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OlliePiper: Check this tutorial. *JailbreakBJ. co m*. Working tutorial!
max rav: Well after playing the DLC it has just comfirmed to me that bioshock series is the best quality game series I have ever played. Maybe not so much two though it was good but its dlc Minerva's Den was excellent and it's got an online which is great fun so I adore with a passion this games series.
CLASSIC GAMER: วางให้แล้วนะคับ slender
✿FluffyPinapple✿: *Классно!!!*
OCULTTA: Haga is on his way to it in 2009...
phoenix1925: before i buy my motorcycle (mt-07) i had been on 2 different motorcycles (small displacement doesn't count). 1rst was a yamaha ttr but it was not 600cc cause the guy had increased displacement and it was very tuned...so from the first throtle open we were standing on the back wheel for so long and i was trying to hold on. im telling you it had so much torque...and that guy is crazy rider,he does wheelies and crap all the time. second one was aprilia tuono. this time I had locked my hands around my friend's belly. That thing is a monster...the only thing i remember is we were going 180km/h on the back wheel and i was staring the at stars...nough said.. i had also been on a fazer 600..but that motorcycle hasn't much of a pull..
The Hav: !!! wenn ich mich nicht irre ...(bitte korrigiert mich wenn ich falsch liege) ist das beispiel falsch da man bei der quadratischen ergänzung (hier) +4^2 und !!!-4^2 !!! rechnen müsste (4^2 steht für 4 hoch zwei) da man den hinzugefügten wert wieder abziehen muss da sonst der wert der funktion verändert wird !!!

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