AQWorlds Royal BattleMage Class How To Use/Review Swordhaven

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manoe matias: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Harpreet Sangar: what's OP?

abdulla fon: i cant use 

Dannny Macle: what enhancement

kaan kösedağ: Please Enhancements

Englewin Caparas: Whuts the location?

D&D Games: I'm Gonna Get It Next Week!!!

Marcus Haynes: Oh Dang Thanks man your great Liked and Subbed bro!

Haider A.: hey r u online in aqw??

John nic: Where should i put the 2 luck and 2 wiz?

giorgi_009andmrzuka: bad its no have heal :((((((

Sanctifyed Aqw: Thank you. And with further research 2 Wizard and 2 Luck is the best enhances. And it took almost a week to level up to 55.

mw2slingslasher: getting it now

Sanctifyed Aqw: Thats weird when i tested it earlier the 1st skill healed it for a tad bit, And its ok to use all luck on all classes, Luck is just for crits.

Its Main: i just saw u :O

Chaotic gamer: It says copyright has happened and I can't watch this in my country?

Xan BeX: dude i dont thikn it can heal and do you think its ok if i us eluck fr all classes?

Sanctifyed Aqw: Sure if you can find me. e-e Hint *I'm in a pro pvp server*

Marcus Haynes: Awesome Video man! Also would Full wizard and Armor luck be a good ench.? And how long did it take you to get lvl 55 cause im currently lvl 51 and im having a hard time!

Gabriel Bonach: enchantments?

Marcus Haynes: Also do you think sometime we could play together?

Sanctifyed Aqw: Yep.

B.T.G: dame dude you naild this video !!! i respect you efforts

Sanctifyed Aqw: 2 luck on cape and helm 2 wiz on armor and wep

Dragonsolace mater AE: getting it in a month
AQWorlds Royal BattleMage Class How to Use/Review Swordhaven 4.9 out of 5

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manoe matias: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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AQWorlds Royal BattleMage Class How to Use/Review Swordhaven