Carol Burnett Show Outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story

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Steven Santos: So it's funny because she said "asshole"?
Wow, times have changed.

okolekahuna: how can you dislike this? It's a classic. loved this show.

nbkcq28: Carol said that she tried to never lose it on tv but that the audience loved it when they lost control. She was right. I used to watch the show every week and I loved when they cracked up.

RetroCaptain: This is the funniest improve ever to happen on U.S. Television!

Bobainthome: the sound Carol Burnett makes at the 3:00 minute mark makes this funny

Flower Sunnydays: the tall dude peed hisself

Briley Gabriel: I used to look forward to any scene that Tim Conway was in, because I just KNEW that he was going to crack everyone up!

Kevin Peterson: i agree that this show as well as others were better than most of the shows we have now and it is definitly better than who's line is it and also better than any reality show because as we all should know the reality shows are not even close to reality just as the survivor shows are not survival shows because they all have a film crew and medical help along with catoring crews its still entertaining but its not true survival dont get me wrong i do have shows i like to watch but i miss some of the old shows and wished they could have kept on the air longer and maybe evolved into something similar to what they once were but i know thats not possible and i believe we all have our favorite actor or actress in a show who's carecture we may like or hate but then they are in a different show and we find if we hated them in the first show we now like them in the next show or vice versa and so we learn that its dependant on having good writers that can make or break a show more than the actors although the actors can make or break a show too anyways that is my thoughts

Miura Mike: I've often wondered how many bloopers there were on the Carol Burnett Show during it's run, there must be hundreds. If was an actor I don't think I would be able to stop laughing even before any lines were read because the costumes & expressions alone were so hysterical they didn't need to say anything. The Eunice hairstyle has to be one of the most hideous & hilarious any woman has ever worn. Have you ever seen any woman with that look in real life? It's just as funny as Gilda Radner's  Roseanne Roseannadanna  hairstyle. Thank god those were wigs! Even though this clip obviously never aired, just hearing Mama say "asshole" was so shocking. Rehearsals must have been tough to get through, but add a screaming audience and it's a miracle nobody wet their pants.

caatcher: Oh, damn, how I suddenly miss these people and that show and those times.

Hg Poisoned: Tim conway and harvey korman are seriously unfunny actors.
I'm pretty sure they're aware of this by korman's almost constant giggling during their skits, he's trying to encourage the unresponsive audience to laugh, much like canned laughter.

gitvin: Never gets old! Ssnarken.

OldThang53: "Schnorky!"

Andrea D'Annibale: I'm not american, so I am not able to understand the last sentence that makes all the actors laugh. Could someone help me please?

Steve Marx: This is what TV comedy was all about!  The shows back in the 60s 70s 80s were golden. Unfortunately there's no "variety" shows like Carol Burnett today. I would watch any rerun against the crap they have today. I don't know what it is with todays shows, it just seems like it's all nonsense, pushing for 1 liner jokes with material that isn't that funny.

Phoenix: What did Viki say that broke them

melanie boothe-tersigni: every time i see this i am laughing till i get tears, classic...vicki really got the last word in, loved this show.....these guys were the best!!!

Lee Sher: Anyone who doesn't like this must be under age 40. lol

Tommiegirl Granlund: Hahaha!  Oh God, that was fabulous!  Conway won a lot of battles with the elephant story, but Lawrence won the war with one sentence.  Finished everyone off completely.  I laughed so hard I almost dribbled.

Optimalillusion: Fnorky!
Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story 5 out of 5

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Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story