R56 Borla Exhaust Mini Cooper S

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Mini cooper S (R56) Borla Exhaust
Mini cooper S (R56) Borla Exhaust
R56 Borla Exhaust Mini Cooper S Part 2
R56 Borla Exhaust Mini Cooper S Part 2
Modded R56 Mini Cooper S  2015
Modded R56 Mini Cooper S 2015
Mini Cooper S R56 with Borla Exhaust
Mini Cooper S R56 with Borla Exhaust
2009 Mini Cooper S R56 Borla Exhaust Sound
2009 Mini Cooper S R56 Borla Exhaust Sound

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amays86: this car definitely has more mods than just the exhaust. It sounds like it has an aftermarket downpipe as well...maybe headers too...

Stephen Farkle: Touring or s-type?

woodyoop: fantastic sound!!

TanaT10: i want this on my mini. How much was this upgrade?

Brendan Luis: is this a street or sport borla? and how much hp did it give u im just trying to figure out if i should get a quicksiler or a borla sport

Constantinos Sandoukas: is this the aggressive one or the less aggrssive? sounds awesome!

chostomanito: holy crap man i cant believe the sound of ur car... is it just the borla exhaust???

MoNo GoMeZ: mi mini suena igulitiko peor un poco as grueso y duroo!!!

jaykobhanna: Turbo mini FTW!

GVHSguy: Sweet dude! I have boot stripes on my R56 S as well! So is this the street version? I would love to get some new sound from mine some day....

tdm5874: Yes, I have another clip posted here of my car taking off. I have put all the tags on it. I can't figure out why it is hard for people to find.

robm425: Do you realize you are a freaking idiot? Who tries to answer questions you don't know the answer too?

dwell38: do you realize you sound like a whiney chick?

robm425: As the guy said above you BORLA has 2 different exhausts for the Cooper S. "S-trim" or the standard version....But thanks for the answer to a question I already know and not answering my original question

dwell38: S has the exhaust in the middle. non S has the exhaust on the side. this is an S.

fast2ghl: No, there are two types of exhaust offered from BORLA for the Cooper S.... that's what he means, what style, or trim is it?

mmmdef: This is the street exhaust for those who are wondering. Sounds nice

TheMainMan318: s it says up top and tips are in the middle

robm425: is this the 'S-trim' or the standard version?

maitre lex: dommage ya pas la rupture!
R56 Borla Exhaust Mini Cooper S 5 out of 5

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GraysonDigital: Can the camera insert fit???
Ispike73: Do you have any experience with the Incra LS System, and if so do you think this is more versatile?
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Thanks for the videos, they are great.

Danilo Marcato: godtei desse video me ajudou bastante eu tinha o jogo em 2 meses e não sabia achar o 4 escudo valeu ganhou 1 escrito
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R56 Borla Exhaust Mini Cooper S