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sabas7007: rifle scope ?
Andrew Saad: ik i already preorderd it ... u need to cop dat
Dylan Ming Wei Ting: I'm Chinese. I can't understand their accents at all.
Mike W.: Hi there, Recent subscriber to the channel here, and might I say, it is everything I've been looking for and more. I have a couple questions for you and I would greatly appreciate a response from you or anyone who else who may see this comment. My questions are, what site/seller would you best recommend for the purchase of a Note 3 clone? I have done tons of research, and your videos have helped me settle on the HDC Note 3 Replica. I see that you are partial to ibaby888, would you recommend purchasing from that seller, or Shenzhen as you have listed here, or other sites such as Aliexpress.com or fast tech? Thank you look forward to hearing from you. P.S Great Channel again! 
Skydivingkittens: Hahaha they are Canadians waving the American flag!
Mel Escalante: A creature can combine to a mega zord thet makes no sence
fxfranz: no prob

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