1858 Remington Cap & Ball

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fujimi715: django unchained brought me here... wanted to see how these black powder revolvers work after seeing django killing everybody with them haha

Trent Willerton: Very good

TheGaming NorseMan: i can die happy hearing hickok45 say nipples lol

John Bacsenko: Never put yer ears on........

Denis Lamb: That cylinder myth has been busted. They never carried spare cylinders as it was too dangerous, the caps and powder could have ignited in combat.

pwnyou2295: I use Pyrodex in mine. Only one gun store in my town carries muzzleloading supplies. However, the fire department won't let them stock actual black powder.

Piotr Ścibor: I have a great experience with Pedersoli S.349 Remington Pattern replica. My record one time shooting was 240 shots in less than 4 hours with two cylinders (20 loads per cylinder). No glitches at all. Continuous and smooth operation of all mechanical parts all the time using home made grease and bullets. It is important to use good caps like RWS 1075 or even RWS 1075 plus with an extra charge. I had some problems with these standard in last hour of shooting as they had some problems to get the spark through the nipple to the powder but when changed to the stronger ones problem was fixed. One more important thing is to always remember to load wads or other spacer (I use semolina) between the powder and bullet to make the bullet as close to the exit of cylinder and entry to the barrel as possible (its easier with semolina porridge). I went from 24 to 18 and stopped at a tiny load of just 10 gains of 3F powder to get the best results like less than 5cm (2 inches) group size on the target at 25m (82ft).

Blue Sky Country: I own a Pietta 1858 New Model Army and I absolutely trust my life on that old warhorse. Never had a failure or FTF and the thing is powerful enough to kill a deer or a hog at 50 yards or more. Now a lot of people would think that he Uberti reproduction would be higher quality than a Pietta, but this seems to be the one gun that Pietta is determined to build right. If you intend to get an 1858 revolver, go with the Pietta. The frame on my gun is also massive, built like a truck, and I am sure it would function just as well as a war club or emergency glass breaker in the case I am ever in a situation that require one.

Sean P: Lee Van Cleef used this in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Such a beautiful looking gun!

Jeremy Knop: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally favor the appearance of the 1858 remington over any of the other civil war era revolvers. But that's just me.

Dejan Vasic: I really like the lever on that gun ...

Douglas MacCullagh: Hickom45, how far down does that 1858 have to be disassembled for cleaning? Does the frame and lock need to be opened up?

Cranky Yankee: Well they did have paper cartridges back in the day,cigarette (or was it Sigerette?) papers work well apparently ,and Job rolling papers were around back then,rolling your own ahead of time might remove a lot of the hassle at shooting time,would still have to grease 'em up though,you strike me as heap brave, wearing a light colored T shirt,and hat,and messing with the soot slinger!,although the range I shoot at was selling one brand of 357 for a while that after a cylinder full fired,my SP 101 was as black (well almost) as your Remington,they have since switched brands ,and no mess now.
I have been researching paper cartridges ,and making them on line,and hope to try my hand at in spring,I have a sheriff model Remington,in stainless and love it,getting satisfyingly grubby in the process !

Patrick Maloney: enjoy this video thanks for the education.have you ever tried a flint lock pistol?

Francis Auld: Great. Messy thO.

Chris Strobel: I have a Cimarron 1858 and run it with the 45LC cartridge conversion cylinders you can get at Taylors & Co. I personally think the 58's are beautiful guns aesthetic wise.

Joe Mummerth: greased felt wads were used by shooters as long as there have been revolvers , cleaner , easier to use , and just as reliable as grease over the ball ! elmer keith was taught to use them by old civil war vets when he was a kid !

The All Male Review: So this video just taught me that the cap guns I played with as a kid, were in fact based on a real six shooter. Mind blown.

IamDrone 406: I think you should do a video of a Mare's Leg if you want to save tume saw off a Model 73
1858 Remington Cap & Ball 5 out of 5

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fujimi715: django unchained brought me here... wanted to see how these black powder revolvers work after seeing django killing everybody with them haha
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1858 Remington Cap & Ball