1858 Remington Cap & Ball

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Shooting the 1858 Remington New Army .45 Howell Conversion
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Dave Rhodes: love my '58. Great shooter. Thanks for the vid

Emily Gilpin: aaaaaah, where's your ear protection, bro?

Robert Allen: Like many things, there's more than one correct way to load & shoot these things.  I only have single action revolvers, and since getting a Pietta-made 1858 Remington, I've started using it for 90% of my shooting, and I use a different "recipe" than Hickok45. 

First is the cylinder pin.  I rub mine down with lithium grease.  You can get it at any auto parts store. This acts as a barrier to keep the powder fouling out of the cylinder pin bore, and lets the cylinder continue to turn freely shot after shot.

Second is the powder.  I don't shoot real black powder any more.  Many of the subs make less fouling that the real block powder.  My preference is American Pioneer, but you ask five BP shooters for a recommendation, and you'll get five answers.

Instead of putting grease on top of the bullet, I use the wonder wads Hickok45 between the bullet and powder.  The main thing is for the wad to swab down the sides of the bore, cleaning off the loose powder and preventing chainfire.  They make reloading much quicker, and much cleaner than using an over-ball lube.

25 grains of black powder is a nice, light target load that is very accurate and produces low recoil.  For higher power, you can always up the powder charge.

My other suggestion is never to dry-fire the gun without a percussion cap on the nipple.  BP revolvers have a heavy main spring, and the hammer can deform the nipple without a cap to cushion it.

Again, I am not saying this is the "Only" way to load one of these.  Many people have found many other loads that work just as well.  This one happens to be my preferred formula, and one I can get excellent results with, still have a cylinder that turns without loading up with powder, and the 100th bullet will be as easy to seat in the bore as the first.  That being said, part of the fun of these guns is experimenting with different powders & subs, charges, and lubes, and finding what you think is best. 

My 1858 Remington clone has become my new favorite gun, and I shoot it more than I do my Uberti Cattleman in .45 Colt.  It's that much fun!

Rick Bonner: It's been my experience that the #11 caps fall out or jam. #10s seem to fit better with less jam, if at all. However, #11s seem to be easier to find than the 10s.

mtbbtk: Cool thanks Darth..

Gregg Wonder: Nice video, maybe I should get one of those just for fun. Never too old to learn. As they say"keep your powder dry".

mtbbtk: I'd like to have one some day

Grzegorz Be: You're the best! Thanks!

Tomek Winiarski: In Poland, Europe we can't bear arms like you guys in the U.S.
But we can buy a black powder revolver even for concealed carry.
My question is if it's safe to conceal carry a black powder cap-n-ball revolver? Can such revolver fire by itself?

BOTmaster15: I was wondering why didn't you just switch cylinders. It's the easiest way to reload bugger. Get spare cylinders ready to shoot, and you can swap them as magazines (you couldn't do that with colts due to the fact, you had to first disassemble barrel to take out cylinder).

Red Stevens: Been thinking about getting a combo from Taylor's of the 1858 revolver and the revolving carbine.

Alex Causey: An Old Gun Collector Named Grover Johnson out of San Pedro CA. showed me at the Gun Shows that they used a small square piece of cotton from old clothing between the Ball and Powder. The cut it in Strips like a Roll a tape and keep it with them cut off the small squares when they Loaded the Cylinder.

Randy Donk: been shooting these things for over 40 years, I have just 2 words for you, .. Baby Wipes ... solves the hand and Gun mess in seconds, in the field the single foil wrapped units in a pocket

Voxguitarsrock: I just love your videos! Entertaining , fun, and informative. Thanks for this video I think it pushed me over the edge and will take the black powder plunge.
Of the 2 main types of bp revolver which would you go with for fun, informal paper punching, the 1860 Colt of 58 Remington?

Jupiter rising: the grease in the front cylinder is not good, first shot and all the rest will be gone, a waist of time!

Jupiter rising: SO which is the louder to fire, say a .44 Mag or the .44, 1858 Remington . ?

Jeff Smith: Must have taken all day to reload...

theoriginalOSOK: These things are addictive.  You can have them shipped right to your house in most areas (free America) and they're very reasonably priced and go on sale often...

theoriginalOSOK: I use Pyrodex P as it's much easier to come by and a little less dirty.  It also shoots very well in all of my Cap and Ball revolvers.  I've got two PIetta 1858's - like in the vid here and a Sheriff's model with 5 1/2" barrel.  Love em.  Another excellent vid Hickock!!

sam milone: Magazine capacity has increased right along with the world population I find this ironic.
1858 Remington Cap & Ball 5 out of 5

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1858 Remington Cap & Ball