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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Yousef Taner: my PC runs this at like 200fps lol pc master race
Nicole Gill-Kemp: Do you still do this kind of work and if so how much? 
Maria Lucia de Avelar Baltar Baltar: Como faço para ver o youtube na tela inteira? Não consegui
小幽: 一看就愛上了@@
Biancadeath: i find that that my Azurite/malachite makes me VERY sleepy. i usually fall asleep and end up deep sleeping the entire night with If I have trouble sleeping, I put it on my third eye, and I fall fast asleep. Sometimes even holding it while i sleep helps. It's not something I ever read about it, it's something I noticed overtime that was hard to ignore, When I'm without it, however, my sleep is normal often interrupted, when It's near me, I fall asleep fast and heavy.
laimoooon: شكررررررررا
Hugh Johnson: Cool until an umbrella girl laughs at you.

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