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larry lathrop: Right if you cant eliminate your target with 8 rds you shuld not be carrying a gun.

blueknight: Pointed the gun at himself, had a hard time getting it back out and his stove is dirty. I'd say he does live in a trailer.

PunchianThe3rd: would the drum fit in a 9mm carbine?

big worm real McCoy: why in every gun video the person is always comparing there peace of crap Gun's to a Glock how do you like a hi point but not glock what next you going to make a video saying you like living in a trailer park more than a house and a glock has a 100 round drum for the 9mm sense you want to compare what one holds more rounds

AnthonyArteaAmerican Artea: Only six drums made but if you keep pointing a loaded gun at 🔫 your self one will be up for sale, any buyers? Want a drum I'll throw the hi point in for free

Francisco Franco: J dalton has some awesome hipoint torture test you should check them out bub ps badass mag

Charles Brown: I want one.

Christian Ewing: Glock guy be like: "but what if you have to reload!! You have to buy another drum now!!"

harry joe: Looks like a ppsh mag that has been modified

ytmm9055: very cool for a carbine....

James ziya: does it work with the 380?

SVIIN The Legend: Will this fit in the 709

bostonmass617able: u my friend should never be an instructor. You'll shoot yourself in the head or someone else smh

Cyle Hoffman: where can I buy this drum

Reggie Hartig: pointing a loaded gun at your self

Robert Pingley: Got one for a 380

Robert Pingley: I'd like one, but are you still alive?.

showwboxx highrich: yall know Damn well he made that crap but good work

Postive Vibes: i need a drum wher can i buy one @

Michael Murphy: please stop pointing that at yourself loaded, please
Hi Point Drum Magazine 5 out of 5

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