AQWorlds Royal BattleMage Class How To Use/Review Swordhaven

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AQWorlds Legendary/ULTRA Elemental Warrior Class BEST Review and Enhancements
AQWorlds Legendary/ULTRA Elemental Warrior Class BEST Review and Enhancements
=AQW= Getting SwordHaven Rank 10!
=AQW= Getting SwordHaven Rank 10!

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Harpreet Sangar: what's OP?

ps gamer mister ceifador do mal: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

abdulla fon: i cant useĀ 

Dannny Macle: what enhancement

Kinky Fruitloops: It says copyright has happened and I can't watch this in my country?

Sanctifyed Aqw: 2 luck on cape and helm 2 wiz on armor and wep

RealFordy: Where should i put the 2 luck and 2 wiz?

Englewin Caparas: Whuts the location?

B.T.G: dame dude you naild this video !!! i respect you efforts

Its Main: i just saw u :O

Sanctifyed Aqw: Yep.

Totally not Cookie: hey r u online in aqw??

giorgi_009andmrzuka: bad its no have heal :((((((

Sanctifyed Aqw: Sure if you can find me. e-e Hint *I'm in a pro pvp server*

Marcus Haynes: Also do you think sometime we could play together?

Marcus Haynes: Oh Dang Thanks man your great Liked and Subbed bro!

Sanctifyed Aqw: Thank you. And with further research 2 Wizard and 2 Luck is the best enhances. And it took almost a week to level up to 55.

Marcus Haynes: Awesome Video man! Also would Full wizard and Armor luck be a good ench.? And how long did it take you to get lvl 55 cause im currently lvl 51 and im having a hard time!

Dragonsolace mater AE: getting it in a month

Sanctifyed Aqw: Thats weird when i tested it earlier the 1st skill healed it for a tad bit, And its ok to use all luck on all classes, Luck is just for crits.
AQWorlds Royal BattleMage Class How to Use/Review Swordhaven 5 out of 5

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Harpreet Sangar: what's OP?
Wabaanimkii: I am looking for a product with amazing sound quality and good memory. This seems to got the bill. Most of my music is on iTunes. Can I downlod music to this device using iTunes? Or must i do the ol' switcharoo.
No Go: Ja.Absolut COOL
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felipe shimits: is it a 07'?
Oscar Karlsson: What namne of song? artist?
Matter of Purple: This is... Mediocre. The first, second, and third parts are good; the chorus? Not so much. The lyrics are good, at best, but the music is horrible. I'm not saying the actual music itself is bad, but the presence of it makes it bad. It's too techno, too futuristic, too 'not-Mordor'. I don't understand why people like it in the rap. It kills the entire theme and makes it one of the worst I've heard. I do hope, however, that they do better with Shadow of War.

AQWorlds Royal BattleMage Class How to Use/Review Swordhaven