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king david: niggas use buns

Daveon Cce: yes its a 380 im looking for a 9mm but i like the one you have were did you get it

Daveon Cce: hey man question

You Ain't Said Nuttin Yet: Broham u shouldn't have had that gun pointing in ur direction! But that mufucah will move a crowd dough lol!

Lile Swagg: its not gonna shoot even 30 without jamming😂😂😂😂👎

ScrapMetalBomb: Expspecially??

Dee Brown: I cannot find a black Sd

one “zero” two: where can I get a couple of those drums for my 995??

Beazley Will: wanna sell it?

moe green: absolutely dumb

Bill Murray: Show how it work in the pistol ?!?!?! I would like to see it in action ?!,!?!👍🏾

Inquisition: Hi Point C9 is becoming very popular. A drum magazine for a economical (cheap) gun. Priceless. Subscribed

King Asgore Dreemurr: is that a modified suomi mag? awesome looks easy and cheap to make. I'll check into the legalities of it first but I'd like some for a tokarev I have. if memory serves, the two cartridges are interchangeable in these mags.

Daniel Collier: nice, where can I get a trigger like that!

Mikal Espinosa: where can I get me a drum at

Anthony Briwn: That mf will jam so many time before that drum goes empty.

Brandon Gchachu: if we can't purchase it, then what good is it. Glock guys gonna laugh at that

Vui Tran: 75 rounds going down range???.... if it doesn't jam up lmao

doug briggs: for all the haters a gun is a gun anyone will kill you

Ronnie Jones: hi point is trash glock is perfection enough said right there quality or quantity that's some real crap
Hi Point Drum Magazine 5 out of 5

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Bloody Candyman: All the defending tips (GTI in general) , I follow religiously and it has helped my game a lot. In seasons I am marching past my previous best (div.5) with ease and holding my own in the higher levels. now and then you meet somebody very good but other than that my game have gone to another level. GTI is awesome
TheThatEthanGuy: So basically Rimworld 2.0? Maybe not...
vgmediaTRAIN: LIKE!
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG GAMEPLAYS YT: Mae grabelo mañana plz 
Darth Leviathus: If you need a video to teach you this, you shouldn't have bought a 40D in the first place. Maybe a nice Rebel or a point & shoot would be better.
Gwen Dacones: how much was it?

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