Waste Oil Furnace

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Kroll Waste Oil Boilers - Review
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Simple Free Shop Heat: Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace
Simple Free Shop Heat: Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace
Waste Oil Furnace
Waste Oil Furnace
Perfect waste oil burner for shop/garage.
Perfect waste oil burner for shop/garage.
Waste Oil Boiler
Waste Oil Boiler

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alaskanalain: Using fire brick around the burner seems to help matters a little

Juriy61: Испаритель.Получение тепла от отработанного масла .Современно Надежно.Мощно.Смотрите здесь.Воронеж.

alaskanalain: I will make a video on how to build this sometime.  Keep watching this channel.  I also have more ideas.  The burner chamber can easily be switched if you ever decide to experiment with different designs

Marcel Barros: Hi there. That stove seams to run very nicelly. Would be nice if you share some plans. Greatings from Luxemburg-Europe

CK poisonlolz: furnace from minecraft

ocendo1: I am working on my own one, and we need some kind of thermostat cut off valve for oil delivery in case of back blow and fire termination.I will put some kind of security so I can be sure not to spill dirty oil on garage floor.

ocendo1: good work

ozzirt: Natural draft is the way to go, it takes a little more care in the design stage, but it never lets you down. You can still get plenty of heat.

alaskanalain: I am thinking of installing this in my living room

alaskanalain: @pushka48 I will make a "how to make" video soon.

pushka48: nice work u have any video how you made it , it will be nice to see hole proces

alaskanalain: I have since decided not to use the blower, it gets too hot and now I save oil by running it lower
Waste oil furnace 5 out of 5

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Waste oil furnace