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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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glitteredzombie: Awe, such a great video! :) Just wondering, what did your mom mean by you better keep your belief in God? 
fade1335: As much as i hate Abercrombie too, u guys need need to stop with the whole xxl bullcrap and old man instead of proving a useless point like if u were a 10 year old how bout u encourage or help Evin or mr i beat anorexia to lose a bit of a weight then u guys cud all come bak to that preppy store and let him spend that 1000 doller giveaway 
js vallée: criss de beau toy mec 
Tegar Perkasa: Beli play doh d mana bls ya
Chriggs_LF: Is der Mercurial Superfly FG wirklich die 280 Euro wert... ich weiß nicht ich hab nicht so viel Geld
siempre marcodimauro: aw me encanto el look el mejor de adele de todo youtube!!
allaboutmaemo: Thanks for the support Phakim... :)

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