1858 Remington Cap & Ball

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Dejan Vasic: I really like the lever on that gun ...

Douglas MacCullagh: Hickom45, how far down does that 1858 have to be disassembled for cleaning? Does the frame and lock need to be opened up?

Cranky Yankee: Well they did have paper cartridges back in the day,cigarette (or was it Sigerette?) papers work well apparently ,and Job rolling papers were around back then,rolling your own ahead of time might remove a lot of the hassle at shooting time,would still have to grease 'em up though,you strike me as heap brave, wearing a light colored T shirt,and hat,and messing with the soot slinger!,although the range I shoot at was selling one brand of 357 for a while that after a cylinder full fired,my SP 101 was as black (well almost) as your Remington,they have since switched brands ,and no mess now.
I have been researching paper cartridges ,and making them on line,and hope to try my hand at in spring,I have a sheriff model Remington,in stainless and love it,getting satisfyingly grubby in the process !

Patrick Maloney: enjoy this video thanks for the education.have you ever tried a flint lock pistol?

Francis Auld: Great. Messy thO.

Chris Strobel: I have a Cimarron 1858 and run it with the 45LC cartridge conversion cylinders you can get at Taylors & Co. I personally think the 58's are beautiful guns aesthetic wise.

Joe Mummerth: greased felt wads were used by shooters as long as there have been revolvers , cleaner , easier to use , and just as reliable as grease over the ball ! elmer keith was taught to use them by old civil war vets when he was a kid !

The All Male Review: So this video just taught me that the cap guns I played with as a kid, were in fact based on a real six shooter. Mind blown.

Techno Drone406: I think you should do a video of a Mare's Leg if you want to save tume saw off a Model 73

teufeldritch: imo the Remington revolvers are some of the most beautiful pistols ever made

Surly Bob: Love this video. I like your dragoon video too. Try lubing the cylinder pin with your wonder lube and you should never have a problem pulling the gun apart. I shoot cowboy action with a couple of Richards Mason conversion '51 Navy's and that's what works for me. Plus I have a dragoon and a set of '58 Remmies and it works great for them. Agree on "being in the mood" for cap 'n ball since it is a lot of work. I'd love to shoot them all the time in cowboy action but I often have to help RO the posse so have to stick to cartridge guns for expediency of time. I like loading the cylinders on a loader device, which gives you a reason to break down the gun and get all the caps clear and check the nipples for clearance. I like the slix shot nipples for all my C&B revolvers. Don't get as many misfires that way. And I use the wonder wads religiously as they are less messy and effective to prevent chain fires. Keep up the great video's!

fudgepie1: Got a Uberti copy of the 1860 New army. Love it. Had a couple of chain-fires using .450 balls. Switched to .451 balls and never had a chain-fire since. Still apply a bit of lube to the chambers to keep the fouling soft.

Train Bennett: new to black powder my question is on the powder 2f or 3f? my 1853 enfield i shoot 2f can i use same on revolver or 3f?

Wutang Clams: 12:49 Not the best idea to dry fire a cap and ball without protecting your nipples. Also, not a good habit to cap the nipples with your bare fingers, nor is it smart to have fingers in front of capped and loaded chambers. Just my $0.02 .. Thanks as always!

pwnyou2295: Just bought one from Cabela's, can't wait to clean it and fire it.

nunya bizzniss: LOVE THESE GUNS!  But do your self a favor and use 777 substitute! its cleaner and more powerful.

John Stacy: shoots as fast as lighting but, it loads a mite slow...

smiley grin: black powder smells wonderful. Like really good beans

Kevin Brown: hey Hickok you should do a Remington model 7400 30-06 video

Crazy Horse: We are due for another cap and ball video..... 1860 Army!!!
1858 Remington Cap & Ball 5 out of 5

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Dejan Vasic: I really like the lever on that gun ...
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1858 Remington Cap & Ball