CZ 512 22 Mag Review & Range

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Paul Oakes: I recently purchased the CZ 512 and (2) 10 rd. mags to go with the 5 rd. I am so happy with the gun I haven't let any one else touch it. Have not had a single misfeed and after adjusting the sights found the gun to be very accurate. My experience with this gun before adjusting the sights mirrored the video test pattern shooting a little high. After adjusting the accuracy was dead on target. I am hoping CZ will produce a 30 round mag in the future for this gun.

Daniel G: This is the most annoying guitar playing I have ever heard. Can't solo worth crap? No problem, just keep bending one note over and over and over and over and over and over again.

DR Dan: Bench testing with iron sights....  That is more of a test of eye sight than the rifle or ammo.  Useless info.  Firing two five shot mags as a function test on a difficult platform.  Again crap info.  I get it, you want to sell this rifle which may very well be a great gun but your vid is a shameless promo ad.

BigRed56: Thanks for your video. Seems like something that is always mentioned is that 22 mag semi rifles do not usually do well - And as a gun expert you ought to briefly explain the reasons. As far as I know - Ruger was the only one who tried and everyone seems to be referring to that platform. Unfortunately a lot of the manufacturers like CZ, Ruger, Marlin, Volquartsen, Remington, Magnum Research and others - do not make a left hand eject with a left hand safety. Savage has the F(L) 64 in left hand semi 22LR. So whoever takes note of this anomaly an produces a left hand eject 22 Mag will join the ranks of company of Browning who makes left hand semi rifles (limited to center fire rifles) and does so each year; and they never complain about the Left hnd segment of their firearms industry. Kindly keep in mind that it was discovered by an archery shop in Ontario, Canada who discovered that 40% of their customers are left eye dominant. So their bow sales are 40-60. So firearm manufacturers need to recognize the significance of this discovery. The owner and his #1 Bow technician are in their mi 50s and are both left handed. They make a habit of assessing their customers. It started when one customer was right handed and could not shoot bow accurately. They discovered that the customer was left eye dominant. A lot of others at gun shops, archery shops, music stores and even tool stores ignore this part of the industry. My apologies for the rant - and my intention was not to disturb the presentation of the CZ 512 - but a lot of lefties would buy a product like the CZ 512 if it was left hand built.

DoHoang Kim: How much

63Alpha1: The safety issue you talk about where the bolt won't retract all the way when on safe is probably do to its design as the CZ bolt guns don't operate on safe either

bullboo1: The make a tactical version fo this with 10 shot clip and Magnum Research makes a match grade 22WMR suppressor ready that is almost the same as the 10/22 22 WRM that takes the 9 & 25 shot 17hmr/22 WMR Ruger type mags.

Jamie S: Why do people insist on using background music when they do reviews. Plain irritating!

Jo La: high cap mag now available !!

Jo La: i own one .great gun ! accuracy is good .i only had some jams with sk ammo. its a 22lr .

Ray Hansen: Not shot from a bench,shooting off hand means nuttin.

John Echterhoff: Are spare magazines available?

Briar gates: a ruger 10/22 mag was prown to bolt failure  if you can find one be prepared to pay $1000 or more  however you can build one using aftermarket parts  in 22 mag or 17 hmr  guess it depends on how bad you want it and tec savy ability

kong vue: Hi there,, sorry for the long story... I jut got a 22 mag rifle 3 month ago.. It's was awesome at any yard I throw at it.. But now it's not doing so good even at 15 yard.. I though it's my scope or loose bot but it's not and I'm out of idea... At 30 yard.. Look at the target.. (4group shot) first bullet will hit 6in high than second bullet a feet of to the right( scope not move) , thrid bullet feet to the left... I chang bullet and gran, still doing the same thing, so I try my bullet on a friend rifle and his was accurac.. Not off at all on any gain or band... Last thing I can think of is, is it my barrel that is mis up???.. The last time I use it, it was accurac and jut now it's throwing my bullet all over the paper.. Sometime it won't even hit the paper... I didn't adjust scope at all and it jut go all over.. Anyone that know this problem, plzzzzz help and tell me wat is really wrong.. Thanks

armytaskforce11x: sounds just like a ar15

Patrick Scott: Nice review. I swear, you Kentucky guys have the most pleasant demeanors of anyone on YouTube!

Remington Man: Good work .. Very nice vid

pepperoni prepper: to be honest ive never even heard of a poor performing CZ. I have the 452 lux, and its the best .22 ive ever owned. if anyone thinks magazine capacity is the major consideration when choosing a rifle, they should probably stick to the 3moa 10/22 shoot em up carbine, and leave the real guns to people who appreciate quality. :)

Ron Bolin: Thanks for the video and honesty about your opinion of gun.

eltoro1ish: Is it already available?
CZ 512 22 Mag Review & Range 5 out of 5

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CZ 512 22 Mag Review & Range