Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet And Samsung Centura Androids

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Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids
Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids
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Jorrun: Thanks for helping me make my decision. I will come to you for my next phone,too! :D

John Boy: Thanks for the review. You may be one of only a few that can pronounce Valet correctly. Your review had all the information I was needing, real worlds stuff. I have been torn between the 2 phones for a while. You helped me make up my mind, Keep up the good work. 

Elena Guerrero: Thank you so much for this comparison! One does the picture quality compare for the phones? Does one take better pictures than the other?

dave gale: good review, thanks much. Is there a way to tell which tracfones run on Verizon like these phones do? Thanks Dave

Jim Bob: I would have liked to have seen some real world comparisons. Opening a browser and loading the homepage. A benchmark to measure internal storage speed. Any benchmark, actually.

Kyle HAYWOOD: i paid 99.99 for my centura

SaturnHST: I have the Centura coming in tomorrow, but I hear a lot of complaints about how the clock randomly changes the time. Maybe I should've went with the Valet?

Teri Orlando: Thanks!! You went right to the things that mattered to me and not wasted my time on frivolous other people have done. I appreciate you taking the time to do this!! It made it easier to buy the phone. Also, that you gave us a hint in your other comparison on which phone was the best all around. Thanks!!

Sean Mooney: + Dave Gale They are both CDMA so they both run on verizon towers

ItalyHorse45: How are transferred minutes from an old phone added to the Valet? Does it all go on as talk time, or is it some how distributed among all the different categories? 

Ron Garrett: Amazon currently offers both phones on sale. The ZTE Valet is $69.99 with $4.95 shipping and the Samsung Centura is $99.99 with free shipping. I would like to see it next to a 7" tablet or a paperback book since I spend more time reading those than playing cards but otherwise good review.

warrene93: good review, i am getting my parents their first touch screen and wasnt sure between these 2 phones, after watching the review i decided to get them the zte phone because the zte has flash on the camera and it comes with a 4gb sd card

Joanne Spencer: Is the power button flimsy on the ZTE?

angel virgen: How bout app wise

Max Boucher: it says in the website that it doesn't come with an sd card

George Gill: I just recently ordered a lg optimus dynamic which is the other android based tracfone and I wasnt thinking about the cell service.. I thought they would go through at&t or t mobile like my lg800g, I do not get verizon in my area will a cdma phone go through sprint and verizon or just verizon??

RepCom1140: Thanks for this video. Very helpful. My brother and I have verizon razr maxxes with unlimited text since that's our primary mode of communication. However my mom is looking for an android upgrade to her tracfone. She doesn't text a lot and has access to wi-fi so this should be a good value. I'm mildly annoyed to hear about the breakdown of units by call, text, and data. They are going to drive away potential users who want a smartphone but can't afford a regular plan. 

Zane wv: Ok I found it. Thanks

Adam D'Angelo: which one has a better screen resolution?

James Fuller: One thing you didn't touch on is how does the phone reception work? Are they both clear? I'm a bit curious how the touch screen works out. On someone else's video I saw, it seemed like the ZTE was a bit unresponsive when he touched the screen.

Carroll Winn: Thanks for this video. I have found these phones on Amazon for less than at the Tracfone web site. I have been trying to pick one for an upgrade from LG. Your review helped to highlight their good points and weaknesses. Thanks 

xXDarkWolfXx961: So does the valet not run off minutes from tracfone like regular phones from them? And does it matter in my location(Alaska) and what is the messaging like(iphone type?)

d0gM3at: With cheap phones like these "beauty" takes a back seat to function and bang for your buck. Which means the ZTE wins this comparison hands down. As for data, well if you can manage to have access to free wifi, at work, at home, school, etc then you'll be pretty much covered and will be able to save your data time for a time and place when it is most useful away from those wifi access points. 

ColeSlugg: Can you do a review on the LG optimus dynamic II for tracfone?

Tex Man: Good review, thanks.

Shatterdofrr: Ive had both! Currently have the ZTE Valet...I got the Centura when it first came out! Great phone..Gave to dad... Got an Iphone..Hated it! and yes I went back to looking at the Centura and Valet! Hands down beter than the Iphone. Droid is where its at! using the Valet now and like it a lot...Better Processor and 4.1 Android. Also you have to get an SD card for the Centura. The valet comes with one. The Valet is better value. BTW I like both phones! hard choice but Valet wins.. Im on Straight Talk BTW and both phones are CDMA so you should be on Verizon tower! Hope this helps

Mike Crewe: KneelB4Bacon is right. Voice, text and data are ALL treated separately. It's explained further on HSN's web site (where it's currently $79.95 w/ 600 minutes free [Oh.. and triple mins for life]) and Tracfone's. I even called TF to verify. Cool thing is when you buy say.. a 60 minute card.. you get 60 min of voice AND 60 text messages AND 60 MB of data! In other words.. viewing a text message doesn't subtract .5 min of voice like on old Tracfones. A text is a text and only deducts from your text count. BTW.. "data" DOES rollover from month to month, just not the other two. Most people don't realize that a web page (of course.. a downloaded file @ x mb is xmb) is data because they're used to surfing the web at home. Also on older Tracfones that DID have "surfing" capabilities.. you were charged by "time" and not data. Stay on the same web page for 30 min and you just ate up 30 min of talk time as well. It's not the same way with these new Android plans.

Mmstudios03: The centura has aleest 2gb of internal storage . The centura is 100$ at strait talk

toenail37: Can the Android 4.0 operating system be updated to 4.1?

rockit4u: Have a ZTE about 2 months now and the phone service sucks!!! Don't know about the Samsung, any others?

xsboost25psi: What is the ZTE's screen material like? The only thing I like about the Centura is that the screen is pretty scratch resistant. Just wondering if the ZTE's screen is comparable.

Red Nitro: buy the phones off of amazon the valet is 75 and the centura is 100

xsboost25psi: My wife and I have centuras. Things are TERRIBLE. At first they were ok but long term they have some serious issues. First off, the clock randomly resets itself 5 hours back. I've been on the forums and there seems to be no fix for it. The phone keeps turning the vibrate feature off leaving it on silent. Youtube is constantly crapping out (which wasn't a problem on either of our older phones). I can't speak for the zte but the Cantura is CRAP. Just my personal experience.

52dal: How is the reception when talking on either Samsung or ZTE?

Brie libutti: can you get instagram? or snapchat?? thanks!!

hundio88: I got the zte from hsn for $80. Also came with 600 min!

gomertube: The price difference is Samsung vs ZTE. A household name vs a relative unknown.

adfman2002: Does using the data deduct minutes or is it a separate thing

Da- Digger: Very informative. Thanks

neshap160: Thank you for the review. This helps!

Tanamarra P: HSN has the ZTE Valet for for $99.00 but it also comes with 600 minutes and a car charger. Google it.

Catzilla: Text messages are handled separately on this phone. If you get a 60 minute card on a triple-minutes-for-life phone, you get 180 talk minutes, 180 text messages (that's incoming and outgoing) and 180 megs of data.

Catzilla: I only have the ZTE Valet but it definitely has GPS. I download 3 different Apps from Google Play and they all detected satellites. Also Google Maps works properly and will pinpoint where you are. According to the System Info App, the phone also has a 3-axis magnetic compass but none of the compass Apps I downloaded were able to detect it. (The Apps might need to be updated to recognize the hardware manufacturer)

Jim Porter: I got this Tracfone Valet at shopcelldeals com for $71.99 using the 10% off promo code FBLIKE at paypal checkout and I love it. You also get a $10 certificate to get a FREE restaurant Gift Card. Just note- you need to make an account to see and order the cellphones.

Christian Buckley: Can u get instagram, vine, and kik messenger on both phone?

Heathishness: How bad was the wifi on the Valet in your experience? I received the one I ordered in the mail today, and it drops the wifi at about 20 feet, which is HORRIBLE! It only reads an excellent signal is you are within 5 or so feet. I'm trying to figure out if it is faulty, or if they are all this way. I am wondering if they are since you mentioned an issue with yours. Please let me know if you can!!! I need to figure out if I should try and have it replaced.

64mas: What're the screens like? is one more responsive, smoother, etc?

Zane wv: So what amount of time gets deducted for each internet minute? Are texts still just .30 minutes?

ricerust: thanx bro. lol how do u hav service thru 2016?

Len Solomon: Thanks for the comparison. I'll probably go for the Valet.
Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids 4.6 out of 5

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Compare The Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura Androids