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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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DJJASONPRODUCER: I always go downthere to six star dj
傅 玉屏: 做你自己,不求完美,只求無愧於心,這是我當媽當媳婦當老婆10幾年來的體會
za0000222: at 7:18 he passed it rofl
Slade Katakari: Hey Halo does the sidewinder have that amazing no-recoil two shot deal like the original?
RoboTHUG2: @thesatanic6 I agree with you. In my opinion Duke Nukem 3d theme is a bit better for me - but i think it's mostl because it's classic, and I listen to it for 14 years so, the new version look a little worse for me. But it's still nice anyway
Rick Uzubell: Great video. I have the same snowblower (in fact, I own three of them). The pull cord did not recoil today. I brought the snowblower into my basement and removed the top cover and noticed a lot of ice build-up -- do you think the cord might eventually return after it has thawed-out? It was -10F this afternoon while I was using it. I could always use one of the other snowblowers for parts. Your thoughts?

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