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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Nogahs: "Better sh*t some fire!" "This will f*ck you up my friends" Coolnewkids is in fact, Captain Planet.
WolfXY2J: So what I am seeing.. Mind you I have not seen Neon Genesis. Ellers is Shinji Stephy is Asuka and Kit is Rei First thing... Ellers! I hate you lol But Ellers character does kinda match Shinjis lol (According to a Review I watched on here by Mr. Glass Reflections.) Whiny, Annoying. Not for say the main character but close he kinda shares it with Guy. Ellers is also kinda a coward in some ways lol. Kit is no way Rei xD She is more Asuka who is Brash. Id say Flyme is a bit more closer to Rei but then again.. Flymes a whore lol. Overall I think you did a good job Kam. And GIVE US THE NEXT EPISODE ALREADY DUDE! love ya!
Dvldogyut: Where do you order you materials? 
Imperial: "I didn't wanna do the little nigga like that" haha funny crap
abinim007: Why have you left Autobytel?
TeamMMGaming: That happend to bads xbox bad is someone on our channel
electromatic715: why dont special forces use this?!? communication is key

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