1858 Remington Cap & Ball

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Pietta Remington 1858 New Army .44 revolver unboxing and close-up jeffshootsstuff jeff shoots stuff
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Bananaman Gaming: The first time I ever saw this weapon and a movie or show was call Laramie

Doc Mason: I take baby wipes and a cloth towel with me in my gun bag so I don't get so dirty and also wipe down the gun periodically. A person can look like they've been working in a coal mine after a day of shooting black power guns. I love the smoke and fire that comes out the barrel.

museack: That black powder doesn't seem to smoke much more than so-called 'smokeless powder'.

kayn lavoie: Ramming those round ball's in there seem so pleasent

henerymag: Remington charged far less for their revolvers, forcing Colt to lower prices considerably.

pennyghost: OMG. I got up and washed my hands after this.

axelsondead irene: No hearing protection?.

John Doe: and we complained 20 years ago when semi automatic handguns had less than 10 rounds just think back then you had a horse and a lever action rifle and a revolver like this instead of a pickup and block 17 with a 33 round factory magazine lol

runner1701: I use a lubed wad after the powder them a small dab of bore butter before the ball. I get upwards of 100 shots with little loss of accuracy and not so much goo residue on the sides.

Salacity: wonder if it would be possible to conceal carry one of these

pwnyou2295: For reenacting, do they just use these but without the bullets, as in cap and powder only?

forge52100: Grease does one and only one thing, it keeps everything greasy, which does two things, keeps your cylinder pin free and your accuracy up. That is if you have oversized balls in a properly machined chamber. Namely a round chamber with a slight chamfer, the chamber should be slightly larger at the mouth and slightly smaller the deeper it goes. If this is done rite it's impossible to get a chain fire from the front. On the other hand, without grease after about 3-4 cylinder full's accuracy goes south fast, and the cylinder gets hard to rotate. Now an egg shaped chamber or bur at the mouth or undersize at the mouth can cause a chain fire from the front, but the vast majority of chain fires are due to the cap end, either caps coming off or too long a nipple causing the recoil shield to set one off.

Pauric Lawler: Love your Videos, could you make a video about a 10 gauge pump-action shotgun please.

Chris Foss: +Hickok45 Hello, do you know what the civil war area military requirements of the soldier using  this revolver, was there a reloading time they had to stick to or so many shots with in an allotted time? I'm thinking about getting one to take out to the rang and would like to be proficient with it. Or can I just pick it up and go?

SeanTaco: Hey hickok im sure you get this all the time. But ever consider doing a Black Powder revolver cleaning vid?

HotCuppaCoffee: I hate to disagree with Hickok, (because I respect him,) but during the Civil War, the 1858 Remington, though clearly superior to the 1860 Colt Army in every way that mattered, was not issued in great numbers due to Col. Colt's influence with the Army Ordinance Board.
It seems that Col. Colt was very chummy with the Officers in charge, and he was selling his revolvers to the Army at a considerable profit. Remington could beat Colt's price, with a better pistol, but the Ordinance Board just seemed "uninterested".
Of course, the troops in the field knew the Remington was better, and many officers purchased them as their personal weapon, but try as he might, the Ordinance Board kept stonewalling Remington.
The story goes, that in desperation, Remington arranged an appointment with Pres. Lincoln, offering him a live demonstration of his pistol verses the Colt.
Lincoln was quite impressed by both the pistol and the man, and it's said he later had word with the General in charge of the Ordinance Board, and rather pointedly suggested that the Board might wish to reconsider adopting the 1858 Remington pistol.
Oddly enough, the Army Ordinance Board suddenly had second thoughts, and the US Army began purchasing the 1858 Remington as a standard issue sidearm.

Martin Pope: Hi Hickok45, You said in the movies that people would carry several pre loaded guns. Is this the type of gun Clint Eastwood uses in Pale Rider where he changes pre loaded cylinders? Also I've heard a Polish friend ( Polish law allows Black powder guns for anyone and are becoming very popular there) who pre-fills cigarette papers with black powder to use as pre loaded cartridges. Have you ever tried that?

classicMaxReviews: a really great scene that shows the use of cylinder swapping is an episode of Hell On Wheels were both Cullen Bohanen and a bad guy run dry at rhe same time and race to reload their wheelguns.

Simon Cutmore: Excellent informative film. Thank you. Your hats are better than UK ones!

Dave Rhodes: love my '58. Great shooter. Thanks for the vid
1858 Remington Cap & Ball 5 out of 5

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1858 Remington Cap & Ball