Transformers Theme 1987 Season 3

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Transformers G1 season 3 Intro and Outro (1986-1987) [HQ]
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Transformers G1 Season 3 Review
Transformers Generation 1 Season 3 Theme Song
Transformers Generation 1 Season 3 Theme Song
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Transformers review g1 season 3 and 4
Transformers G1 Season 3 Intro (1986-1987) 10 min
Transformers G1 Season 3 Intro (1986-1987) 10 min

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YouGotMyEngineRolling: I don't like this one so much but i dony know why i like the 'A a a a a'

GarbageMan 'NuTinBuTpiCkUp': 1"INFINITE"1

Justin Fencsak: This was the season i loved when sci-fi showed it in the 1990's as part of their cartoon block. Very dancable.

maze201: thank you for the upload i remember this crap

maze201: best open theme ever...jesus they dont make them like they use to.

zetawave55: this is the best one of all

TheBookWorm1718: The opening theme always seems to get better with every passing season.

keep dreamin: this is different from previous vid i watched

Thee Hobbit: @MCWAY1 i cried when i found out Prime died! ;(

ravager48: @MCWAY1 That reminds me of the scene with Tuco in The Good,The Bad and the Ugly-"When you have to shoot,shoot,don't talk."

MCWAY1: @stardingo747 If Prime has simply SHOT Megatron, instead of running his mouth, Megatron wouldn't have been able to grab that laser and shoot him, Hot Rod or no Hot Rod. MEGATRON killed Prime, not Hot Rod, no matter how you try to spin it. And, in the same light, Megatron wouldn't have been mortally wounded by Prime, had HE simply shot Prime instead of running his mouth. They basically would have killed each other, had Megatron not had the (mis) fortune of running into Unicron.

David Curry: i grew up with g1, i always thought seasons 3+ was the best of the series (other than optimus dead/rodimus leading the autobots)

MCWAY1: @CheneyGuy They brought him back, because of all the whining parents were doing, claiming their kids were all traumatized when Prime got killed in the movie. Word is that it got so bad that, when "GI Joe: The Movie" hit, they changed it so that Duke was only in a come. He was supposed to get killed in the movie. But all the whimpering about Prime's death in "Transformers: The Movie" put the kabosh to that.

MCWAY1: @stardingo747 Ummm......Megatron KILLED Optimus Prime, in case you forgot.

CheneyGuy: @stardingo747 I loved that too, it was awsome but i think they brought him back because they were getting desperate for story arcs that didnt suck, not to mention that Rodimus Prime was a total puss D bag. Hot Rod was always more assertive than Rodimus. I wish they would have done more with the city autobots and decepticons. Tripticon, Metroplex, Squorpinok, Fortress Maximus. Ahh those guys kicked rear.

shermanvermin76: @wndebu Number of times someone says 'Jazz and Cliffjumper' in Starscream's Brigade: 7

shermanvermin76: @wndebu As for the *other* Autobot who got captured alongside Jazz in the season 2 (part 2) [released before season 2's closure, and shortly before the 1986 Transformers movie) episode 'Starscream's Brigade', Cliffjumper, you might know *his* reason for never appearing again after the 1986 movie and in season 3 (which came *after* the 1986 movie) was because *his* voice actor, Casey Kasem, is of Arabic descent, and took offence to the way Arabics were *portrayed*.

shermanvermin76: @wndebu BTW, I forgot to say (though I would have run out of character space *anyway*), you already know the first season 3 episode after the movie was 'The Five Faces of Darkness', and that it was a five parter episode.

shermanvermin76: @anthony9484 Yes; that's his *head*, which was all that was left of him after the end of the movie and by season 3, as the Autobots all *blew him up*, which they *had* to, as he was *so* evil and *scary*, and his function's 'Universal Dominator', making him hate both the Autobots *and* the Decepticons.

shermanvermin76: @wndebu He *does* live from the 1986 movie but never speaking again *after* then by *this* season was because, you might remember, Scatman Crothers, his voice actor, was the *first* of the Transformers voice cast to *die*. Consequently, the robot who *looks like* him seen in part 1 of the first episode of this season after the 1986 movie, who wins the 'Galactic Olympics', is 'Munka Spanka'. BTW, I *was* Jazz when I took the online 'which Transformer are you' quiz.
Transformers Theme 1987 Season 3 5 out of 5

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YouGotMyEngineRolling: I don't like this one so much but i dony know why i like the 'A a a a a'
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Transformers Theme 1987 Season 3