1858 Remington Cap & Ball

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E0NN3N406BA New Ford Radius Ball Cap 600 800 900 2000 3000 4000 2N 8N 9N NAA +
Freebies. Products to Review & Prizemail August 4. 2014
Freebies. Products to Review & Prizemail August 4. 2014
Lego 1858 colt peacemaker
Lego 1858 colt peacemaker
Just the tip #4: Pneumatic nipple caps
Just the tip #4: Pneumatic nipple caps

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UNITED POLICE STATES OF AMERICA: Remingtons only made it into military service during the Civil War because Colt burned their factory down early in 1864. Prior to that, the Army only bought Colt 1860's, and after, only Remington New Army's, since they were the only guns available. Remington actually started making these in 1861, so prior to taking over Colt's contract, they were sold privately, which is how most soldiers, particularly the Confederates, got theirs, they bought them themselves.

primitivevz44 primitivevz44: Thank you! I didnt no much about black powder you anwsered all my questions. Great vids!

lars kuno Andersen: you know about the Griswold. you should. you lives in Tennesee

tuklo nashoba: I have seen first hand chain fire that took a man's fingers off. A poorly built percussion revolver many times will explode if more than one cylinder goes off. I agree with you that you need to apply grease.

William Koppos: The "chain fires" are caused by flame jumping across loose caps Most folks use #11's when #10's are proper and tighter fitting. Oh yes it will happen and it's not fun. The balls are too tight in front to allow anything like that. The grease is for bullet lub, keeping fouling soft.

Pumpestok: Two weeks ago the guy standing next to me had a three chamber chainfire. He was the "no need to use grease in the chambers" kinda guy - I am sure as hell glad I wore my eyeprotection that day because I felt that debris on my whole side of the face.
Luckily the gun didn't blow up and we were both fine - but from now on he's using grease in the chambers and I am not standing next to anyone who does not.

tcphll: I noticed you're not putting your ears in. I just ordered my first cap and ball revolver, and am really looking forward to shooting it, but haven't shot one before. Is the sound level low enough I won't need hearing protection?

Nick Good: Ear defenders Hickock!

Anna Haim: I make sure my nipples are always clear.

Daniel Choate: Thank you once again for your video. I have a real what I think is an 1862 colt pocket pistol. I have never shot it but it appears to be in good working order. I have had it several years hanging on the wall. I probably should try shooting it, but its a smaller caliber probably around a 32 or something of that range.

krzyslavka: hickok you are great man!! Thank You for the informations!

jason fazenbaker: Thanks for the info hickok45

Shamrockrancher: I'm disappointed your hat isn't black. Good guys wear white. ;-)

Troll Master Gaming: The first time I ever saw this weapon and a movie or show was call Laramie

Doc Mason: I take baby wipes and a cloth towel with me in my gun bag so I don't get so dirty and also wipe down the gun periodically. A person can look like they've been working in a coal mine after a day of shooting black power guns. I love the smoke and fire that comes out the barrel.

museack: That black powder doesn't seem to smoke much more than so-called 'smokeless powder'.

kayn lavoie: Ramming those round ball's in there seem so pleasent

henerymag: Remington charged far less for their revolvers, forcing Colt to lower prices considerably.

pennyghost: OMG. I got up and washed my hands after this.

axelsondead irene: No hearing protection?.
1858 Remington Cap & Ball 5 out of 5

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1858 Remington Cap & Ball