regards to the syncronization of my throttle bodies?

villho: Thumbs up for doing such informative videos!
Synchronising the starter valves on 6th-generation VFR800 5 out of 5

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Frank Catania: Very clear explanations of how this job is done. Thanks.
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Synchronising the starter valves on 6th-generation VFR800