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Christian's Channel: Way to point a loaded gun at yourself dude.

Christian's Channel: Way to point a loaded gun at yourself dude.

Perry Hughes: We also notice you never talk about its reliability or if you have ever used it! At least show all 75 rds being fired. Hell I could get my kid to make this is welding class but I'm sure it won't function and will not even chamber the first round!!!!

Perry Hughes: Why you showing something that can't even be bought and I'm sure isn't reliable and talking crap bout glock! The glock at least has factory 33 rd mags and I also have a 50 rd drum for my glock or I can put it in my keltec sub2000. And it all can be bought in gun stores or online! This looks like a lot of rounds on the ground after you shoot the first round, get tha freak outta here with this crapty mess!!!!!!!

Paul Dionne: Do they make one that will fit a HI Point 4095 carbine? Would love to have one if they do.

Please let me know.

Dustin Krym (D): whered you get a hipoint that small

Geri D'Fyniz: Holy crap....Have you tested rounds through that drum yet?

Damien Dimone: Wonder if you could take the factory hi point magazine.Cut the end off,and tig weld it to any 9mm drum? Seems like it would be simple.

shanita stewart: We're u get the 75 round from

Tony G: From personal experience I am not very pleased with Hi Point. When I was a pawn broker we sold allot of these weapons AS IS. We informed our customers that these weapons were cheap for a reason. I would not recommend these weapons at all. They are cheap and NOT reliable.

Mike Moreno: Badass...I see you welded that..I wish I had that for the hi point 45 acp

David: Fact: The average hit rate of trained police officers is FIFTEEN PERCENT.
So what might it be for a far lesser trained civilian?
Fact: 8 round mag is not sufficient.

Brandon Farley: everyone on here that's leaving negative comments are idiots, and for the publisher i would love to buy the drum if you were to ever sell it. thx for the posting, im a hipoint guy and iv never seen a drum for the hipoint...

twhitfield510: gun is so ugly

Anthony Logan: This hi point was on the top of the list of top ten guns found in poilce evidence room 

Eulaine Jordan: Sell It

le god of shibe: >Hi-Point


Maybe you're just mad you can't afford a Glock. How about a 100 round Glock Beta C-Mag. Only niggers and retards carry Hi-Points.

the “s24team” s24team: self flagged

scotty362100: LOL, did any one else notice the rounds were loaded backwards! At least they were loaded with the tips on the angled down portion. All mags angle up into the chamber! Going to call BS on this one, no way this pistol will fire with this "75" round mag! Don't think those with glock happy sticks will be at all jealous.
Hi Point Drum Magazine 5 out of 5

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