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Dan Schwemin Jr: Hey Musty, great review however as a left handed user, I have owned 3 of these knives and must say that they *SUCK* for left handers. The reason being that you can't remove the pocket clip from the handle *even after removing the clip screw*. It's as though they glued the damned pocket clip to the handle! ...This problem was present on *all 3 knives I purchased* which tells me with relative certainty that this was not a fluke, but rather an inherent design flaw. Second, the thumb stud is just about impossilbe to reverse as well. Once you loosen the thumb stud, there is no tightening it back up. Bottom line, I think this is a cheap as knife, and an embarrasment to the Kabar brand! Just horrible. if immediately felt cheap from the moment I first set hands on it, and I quickly realized that the functionality quickly followed suit. I hope you have good luck with yours.
joethepro3: i liked that bit at the end......'i dont talk english'!!!! haha but still, very awesome place you have their and i wish you the very best for your business! :D peace
SuperNiceguy60: CVT Automotive Cancer which contaminates the reliability of new cars My Friend had a Nissan fitted with CVT from Brand New ( Evey Year ) there was a fault with the Gearbox 
TheMobileHotspot: The process is entirely the same. However you must Google the Galaxy S Advanced to see if Samsung and your carrier has released an ICS update for it.
roarpony: Yes change the fuel filter. Second check your spark plugs.
Stiggy37: Great roller and nice video.

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