Habitrail Ovo Suite Dwarf Version

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Review of All Habitrail OVO Series - Suite. Studio. Loft. Home & Dwarf Hamster Starter Kits
Review of All Habitrail OVO Series - Suite. Studio. Loft. Home & Dwarf Hamster Starter Kits
Habitrail OVO Suite Short review and Hamster Cage Setup
Habitrail OVO Suite Short review and Hamster Cage Setup
How to Build the Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat (Habitrail OVO Suite)
How to Build the Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat (Habitrail OVO Suite)
habitrail ovo suite review
habitrail ovo suite review
Habitrail Ovo Dwarf hamster cage review.
Habitrail Ovo Dwarf hamster cage review.

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PivotSeq: lolwut?

Maria Camila Rubio: so, i have two winter white, do they fit in those tubes or do i need to buy the normal version?

Dylan Neilson: is it big enough for 2 dwarfs

nur firzanah: have fun cleaning that thing

Gary Gabbard: SPEAK UP

Mathew Youssef: Hello, use your indoor voice. no body can here you.

Merina West: @Hamsterdance2011 Yes, your can get the bigger version of the OVO suite for dwarf hamsters! Have have two in it, in order for them to get to the top I tilt the top portion back so its more like going up a ramp than a tree. Don't tilt it back too far or the whole thing will fall over, i recommend leaning it against a wall or something sturdy. I would never put my dwarf hamsters inside the dwarf OVO cage, the Habitrail cages use the same tubing, they will go together perfectly.

purple1316: @Hamsterdance2011 Well...You could get the bigger ones, but the tubes, like someone else pointed out, have a hard time getting through the tubes.. But, Amazon has the dwarf sized tunnels for sale separately. They're an alright price I guess (so far I have found a pack like the adventure pack...) specially for habitrail items. I hope this helps(I've been asking the same question with no real result..lol, and then I just happened upon them)

purple1316: @ferreirabruno1995 I'm not the owner of the video, but I thought I would point out for the habitrail items at least, you could look online. I'm ordering quite a few things from Amazon... I don't know if they ship to Switzerland, but they might.

Hamsterdance2011: Uhm. I am getting my Dwarf Hamster Pocahontas sometime in a few weeks. Can they fit in the bigger version of the OVO suite? Or do they need smaller tubes? I am getting the Habitrail TWIST and the Habitrail OVO and I already have the HARTZ play city extreme home. So I was going to connect the Habitrails and breed my Dwarf cloud in the other spare cage. Please respond!

carterclips2000: the reason they cant fit is because it is the dwarf hamster cage.

carterclips2000: why is it green, they are ussually blue

Hays Sanders: @vulcantts ummm...probably!! I have a winter white dwarf hamster and just finished ordering the Habitrail ovo dwarf hamster habitat (This cage) I'm so excited! i hope she likes the new cage once it come in! Hope i helped :)) Oh by the way, this cage is for dwarf hamsters or small hamsters. regular sized hamsters will not fit up the tubes, so if you don't have a dwarf, then get the Habitrail ovo suite, which is the same thing, just bigger, and it's orange. xoxo -Ginia-
Habitrail Ovo Suite Dwarf Version 5 out of 5

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Habitrail Ovo Suite Dwarf Version