Wiatrwka Umarex CP Sport

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Wiatrówka - Pistolet WALTHER CP88
Wiatrówka - Pistolet WALTHER CP88

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mbwele: Bardzo fajna, ile ona kosztuje?

wwwbestgunpl: @mbwele Kosztuje 499 zł
Wiatrówka Umarex CP Sport 3.7 out of 5

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mbwele: Bardzo fajna, ile ona kosztuje?
Brianna Elizabeth: That green though. Drugstore makeup soo doesn't suck anymore 😍🙌🏻✨
Shiyuan Zhou: As a Chinese I feel pretty sad that Norinco actually produce guns and export them to US for you gun lovers, but here in China, even airsoft guns are banned, not to mention real firearms. :'(
Seth Wright: What about USA beating Colombia?
vlogbrothers: FIRST!
Acribo: I wonder how the screen is compared to the droid dna/htc J butterfly
Gary Herring: I have one it is a great knife my wife help me get mine good video God bless

Wiatrówka Umarex CP Sport