Samsung 840 EVO SSD Overview + Written Review

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Samsung 840 EVO SSD Overview + Written Review
Samsung 840 EVO SSD Overview + Written Review
Samsung 840 EVO SSD Unboxing & Overview
Samsung 840 EVO SSD Unboxing & Overview
Samsung SSD 840 EVO review (English)
Samsung SSD 840 EVO review (English)
Samsung 840 Evo 1TB SSD Unboxing • Benchmark & Review
Samsung 840 Evo 1TB SSD Unboxing • Benchmark & Review
Samsung 840 EVO SSD - How does it compare?
Samsung 840 EVO SSD - How does it compare?

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Matthew Collette: Just grabbed my 1TB for $470. Good call for the price mark by this time based upon when you made this review. Very excited about adding this to my system, especially RAPID, I hadn't realized exactly what RAPID did until this video, and since I have 16GB of RAM I'm activating that crap right away.

Sebastian Hedegaard: I just got one of these freakers yesterday.... Before I got the SSD I was going with an old regular HDD... When I switched to the new SSD, I already noticed from the startup the HUGE difference...

If you got the SSD from Samsung, turn RAPID mode ON... It will make the SSD goes twice as fast....

I can only recommend buying one of these, every single penny worth it!

RobinHood Silver: Can you just plug in the pcb inside a MacBook Pro for example. Or do you need that big case with so much empty space?


DJ Eddie Cheba: great video, but i have one question and that is will it work on mac

blackops696: Do they have 120 on there?

MTH Tech: Hi everyone, theres a giveaway of this on my channel! Check it out!

dharun raj: i just subscribed because of the attention to details, hats off man

Johnny Limia: Can i instal one 840 EVO in my MacBook pro early 2011 ? any issue?
Thanks , nice review...!!!

Lifted “geko95gek” Andreas: This or the Crucial M500 240GB?

CombatArmsEuropeN1: when i first got that SSD Evo, i thought it was empty. It was like nothing inside :p

sheikh s: are these SSD's capable of full performance on Core i5 M450 cpu note books?

TheLoneRecon Gaming: just bought the 1tb

mclaine33: Excellent review! Thank you! I think I will go with the 840 EVO. I need to decided should I get the 750GB or 500GB one though....

ajazio: I would have loved to see a RAID 0 performance review of the EVO. I want to know how the turbo write functions in RAID 0.

fUjiMaNia: do you know if the 1TB Evo is a bit faster than the 750GB Evo?

fUjiMaNia: The Samsung 830 is still the king when it comes of reliability compared to the 840 / 840 pro. It's not always about speed. These puppies are fast no matter what unless you're a number junkie who gets happy about scoring 1002 over 1000 on a benchmark =P. Can't comment about the 840 Evo since I don't have one and its still a bit new.

TheMankyTube: Were cables included?

Dallas HG: So which one faster, the 840 Pro or the 840 Evo

satish890: i have already + powercfg /h off trust me i have done everything to squeeze out all the space i can from the drive now back to my question is over provision really necessary ? will there be any significant performance loss without it ?

digitaltactics: turn of system restore on your dive some time will give you some time 16 to 30 gb more space
Samsung 840 EVO SSD Overview + Written Review 5 out of 5

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Samsung 840 EVO SSD Overview + Written Review