DIY Kayak Fixed Rudder

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Homemade fixed. retractable kayak rudder (Skeg) Part 1
Homemade fixed. retractable kayak rudder (Skeg) Part 1
DIY How to make your own Fixed / Stationary Rudder or Skeg for a Kayak
DIY How to make your own Fixed / Stationary Rudder or Skeg for a Kayak
Wire Rudder Cable   DIY   Vibe Kayaks
Wire Rudder Cable DIY Vibe Kayaks
Homemade kayak rudder
Homemade kayak rudder

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sportstertim: You need a longer paddle, your strokes are too high angle with that one.

brockpierce1984: seems like  great idea.

I build myself also a fixed rudder on my sit-in fiberglass kayak but mine is going a bit deeper in the water and is easy removable. I havent tried it yet but I hope it will have the same effect as yours.

Its very exhausting to fight the kayak to go straight

uberfy: Yes, it is more difficult to turn. But that's the idea.

dennis mako: is it harder to make turns with the fixed rudder,i have the same boat and theres times the wind and current turn me almost sideways

uberfy: @StealY0urFace Absolutely! Without the extra rudder, I was constantly having to double paddle on one side or the other to keep a straight line in the water. My 12.5 foot model is designed for stability while fishing I think. Once I added the fixed rudder, it was easy to go straight. In fact, I had to work really hard to turn, more like the longer 14 and 15 foot models that I have used in the past.

StealY0urFace: does it really make that big of a difference? thinking about installing one on my Mainstream Kingfisher
DIY Kayak Fixed Rudder 5 out of 5

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DIY Kayak Fixed Rudder