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Young Goose: Is this a sunomi mag with a welded high point mag

CD Nairn: BOOM !!! BOOOM

larry lathrop: Right if you cant eliminate your target with 8 rds you shuld not be carrying a gun.

blueknight: Pointed the gun at himself, had a hard time getting it back out and his stove is dirty. I'd say he does live in a trailer.

PunchianThe3rd: would the drum fit in a 9mm carbine?

big worm real McCoy: why in every gun video the person is always comparing there peace of crap Gun's to a Glock how do you like a hi point but not glock what next you going to make a video saying you like living in a trailer park more than a house and a glock has a 100 round drum for the 9mm sense you want to compare what one holds more rounds

AnthonyArteaAmerican Artea: Only six drums made but if you keep pointing a loaded gun at 🔫 your self one will be up for sale, any buyers? Want a drum I'll throw the hi point in for free

Francisco Franco: J dalton has some awesome hipoint torture test you should check them out bub ps badass mag

my two cents: I want one.

Christian Ewing: Glock guy be like: "but what if you have to reload!! You have to buy another drum now!!"

harry joe: Looks like a ppsh mag that has been modified

ytmm9055: very cool for a carbine....

James ziya: does it work with the 380?

SVIIN The Legend: Will this fit in the 709

bostonmass617able: u my friend should never be an instructor. You'll shoot yourself in the head or someone else smh

Cyle Hoffman: where can I buy this drum

Reggie Hartig: pointing a loaded gun at your self

Robert Pingley: Got one for a 380

Robert Pingley: I'd like one, but are you still alive?.

showwboxx highrich: yall know Damn well he made that crap but good work
Hi Point Drum Magazine 5 out of 5

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Ahafeez I: xbox 360 fags are missing out!
Klea Rusnim: Still the best mouse. Wide load shell all the way with max 7G weights.
skymonke: I want one
WolfyFace101: Diamond Truffles... XD
FAISAL ORAKZAI: Where is it's drawing or practice file?
Nicholas Bersito: Looks very simple to use just recently bought one with my 2ds not that expensive at all to buy since the 2ds doesn't have amibo support built in you gotta get this in order to use it

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