Bissell 9400 05321C Proheat 2x Won't Spray Fix

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Bissell 9400 05321C Proheat 2x won't spray fix
Bissell 9400 05321C Proheat 2x won't spray fix
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Proheat 2X Deep Cleaner - No Spray BISSELL
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Won't SPRAY solution Rollers spin Fixing Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner Repair DIY water heater core
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WON'T SPRAY? Clean heater core Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner - ROLLERS SPIN Fixing Repair DIY water

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Jay Freud: At 1:30, you need to read the subtitles. Ha ha.

BLACKMAN FREEMAN: Hey Ray great video. But I can't see where the purple wire go back too coming from bottom to top because the hoses are in the way. Does it go directly next to the orange one on top , Or al the bottom next to the white wire and the other loose white wire goes next to the orange one?

Dustin Hayes: How do I get to all of that ?

Pam Seligman: Ray couple questions... There is a small hose on the left side of the unit in front of the white cylinder that has a hose on it that I can not see where it goes.  Does it hook up to something under the floor that I just screwed down?

Also I have a left over horse shoe shape thing with rubber booting on the top and the face.  I do not see where that belongs.

Lastly I have a red rubber grommet that is sitting loosely where the tank connects.  I do not want to put anything else on if I need to take it apart again for one of these other items that I can not remember where it goes.

futurist1952: need your help.

i have mixed up the tubes.  only on the black tower air vent that has two hoses i think.

 put the lower one going to the actual sprayer tip underneath in the middle and i have an opening on the back of the white pump but my hose isn't long enough.

do you have a photo of the hose connections.  thank you

mine is 9300

Gregory VanCleave: model # 9300-7

Gregory VanCleave: i cant seem to get the water pump to run. bought a new pump, made sure it ran before hooking to cleaner. cant seem to get 12 volts at the pump. all other motors work. ( main  and brush ) any ideas

Patrick Boisson: Thank you very much for this video. I followed your instructions to a T. My Bissel model 9300 now works like a charm. It was not very difficult to do. I will try not use the heater as it was full of sediments when I opened it. This appear to be the core of the problem as the sediments goes through the line and blocked them. Thanks again.

DougPlucker: Not familiar with the model being discussed in the video, but in the worst case of heater clogging, couldn't you just bypass the heater? The water wouldn't be heated, but you could still use the machine rather than tossing it. I have a Bissell 1692 from 2009, 6 years now, and working fine.Preventative maintenance is the key to longevity, empy tanks when done using, run some clean water thru the system to wash out the cleaning solution, keep spraying  so that the pump can empty out all of the solution hoses. If you have hard water use some washing soda in the water. (Hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions. The carbonate ions from washing soda produce a chemical reaction and remove the calcium and magnesium from the water).

Jo Ann Coyle: My attachment sprayer works well. The carpet cleaner will not spray. So before I attempt this fix I can rule out the water reservoir gumming up? Ugh. What would cause the attachment to spray but the carpet cleaner not to spray...any ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Nathan Pace: My Solenoid for letting the spay go to the floor was plugged. I Pried the electrical part off (pry gently under the metal and the base of the valve. That will pop it off of the plastic retaining  tabs and you can then pull the electrical part off) then soak the valve in hot water for a few hours. I made a test lead with a Male 110 plug and wire and female spade connectors to fit on the solenoid. I kept adding hot water every time the water cooled. I then put the solenoid back together  and put a hose  on one side. I plugged the cord in making sure the spade connectors are not touching anything like me and blew through the hose and it cleared the plug. That repaired my problem

ballinassg007: whats the part next to the one wear all 4 hoses connect to

Bruce Spaulding: Ray, Thanks for this great video. However, unable to get the black cover off over the heating unit after removing the housing and water tank. Do I have to remove all six hoses in order to get this done?  Thanks.

Patrick O'Donnell: lol you have to serve a nigger at 1:29  ... NOT racist just thought it was funny

Cuong Nguyen: I have the 2x Pet version but my hose sprays but the floor doesn't spray. Any ideas why? Bad pump solenoid?

Joanne Roach: I LOL when I say your video. You must have been watching me take my whole cleaner apart. I did the exact thing you did. Still doesn't work...Trash pickup is Tuesday...

Goth Rocker: I've already had mine apart and cleaned my hoses all out, took off the electric valve and soaked the bottom end in vinegar which cleaned that baby out big time, I then cleaned and put back together everything. It still doesn't work however. So I guess I have to take er apart again and soak the heater core. Which probably got lime scale built up in it from our water. Does that sound correct?

Richard Wagner: Ray,
I have the same model and found that:
1.  The boiler screws take a lot of torque to remove.
2.  After cleaning the boiler and reassembling it, it still didn't work.
     A.  I found the red speakers near the front of the unit (2 of them) were clogged.
    B.  A couple of my tubes also had crud in them - which I had to clean out by pushing a Q-tip through them.
3.  I found I only needed to disconnect 2 of the tubes to get access to everything under the deck.  I did unscrew all the screws to the deck and just canned it up like the hood on a car and kept it up with a bungee chord.
Overall it took me 6 hours to do.
Unit now works like a charm.
Thanks for posting.

Jim Cray: This was great for my problem even though not quite the same model - I have a 8930 but the heater core was in the same place - took a pic of the heater core before I took it apart - heater core was full of hard water sediment - poured some vinegar in it and let it set for a bit and scraped out the sediment - now it works again
Bissell 9400 05321C Proheat 2x won't spray fix 5 out of 5

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Bissell 9400 05321C Proheat 2x won't spray fix