Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet And Samsung Centura Androids

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Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids
Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids
Tracfone Samsung Centura Review
Tracfone Samsung Centura Review
ZTE Valet Android Tracfone Review
ZTE Valet Android Tracfone Review
Straight Talk Samsung Centura Full Review
Straight Talk Samsung Centura Full Review
Tracfone ZTE Valet Review
Tracfone ZTE Valet Review

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Samuel Wolfe: dude my valet shows the same WIFI bars as yours and everything still works fine idk lol

Al Phelps: I now have the LG, much better than the Sansung or ZTE.

Jacob Roling: The ZTE Valet has wifi connectivity along with a tracfone data plan for $7 a month it has google play and can download pretty much anything. over all i think its better because it has more updated software is efficient

penguiinmw: valet wins

penguiinmw: and for that reason they lowered the price on the Samsung galaxy centura

penguiinmw: the zte valet is better because on the Samsung galaxy centra if u crack the screen after a while the screen will completely stop working and wont read your finger any more

No Name: i got my galaxy centura and i love it.i got it 3 days ago. but i only had to pay $30:00 is it because mine is now more older or what

Oh Pkay: The centura freezes alot be aware of that, other than that Nice vid!

DanMetalHead1: I upgraded the SD card in my Valet the very day I got the phone before I left Radioshack. It now has a 16gb SD card instead of a 4gb SD card.

Smurf Eater: First thank you for pronouncing the name right. I have to laugh when others say "Valeete" and such. Second, while I like the Samsung look better, omce in a case, they look exactly the same. Thanks for the comparison. It will likely help many.

Catzilla: I recommend the Nova Launcher (Google Play Store). It's definitely faster than the stock launcher that ships with the phone and the free version is about 90% functional (there are no nags and nothing basic is disabled). 

HappyCraftYT: wait so the valet does not have wifi

cmod doesgames: Rather zte valet im buying that or hauwei glory do review or someone tell me wich ones better plZ reply or respond plz

Umberto Amante: The Centura is too easily dropped. It is very slippery...but a faster phone, especially when using Google Voice.

Kathleen Sheeler: Can you tell me if the Valet has spoken GPS navigation?  Also does it have the ability for you to speak to it to get information pulled up on the web?

Holistic Health & Living: Most people would automatically assume that the Samsung had to be better, but you're right. The ZTE Valet is a much better deal.

EntangledQuanta: Good vid. Definately helped me decide on the ZTE. Two minor notes:

First, the appearance issue is purely subjective. IMO, the ZTE looks better. Second, I would have been interested in more info on and a comparison of battery life.

Thanks. Thumbs up.

Ben Zuckerman: what is the best tracfone android

Sydney J: Oh my god. I hate the Centura and its the most frustrating phone ive ever owned. i hate it. And its not just MY phone, i have two other friends with the same phone and they hate theirs too. Good phone for about a month but then it turns into hell

Al Phelps: Please check all the reviews for the Samsung before buying it.  I wished I had.  It freezes up and changes the time often.  Very frustrating.
Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids 5 out of 5

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Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids