Guam Empanada

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Disko Dyslexic: Yum! I'm actually eating some Guam empanadas my auntie made & sent over while watching your video. Haha. Mine aren't too spicy either although I'll gobble the spicy ones up too if I had some 

Marie Angoco: 🌴Hafa Adai Paula😀 I just recently found your cooking videos via YouTube. They're good but could be great. Please consider displaying the ingredient items (what the package looks like). People who aren't familiar with Chamorro recipes would find it most helpful. Thank you for the tip on not touching the empanadas for the first part of the frying. Now I know why I had a big mess, and why the filling kept seeping out, because the empanada was still not ready for turning. I'm going to try your recipe. I'd like to get the tortilla press, as well. So much easier than rolling! Si Yuos Ma'ase Paula🌴

Carlin Duenas: Hi Paula Q! I have been following your recipe for empanada for a while now & I still am unable to get the right crunch for the outside. after it's cooked it also gets soggy real fast & if we eat it right out of the fry, the crust is very flaky. can you assist in this? maybe it's the cooking process? or the dough? I know I followed the recipe to the T...thank you & God bless you for all you do*

Sad Girl: measurements please !?

Chamo rrito: Last night I had ham pineapple and cheese empanadas.   Also taco seasoned beef and cheese empanadas.  It was really tasty.  We Chamorros need to experiment more with our foods. We limit ourselves too much.  Other cultures that make empanadas prepare a variety. But we Chamorros seem to make only the one type.  

reymarie2: Hi! What is the diameter of the empanada press you used and please send me a photo of the masa flour, thanks.

Paula Quinene: Funny!

Edgar Retener: Oh man... I wish I was back on guam... I remember always getting an empanada after school at my friends place. His grandma has amazing empanadas. Now that I came here, they are so hard to find. There is a chamorro restaurant in san diego, but it's such a hassle trying to get there. Last time I got there, they were sold out. I guess everyone else was trying to get their comfort food on too. Haha.

fozzit: Man, my bad for the misunderstanding. What I was saying was that all those are versions of empanada. Empanada de calabasa, empanada de manzana are common chamorro pastries. I'm not a historian but I recognize that most of our Spanish food that integrated into chamorro culture originated from the Acapulco region. We say Spanish because Mexico wasn't a country during the time when the Marianas was partnof the Spanish east Indies

Paula Quinene: Thank you for sharing your info!! Please excuse my ignorance. Would you kindly share with me what specific Spanish-speaking country your are referring to that uses the words buchi buchi, pastel calamasa, and pastel mansana. I know that in Catalan, Spain, they use "pastis" as opposed to "pastel." I could not find a word for "pie" in Filipino other than simply "pie." I try to "connect-the-dots" between the foods I grew up with and foods from other countries. THANK YOU!!!

klein c: ` omg , i lalalalove GUAM and empanadas <3

OkiNaNa50ful: And u didn't even say what filling u used or what your ingredients are for the filling.. :(

OkiNaNa50ful: Yes you made the video to promote the cookbook. However I think u should still have used measurements. Some people comprehend a whole lot better with visual rather than reading..

Evette Keen: use gloves please.......just a tip...

gtokidoki: thank you for the tips and posting this vid!!!

Paula Quinene: @0ceanico......I've read recently about other Chamorros making a variety of empanadas. I actually just prefer the one that I grew up with...w/ the chalakiles filling.

0ceanico: I tried the pineapple ham and cheese empanada. it was great. i dont put achiote in the masa. You can add a pizza sauce if you want and it tastes like pizza. I also made empanada with hotdogs and cheese and ate it with mustard and it kinda tastes like a corndog.

Gabby Deleon: I love sardine empanada:)

billieanne21: Can you do a pumpkin turnover? If you know how?

Paula Quinene: @harrypottersucks12.....Empanadas are found in many Latin cultures. The Spaniards and Mexicans were on Guam for a few hundred years. The Chamorro empanada, however, is always orange (achote) on the inside and out, made with a masa-harina crust and a rice filling.
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