Rear Drum Brake Inspection DIY - 1998 Chevy Silverado

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Sam Rafelito: how do u measure the rear drum on Chevy truck 98 see what size it is? 10 or 11???

Francisco Leyva: Thanks bro helped me with my 05 Silverado. It's pretty similar. The rest is common sense.

Sinthetik: You didn't help me at all, you should've taken it all apart and put it back together so I can see how to put my brakes back on... 

maj iro: After reading other forums, I found that the self adjust will correct the parking brake, so, after playing with the parking break by pressing it down several times over and over, then, reversing over and over again, it adjusted my parking break. :-)  Next time, I'll just give the adjuster a bigger gap next time. :-)

maj iro: Hi folks, I changed my brakes on this same brake system and now my parking brake is very weak.  My first time working on his vehicle, can anyone send me some pointers on adjusting the parking brake?  I searched this channel for the other drum brake pad replacement video, but, not in the search.  Thanks in advance everyone!

gReGsKi GmAiL: thank you for showing us where the drums can hang up get seized up, I sprayed some PB Blaster gently around the center part and we will see if mine comes off, thanks again good video

joeyakabert: I hate to be annoying... but brake shoes, not pads and use a hammer on the drum because you can mess up the backing plate

Elisa Ramirez: How did you loose the drum to come off. My dad is having trouble on that..big time. Can you show me step by step? Make a video please

BBQkrewe: the fact that it wasn't easy to get off was REALLY helpful! and the narration rocked too! thanks for an EXCELLENT step-by-step video! now i am ready to go tear that sucker apart and see the massive ridges i probably have lol! thanks MUCH for the vid!

aterack833: my dad has the same bottle of anti-seize also there should be a spot to put a bolt in to pop that drum off , there usualy all the same thread

Turbo231: @kizzle1234656 Not sure...have had the truck for 6 months now, seems ok but we'll see how the snow goes. No way we're gonna wear them out on mileage, we don't drive the truck enough.

Buck Rack: i have the same tires how long have they held up for you?

spelunkerd: @ghtowagon Thanks for the reply. What are the options if you can't get a drum off?

randomrazr: i took the drum off my poor buick. the inside has alot of, rust dust (i think its rust dust since its all brown). should that be cleaned off?

HP11208: nice color

Ghetto Wagon: @spelunkerd These trucks w/ 10 inch drums don't have a spot in the backing plate

spelunkerd: Nice job, Ben. If you can't get the drum off, do you loosen the star wheel from the medial side so there is more room?

TractorWorld: always love your vids man very hepfull!!

Bass Hole: Nice video - one other tip to get them off is to keep rotating it as you pull it off.
Rear Drum Brake Inspection DIY - 1998 Chevy Silverado 5 out of 5

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Rear Drum Brake Inspection DIY - 1998 Chevy Silverado