How To Make A Naruto Headband

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How to Make a Naruto Headband
How to Make a Naruto Headband
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shining the armorz: That tape thing dou

john kelly reyes: I know thats not real metal

StAmbroseRCPupil: Tin is a metal.

brardshepp: This is extreme epicosity

boxochamp4: Haha, glad I could help ^_^

brardshepp: Awesome, It really helped me finish me naruto cosplay costume.

YodaMaster1231: cool

00MrNaruto: aswesome nice work :D

boxochamp4: @Boom4Doom abit :L

boxochamp4: @TheMistakenhero lol, not bothered, if u want u can xD. It may help :P

TheMistakenhero: good design kid, but if u want i could email u da symbols

cjnavas2007: sorry dude

boxochamp4: 1. I made this video about a year ago 2. I made this video so that people that can't get/have access to certain materials could make a Naruto Headband at will 3. It is indeed dangerous for people (esspecially children) to use Metal and Metal Saws 4. Your Input was not needed

Blue138UEF: wtf seriusly i cant freakin belive it that you just cant stop be so childich ^^ man if you wannt real gear use some metal it isnt so dangerus to use some metal saws and some real metal ^^

boxochamp4: a bin bag is basically a thick plastic bag you put in your bin so that when you but garbage into your inside of your bin won't get messy.

boxochamp4: its just a quick tutorial on how to make a simple Naruto Headband with simple materials you are likely to find around your house.Also yeah i know i messed up abit on the Leaf sign it looks abit irregular and rushed. But i really didnt practice making it, this video is the first time i made it with my materials

kimichan333: It's not the best quality, but it looks super fun. XD I mean, not everyone has alot of money, and it's a creative way for kids to make one, too. You guys should be more oprn-minded, although everyone can have an opinion.

Anime865: i find if you glue the cardboard to the tenfoil before you get done it makes where it is hardly un-smooth

Misty: I have tried it myself, and instead of a bag ive used blue fabric... also, if you dont play with the foil too much, it gives a smoother surface :l

boxochamp4: err no because the material isnt as thick as the material of a bin bag, and also because a plastic bag such as a tesco or morrisons bag wont get into the correct shape as the head band cloth in the naruto series.
How to make a Naruto Headband 5 out of 5

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How to make a Naruto Headband