3 Outfit Pairings | What I Would Wear To...

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3 Outfit Pairings   What I would wear to...
3 Outfit Pairings What I would wear to...
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Jumpsuit Pairings
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Sabrina Rivera: Yup yup I heard that Beast in the background
The whole time I'm just like "fiction fiction...."

beautyru5hgaming: BEAST!

S Nelson: Love, love, love outfit number 2! And I love those boots! :)

Alicia Matechuck: I love the third & second!

J D: Lilly my dear You know How you start off with the video and then you say hey guys it's Lilly also you do a facial expression you don't look and sound like are Vietnamese & Chinese chick no you look and sound more like are Samoan chick or New Zealander chick watch your videos and then you'll know what I'm talking about

Romi Kend: love the 3rd one

Lily Rose: I LOVE the second outfit!

Cheyan begaye: I LOVE pretty little liars u really look like Emily

Christine Macke: You like PLL too! Yes! Please do my wardrobe! (I wish haha!)

Kate Dear: oh my god. i luv playing with my clothes in my bedroom..ill try them really :)

Irene Sutiana: i love all you outfits..

Fatema Zouaq: Omg ! I'm so in love with your style!<33 Please Become my stylist !:D

Irina Manta: I wonder why ppl luv coffee?!

Irina Manta: I love all the outfits!!!

drama_kween: i love nine west shoes!!

ur mom: how do you get your hair so long.

Pigzrkewl: You're so beautiful. & i love your voice.

Suki San: u have awesome taste in clothes.wow they are so nice wish i had those clothes umhhu.

lanalangundercover: AHHHH!! Always have been a very nudes and pinks kinda girl and now I'm so into the whole dark, black almost emo but edgy black outfits. This is awesome.

alyssa benitez: wat about like the first day of school?
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3 Outfit Pairings | What I would wear to...