1858 Remington Cap & Ball

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1858 New Army Pietta Revolver disassembling reassembling cleaning and hand spring
1858 New Army Pietta Revolver disassembling reassembling cleaning and hand spring

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Pan Rycerz: In my opinion it's the best "cap and ball" revolver ever made.

Keith Baldwin: Thanks for getting your hands dirty!  That was cool!

tearlach61: you should do a video of you cleaning it. I used to own a cap and ball and cleaning was quite the deal!

Mary Mcwhirt: can u kill a deer with it

Esteban Bottini: I may not like guns because of the fact that they can easily kill people but this is the best gun ever .Nothing can beat the Remington .

Franklin Frame: This might be a odd request, but the derringer John Wilkes Booth used to kill Lincoln seems to be a hard thing to come by. You seem to be able to find cool guns, if you could find a replica to borrow and do a video that would be awesome.

michael koncal: Try to buy black powder now dude!

Jeremiah Hubbard: Actually that's not a Remington it's a navy arms model 1858 44

Randall Polk: I only mentioned it because it was right when Hickok said "one of the chambers might go off '   what a co incidence .

smokey213964: you put a lot of videos up, have you ever done a video up of or do you own a 475 Wildey mag?

Jack Dawson: Anyone. Do you get a lot of cap jams with this model or does that only apply to the 1851 model? How do you prevent a cap jam?

Rashasandine: I use bacon grease in mine, much more manly.

Greasy J's Rubber Trails: I have had my 1858 for about three years now and I have recently had a problem with my primers, it seems like it's not setting on the nipple. I thought about it and the nipple is clean it's just not setting, sometimes it takes two shots to fire

Joanie Kennedy: With a 240 gr bullet 35 gr of 777 it makes a dandy hunting pistol the 1858 Rem

evand848: Does your loading lever line up with the chamber automatically? I ordered a pietta 1858 and it's loading lever did not line up and we got another one and it has the same problem, are they not supposed to line up?

OffandOn13: I shot a Rem. New Army today. Cap n ball. My first black powder experience. I had no idea... Now I just want to shoot black powder aaaall day long! What an amazing gun! Loved the feeling of bp! The loading was fun too. Gonna get one asap.

Reiky Foxxe: My grandfather gave me a pietta brass frame 1858 when i was 10 years old, Drug heads robbed us and stole it and several guns. 

DL Spamalot: With that hat and jacket you put me n mind of LBJ :)

M96Swedish: pulled mine out of the safe, I think I will do some shooting this week

Lance Revell: I did the 'grease over the balls' thing for awhile, then discovered Wonder Wads.  Nice and clean!  And Triple Seven powder burns cleaner and is much easier to clean afterwards.  I need a Remington 1858 now to offset all my Colt 1851Navy/1860Army revolvers!
1858 Remington Cap & Ball 5 out of 5

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1858 Remington Cap & Ball