Carol Burnett Show Outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story

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Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story
Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story
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Johnnie Angel: My Fave Moment

Bethintx1: What did Vickie (Mama) say at 4:21? I can hear. "Are you sure that little asshole______???" I could not hear the last word.

Wray Post: *"... you hear that little as ... ho... too?"* Don't watch this. It could be hazardous to your health, especially if you are prone to laughter.

Sean Heffernan: *I was at this freak show once* The Vicki Lawrence line at the end just puts me over the edge. #singlenostilproblems 

Filippo Salustri: Used to be it took hard work to do good comedy. I dare you to keep a straight face. #funny 

Janessa Hall: Picture quality isn't great, but this is one of my most favorite bits from the Carol Burnett show: Tim Conway and the Siamese elephants. If you've never seen this, you should take a moment and watch it. If you have seen it, you should watch it again.

Billy Mcmullen: Still one of my favorites shows of all time..I miss comedy like this. You can add politically incorrect and racially charged shows like Sanford & Son, Archie Bunkers Place, and The Jeffersons.....

Shane Spencer: There has never been anything in the history of Television more hilarious, than when the cast of *The Carol Burnett* show would try desperately to hold back their own laughter. Of course, the audience would be laughing hysterically, and would create a domino effect of ensuing laughter. h/t +Nick Scholl & +Maria Quiban 

Prof. Grey: So I'm poking around on youtube and...................................................

Charger Dave: Hard to top what they did. That cast was so funny. How do you top Carol draped in drapes and saying its something i saw in the window

Kelly Hauenstein: One of the best outtakes I've ever seen. Still don't know how he does that with a straight face.

english bob: tim's character was mickey- a retard who could not hear ..classic but probably couldn't be on tv today..just like red foxx and his cast used to say nigger all the time on sanford and son !

Lellobeetle: Wish it was Korman too, instead of Van Dyke

littlebit080780: Ok someone clear this up PLEASE. I've been looking around to see if I could find this sketch in it's entiry. BUT someone, very rudly, told me this is NOT from ANY sketch it's merely an outtake and there's no more to it. I keep trying to tell this person this outtake is indeed from a sketch, and it's not like the actors just came out on stage to do this 4:00 minute elephant story. Maybe this person is misunderstanding me or I'm misunderstanding him, but could someone please confirm this out take is indeed from an actual sketch? I remember seeing this sketch when I was little.

vlasktom: Who is the guy on stage left? That'd be audience right by the way.

NialasDubh: Why have I never seen this before? One of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Steve Flanigan: Well, it looks as if 351 people, (at the time of this posting) have absolutely NO sense of humor!

Jerry: What does Vicky say at the end? Something about assholes?

Juanita Harris: Comedy that stands 'til this day. Tears. Every. Single. Time.

pac401: Poor pickle Van Dyke was ready to explode long before he did. Viki's line at the end put him over the edge.

alg11297: I'm sorry...I've never seen this before. What exactly are they laughing at? Didn't any of them read the script written for them before they started the cameras rolling? Didn't you ever wonder why Carol Burnett never did anything after the show went off the air?

Rita Doyle: I had just prior to this video watched the "Vickie Lawrence on an infamous blooper on "the Carol Bernett Show" by TVLedgends (4:23) where she tells the back story to this scene.... makes it all the more humorous! Tim Conway had to have had quite the imagination for the ability to make stuff up like this so funny! 

Russell Miller: Think I posted this a long time ago but I will again. It never fails to crack me up.

Rebecca Harrison: This was one of my favorite shows growing up. Tim Conway always knew how to break up a scene (with laughter)

lkgrave: Tim Conway's timing and delivery are what truly makes the elephant story so damn memorable. Another person could tell it and it wouldn't even be as close as funny.

miri dunn: I have tears rolling down my face! If you don't know, Tim Conway always cracked the others up, making ti hard to get through a skit. This is hysterical! thanks +Mark Rider for reminding me #carolburnett 

Weathergoat: If heaven's like this then I hope I end up there.

Joel Comm: Did you watch the Carol Burnett Show when you were younger? I enjoyed it every week and especially liked Tim Conway. This is a great clip. Stay with it to the end as Vicki Lawrence gets the ultimate punch line! Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story

Glenn Rogers: "They had these Siamese elephants..."

Ducksoup67: Jimmy Fallon was reared on The Carol Burnett Show. 

Fhaq11: They have no clue what to do with him.....LMAO! Greatness like this not seen these days!

Dereck Jones: LAMO! I remember this!

janeyrevanescence12: "I saw these Siamese elephants..." Carol: (thinking) Tim, I am going to KILL you when we're done.

dlwatib: Watch pickle Van Dyke. It looks like he's just about to pee his pants he's trying so hard to hold in the laughter.

Susan Cagle: Best comedy ever.

rubyroo999: The only thing that could possibly have made this better would be to see Harvey Korman rolling on the floor in hysterics. Harvey had quit the show before that season.

Joan Demeo: I hope you get a laugh from this! I did!

Steve Hammond: The Carol Burnett Show was one of the most hilarious shows ever. I always felt so sorry for Harvey Korman. Try as he might he could never keep a straight face around Tim Conway. Of course none of the others could either,

terrance217: I'm not even sure you could say ass on TV back then.

J. Mier: lol Too funny!

tabbygail7: Barnacle Boy!!!!!!!!!

Tara Murray: SNORKY

kilasandra: I was laughing in the first two seconds ...

CA Madura: OMG!!!!.... Love-a

JD Patrick: Perfect in every way. 

GasCityGuy: Cracks me up every time.

Danny M: This show was GREAT, television will never been this good again. Thanks mainly to stupid ass reality shows.


Virgil Cowen: Disclaimer: Caution!!! May cause uncontrollable laughter which may cause belly aches. Watch at own risk...
Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story 4.9 out of 5

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Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story