Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 : GRT-III Trigger Upgrade Installation

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Taurus Silver: Will this fit the Benjamin Eva Shockey Golden Eagle?

денис ден: Hello how are you I think a good rifle Crosman Vantage NP (30021) for shooting at a crow?

MegaMOTORIZED: Thank you for nice video. I own a Benjamin Trail Np 0.22
I counted the trigger pull force, it was 4 pounds.
I put away the small spring that it was inside the trigger
i put again the small pin in the trigger
and i lowered  the tension at second big spring inside the trigger mecanism
i put again the same trigger at Benjamin, and now you need only 0.3 pound force to trigger the Benjamin.
So smooth and soft!!!!!! without buying anything

barry zome: You forgot to put on blue loctite on the screws

Truth Seeker: I have learned to shoot  this thing pretty good. I would actually like to try the "new" trigger, but I'm sure I would mess it up, and I could watch 100 videos....No one around here seems to work on air rifles!.

Mike Riedel: I just put the GRT-III Trigger in my Benjamin Genesis .22. It took all of 3 minutes to install it (I had watched many videos on how it do it before I order it). 

The trigger on the Genesis was probably as bad as it gets on any of the Benjamin break barrels, but I had gotten used to it and could hit pretty decent groups at 25 yards. I also had no problems shooting squirrels, skunks, and raccoons.

But now with this new trigger I can make as good or better shots without have to concentrate as much on the trigger pull.

callofdutyguy9: Can you make a video of how to install brass washer breech pivot bushings?

AdamMtb: Can you do this on the crosman nitro venom?

Smallmouthchaser: Hello I read some of the comments on here and just want to make sure I heard you right...So simply taking off the stock trigger and replacing it with the CDT trigger voids the warranty?? If you had a warranty issue in the future couldn't you just put the stock trigger back on the rifle?? I was going to order one of the CDT Triggers but I don't want to have to do any filing or worrying about the gun not roostering right or any problems because my 17 year old son is going to be the main operator of the gun....I thought that it was just a simple replacement trigger without any modifications to the gun at all...Can you install the Custom trigger without any modifications to the Rifle what so ever?? Thanks.

Iron_Snake: The most simple way and FREE, it's of removing the little tensioner spring on the the trigger...huge difference...

TheStupidMonkey007: Ok. Glad you figured it out and I hope you enjoy the increase in accuracy from knowing when your air rifle is going to fire, unlike how the factory trigger worked. Have a blast, have fun and shoot safe. :)

blackandsmart: I think I figured it out. This pin holds the spring in place in the original trigger blade.

TheStupidMonkey007: Thanks for the compliment. :) Concerning the part that seems to have fallen out... I'm not sure without seeing the part. However, you can go to and at the bottom of the main web page there is a link to Downloads. Click on that, then click on the appropriate brand you have. Next pick the model number of the particular rifle/gun you have. Download the exploded parts view and the parts list. That should help you to find what the part is and where it goes. I hope this helps out.

blackandsmart: Very detailed video, made my job so much easier! During my installation a small cylindrical pin fell out, I don't know what it is. It has the same diameter as the narrow part of the pin that goes in the bear trap, and it is 1/4" long. Do you know this part?

TheStupidMonkey007: Thanks! It would be nice to see how someone has figured out how to make these glitchy factory triggers work like they should. :) I look forward to seeing the video.

fowlsin: i will, when my crosman venom get's here, i hope i get it this week or next week, but i will show you guy's how easy it is and how safe it is.

TheStupidMonkey007: I personally feel that the money was not wasted. The GRT-III trigger is a better trigger made out of solid aircraft type aluminum, it is lighter and the GRT-III trigger actually has adjustability where the original factory trigger does not. I'm glad you were able to modify it yourself to work to your satisfaction and that you are happy with your modification. Perhaps you would be so kind as to make a video of what you did to help others to be able to make their Benji Trail NPs shoot better. :)

fowlsin: hey dude what much did you waste your money on that trigger, for me i just put a longer screw where the adjustment screw is,you can get the screw from any toy or something that use's small screws as long as you have the screw 50 to 75% longer than the screw that came with it and the safe and fire trigger also works but don't screw it in too much because your gun won't rooster at all, just change the screw nothing else

TheStupidMonkey007: If it is the part I'm thinking of, it is a plastic bushing/roller that keeps the roostering are moving smoothly within the stock. If it is ruined, I would suggest calling the Crosman Service Center (you can find their number on the website) and as for Jan. Let her know what model/make air rifle you have and she'll be able to direct you in the right direction to order a new part. Since you disassembled it, the warranty is void so you'll have to pay for the parts.

ariel4more: u might wanna put BLUE thread lock on your stock screws. i have the standard trail, and the front 2 screws have a habit of working themselves loose, then my groups open up a lot. dont use the red thread lock, u wont be able to get it back off if needed!
Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 : GRT-III Trigger Upgrade Installation 5 out of 5

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Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 : GRT-III Trigger Upgrade Installation