Wiatrwka Umarex CP Sport

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Johannes Engvall: taco pizza
Pinguim do Deserto: I love his smooth legs. They look so soft, it makes me wanna touch them.
Christiaan van de Burgt: 31:00... Oh my.. If I ever need a good laugh, someone please remind me. Day 9. The Witness P7. 31:00 LOL
malefica1: As a foreigner looking at this trainwreck in slow motion from across the atlantic, the us politics remind me of a emo girl sitting in a corner with one hand on a loaded gun, and the other hand cutting her wrists repeatedly. Most other nations just shake their heads in amazement at the total failiure of the us political system.
Peichen01: You can tell from Anna's voice she is an adorable person.
Aljazaeery1968: ok i thincd that you gonna do it 3D !!
annnd it's not 3d and boom it makes me so sad about ;'(

XPLOIT & KALI: is he still alive?

Wiatrówka Umarex CP Sport