Dirt Bike Rear Tire And Tube Changing

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Dirt Bike Rear Tire and Tube Changing
Dirt Bike Rear Tire and Tube Changing
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Just another rider: Thanks Steve Matthes and BikeBandit for help me to maintenance mi ride like supercross bike! :)

dustin earley: that helped me out a ton and saved me about $40. thanks man!!

Daniel Goon: This guy's jokes man XD

John Kopek: the correst spoons makes a HUGE difference! they need that little lip on the end, otherwise u use harbor freight ones with a smooth curved end n every other bite it SLIPS OFF N SCRATCHES THE RIM N NEXT THING U KNOW ur looking for the tire iron in the grass cause u just launched it 100ft.....yea that was me yesterday...buying the good spoons today. (but i did get the tire on!)

asccpjlsk8: You make it look so easy lol

Andrew C: Thanks To Steve and Biker Bandit . I have been ok at taking care of my bike . I recently purchased a 2012 kxf and wanted to step up the maintenance part of riding . these videos have helped a lot thanks

Darren Maddox: good video. down to earth with breaking the bead. good tip give your tyre a hot bath to soften the rubber.

ronnie mori: Can you use penetrator oil 

crawlervideo: Minute 3.10 at this point  yesterday i am near at a heart attack or smashing the wheel in to the trash can! i put a patch under the tire iron to dont scratch my rim ,put the iron down like you show in this  vid but must push down with my other hand  like "Chuck Norris" before my old Metzler Enduro A  come off!Lol! Nice Video!

Bob Swagger: Sweet! Now I just need a set of those spoons and some KY...I mean soap

Selfiesmakeyou lookstupid: How can you find the hole to get the valve stem through, I keep just getting my fingers stuck in between the tire and rim and its to tight to get the valve stem in

chubby42806: now i see why you didn't show yourself getting that valve stem in the hole!!!!! what a pain in the azz......

mattwall20: Great video ...don't pay attention to those other retards who think they know everything

BigMikeZO6: NICE very cool video, I love the way you muscled the tire right off the rim after the tube is removed @ 3:15 thats the way to get it done!

SuperJamster1: 1mnutz is crazy.  Of course you put air in the tube first.   Have you every had a bad tube?  Nothing worse then putting on a tube that you thought was perfect just to find you have a leak.  Great Videos, I've used your technique tor changing tires and it works perfectly.  In cold climates where I live, I put the tires in front of a heater first before adding the lubricant.   Thanks so much for the vids.  

I'm her “baz” AHMED: You can easily bend you brack disc by standing like that. Not everyone is a heavy weight as you. So please make a video for light Wight people. 

Jonathan Nockideneh: Need some help, I won a tire from Dunlop a mx52 100/90-19 but my bike calls for a 110/90-19. Would there be a ride difference in traction and performance? My rim is 2.15 wide. 250 2stroke application.

Josh Walters: Don't you worry about bending the rotor or sprocket jumping on the rim to brake the beed?

1MNUTZ: Damnit dumbass you don't inflate the tube before the tire is fitted or you punture the tube fitting the tire onto the hub

dumb freak

Zorion Fingerboards: nice video it helped
Dirt Bike Rear Tire and Tube Changing 5 out of 5

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Dirt Bike Rear Tire and Tube Changing