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king david: niggas use buns

Daveon Cce: yes its a 380 im looking for a 9mm but i like the one you have were did you get it

Daveon Cce: hey man question

You Ain't Said Nuttin Yet: Broham u shouldn't have had that gun pointing in ur direction! But that mufucah will move a crowd dough lol!

Lile Swagg: its not gonna shoot even 30 without jamming😂😂😂😂👎

ScrapMetalBomb: Expspecially??

Dee Brown: I cannot find a black Sd

one “zero” two: where can I get a couple of those drums for my 995??

Beazley Will: wanna sell it?

moe green: absolutely dumb

Bill Murray: Show how it work in the pistol ?!?!?! I would like to see it in action ?!,!?!👍🏾

Inquisition: Hi Point C9 is becoming very popular. A drum magazine for a economical (cheap) gun. Priceless. Subscribed

King Asgore Dreemurr: is that a modified suomi mag? awesome looks easy and cheap to make. I'll check into the legalities of it first but I'd like some for a tokarev I have. if memory serves, the two cartridges are interchangeable in these mags.

Daniel Collier: nice, where can I get a trigger like that!

Mikal Espinosa: where can I get me a drum at

Anthony Briwn: That mf will jam so many time before that drum goes empty.

Brandon Gchachu: if we can't purchase it, then what good is it. Glock guys gonna laugh at that

Vui Tran: 75 rounds going down range???.... if it doesn't jam up lmao

doug briggs: for all the haters a gun is a gun anyone will kill you

Ronnie Jones: hi point is trash glock is perfection enough said right there quality or quantity that's some real crap
Hi Point Drum Magazine 5 out of 5

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youmongrel: Is it possible to mount one of these new head units onto a '14 Forester with nav?
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